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Karate Champ

Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.

Karate Champ0
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18 Sep 2016
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Karate Champ

To obtain this achievement you must backhandedly kill 1000 Zombies. What I did to do this and obtained in well within 30 minutes is as follows:

1) Be a decent level, the higher the level the easier. You should at least have the cn_A cn_LSd+cn_X combo.

2) Stock up on Untouchable mixed drinks. You can head over to Paradise Plaza roastmaster and mix the 3 pies with 3 orange juices in the blender to get 3 untouchables.

3) Grab the mix drinks books or food increase books. The first book store to the left when entering entrance plaza from paradise plaza (progress through story to case 2-3) has a book that makes the effects last 2 times as long.

4) Go into the Maintenance tunnel where the maintenance key is then back up to the spawned 300-400 zombies.

5) You want to remove your weapon/food by pressing cn_up and keep using this combo: cn_up+cn_A on a zombie then cn_A cn_down+cn_X. If you get hurt enough just drink an untouchable drink and you won't have to worry about being grabbed by the zombies. Each stomp will kill up to 7-8 zombies each time.