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Purpal HazePurpal Haze8,329
23 Sep 2016
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to get this you have to complete the game twice from start to finish
jackanapeAllegedly. I've completed the game three times from start to finish and it hasn't popped. In my fourth playthrough now.
Posted by jackanape on 23 Sep 16 at 17:31
Iow n slowThis achievement isn't glitched or anything, you just have to play through the game twice starting from Chapter 1 "Main Titles" all the way till Chapter 42 "End Titles" finishes.
Posted by Iow n slow on 23 Sep 16 at 21:00
AgriusRageConfirmed must start second play-through from chapter 1 main titles, unlocks after chapter 42 end titles.
Posted by AgriusRage on 23 Sep 16 at 22:04
Purpal Haze
this video shows me unlocking doam at the end of the game
u have to play till the credit finishes btw
Posted by Purpal Haze on 23 Sep 16 at 23:52
Matt DB87Do I select Play Feature or Chapter select for the 2nd play through?
Posted by Matt DB87 on 26 Sep 16 at 20:04
Purpal Hazeplay feature just to be 100%
Posted by Purpal Haze on 27 Sep 16 at 05:00
laxasaurusrexTwice! One of the most boring games ever! Have to hope that glasses one pops this time too
Posted by laxasaurusrex on 30 Sep 16 at 00:12
Kanchanaburithis was not worth doing a second playthrough. what a messed up game, if you can call it that!
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 30 Sep 16 at 04:53
ScubaSte3vestarted 2nd playthrough on play some comments and then decided to press start and go to chapter select and titles menu and played from start to finish
Posted by ScubaSte3ve on 02 Oct 16 at 13:20
ScubaSte3veanyway got the cheevo, but I feel like if you never exit the game (like to the one homepage) and go back to back (x2) it will unlock either way
Posted by ScubaSte3ve on 02 Oct 16 at 13:21
I ASK NO ONEI played an entire new game from the opening cinematic all the way through watching the credits and it popped for me after the credits. I would not suggest using chapter select.
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 16 Oct 16 at 23:49
alpha54Have played this through twice and hasn't popped. The comments so far seem pretty split on whether to use play feature or chapter select - not sure whether I should try a third time...
Posted by alpha54 on 30 Oct 16 at 08:12
C64 MatIt's not hard folks. PLAY FEATURE.
Posted by C64 Mat on 22 Nov 16 at 15:15
SanJolBe careful: do NOT use the chapter select during the game at any time. I did use it once, during my first playthrough to go back to the beginning of a chapter and didn't unlock this achievement at the second playthrough. On my third playthrough, from start to finish, without using chapter select, it finally unlocked. The Adriane achievement also didn't unlock after the first playthrough, it unlocked the second playthrough, without using chapter select.
Posted by SanJol on 22 Nov 16 at 17:03
Dexter XBAFor me it unlocked fine by selecting chapter 1 with chapter select and playing through the game until the very end (achievement unlocked after credits).
Posted by Dexter XBA on 27 Nov 16 at 22:18
ChuppernicusI foolishly just selected chapter two and played through to no achievement. But that's not really a big deal. Selected chapter 1 this time, hopefully that unlocks it. Pretty short game once you need to collect nothing. I liked it. A 3rd time wont be too bad later down the road.
Posted by Chuppernicus on 03 Dec 16 at 23:11
J ROLLER 1979just played twice and no achievement any ideas
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 04 Dec 16 at 17:00
Dragonborn GearI just hit "Play Feature" both times in one sitting. I got all of the other achievements the first time and did just about nothing the second play through besides the main objective. I grabbed a couple items, but not much else. I would say as long as you hit Play Feature twice in one sitting (and play through the game twice) you should be guaranteed this achievement.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 29 Dec 16 at 16:01
DAnDaRk11I selected play feature for my second playthrough and got the achievement no problem.
Posted by DAnDaRk11 on 18 Jan 17 at 15:53
VoltagoYou don't have to watch all the credits on the second playthrough. You can use the same trick and press the Xbox button during the credits and the achievement will pop.
Posted by Voltago on 29 Nov 17 at 16:41
ZoZombifyI've completed the game twice on play feature and i still haven't gotten this achievement. I'm trying again for a third time. Wish me luck! lol
Posted by ZoZombify on 02 Dec 17 at 04:41
Chester CheevoSuch a cheap way to get people to play a game longer
Posted by Chester Cheevo on 05 Jan 18 at 09:27
Figbender^ I was thinking the same thing...
Posted by Figbender on 04 Feb 18 at 06:39
thatNoseyParkerIt’s not cheap, it’s trying to help you get the most out of the product, like all achievements should.
This experience (I’m avoiding the term game on purpose here) needs multiple playthroughs to understand things, much like many great Films.

Edit: I used Play Feature, did it in two sittings, and popped it during the credits but hitting the Xbox button then resuming.
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 17 Feb 18 at 18:14
HawkeyeBarry20So every game should require two playthroughs? If there were alternate choices or an alternate ending I’m all for it but doing the same thing twice is cheap.
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 12 Jun 18 at 04:33
manawatukiwi80I've done 3 playthroughs the way stated in comments start to finish yet both chievo only chievo left for full completion.
Posted by manawatukiwi80 on 11 Aug 18 at 07:02
TrimblerMy journey: played thru start to finish collecting all items (got 'em all). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get Toet achievement to pop so, after final credits, I chose chapter select ... but, it doesn't look like collectibles are available when selecting chapters. Also, the "Play Feature" option is also not available. Tried quitting out, restarting, etc. ... just doesn't show. Played from the earliest chapter you can select and, on second play thru after credits complete ran and "505" banner showed again ... I got it.

My experience says chapter select should work for a play-thru if you select from the earliest chapter and stick it thru the ENTIRE ending credits.
Posted by Trimbler on 11 Aug 18 at 14:03
cjandersonI did this by chapter selecting Main titles and then playing through to the end in one go. (I didn't have "Play feature" as I'd chapter selected chapter 3 for that one achivement and it wanted to continue from there, but chapter selecting from titles did work, thank goodness!)
Posted by cjanderson on 29 Sep 18 at 15:53
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzDoes this have to be done in one go like the first playthrough?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 18 Jul 19 at 00:42
coipI got this after the credits ended on my second playthrough. I used the Play Feature option, I never used Chapter Select on either playthrough, and I did both playthroughs in one setting. I'm not saying that's how it needs to be done, just saying that's how I did it and it worked.
Posted by coip on 28 Jul 19 at 03:00
FiveWizzYep can confirm the above/below worked for me too.

-Play Feature
-Did it all in one sitting (takes about 1 hr 10mins)
-watched until the end of the credits without skipping them
Posted by FiveWizz on 17 Dec 19 at 15:57
Ic3xGuRLI have done 3 play throughs and the achievement still hasn’t popped , I don’t I really want to play it again
Posted by Ic3xGuRL on 05 Jan at 14:13
FiveWizzCan you confirm if you did it all in one go and watched the credits?
Posted by FiveWizz on 05 Jan at 14:35
ShavedWookie03I had about 7 achievements not unlock upon completion of requirements, a week later they all popped randomly after receiving an achievement in a different game. If this doesn't pop for you give it some time, it may later.
Posted by ShavedWookie03 on 22 Mar at 04:13
EazyE2285I'm gonna leave this sit and hope this late pops. Played halfway through and missed the sun pin so went to chapter select and didn't read the print. When I got to the house and realized the paper was missing next to the microwave I started a new game. Played through and got everything but one I missed, credits one (even though I watched them through the first time) and this. Played feature and ran through again got the one I missed, credits, this didn't pop.

I'm gonna have to be really, really, really bored some day to play through this wannabe Twin Peaks ripoff again
Posted by EazyE2285 on 14 Apr at 04:28
SozisstillhereI played through half of the game a couple of days ago, came back to it today (via the continue button) and finished the first play through then went directly onto the second play through start to finish and it unlocked fine. I think if at any point you use the chapter select it voids this achievement.
Posted by Sozisstillhere on 21 Jul at 21:35
Rigpig1919Right at the end of the credits when it comes back to the title screen it will pop. Concha hate this type of achievement!
Posted by Rigpig1919 on 30 Sep at 07:20