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The Player

Complete another player's Exhibition Blueprint.

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23 Sep 2016 06 Oct 2016
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You get this achievement by finishing custom blueprints from other players on any route in the game. Head over to a race starting point (circles on the map) and go for exhibition race. There will be a preset race and from time to time another blueprint to the right that says "randomgamertag presents" instead of "horizon presents". Finish the race for the achievement.

Custom blueprints do not always show up, but you can force them to appear most of the time. Select to set up your own blueprint and tap RB to get to choose one of the car groups. Take one (for example hot hatch) and complete the blueprint, no further adjustments needed.

Instead of racing your own blueprint and getting
Forza Horizon 3The ArchitectThe The Architect achievement in Forza Horizon 3 worth 11 pointsBlueprint and complete an exhibition.
for that, there should be another custom blueprint from some random player to the right.

Edit Oct. 6th. people barely see blueprints from strangers at the moment, but it helps to have some friends who play the game and set up blueprints. feel free to add me or someone else (for example top players from the TA club in game, as they are active and will have some blueprints)
TK TurkI'm having a lot of trouble getting another player's blueprint to show up. Anybody else having the same issues?
Posted by TK Turk on 30 Sep 16 at 03:47
TheBigAndyYeah I have looked like 20 times and can't find anyone else's blue print.
Posted by TheBigAndy on 30 Sep 16 at 04:42
Rezed193You need more friends who play forza, too. Just add some players to get a higher chance.
Posted by Rezed193 on 30 Sep 16 at 05:27
J ROLLER 1979Can it be done in co-op?
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 01 Oct 16 at 14:22
s3bb86"You need more friends who play forza, too. Just add some players to get a higher chance."
that should increase the chance from my experience, it helps to be in a large car club, too)

"Can it be done in co-op?"
I don't think so.
Posted by s3bb86 on 02 Oct 16 at 06:57
TheBigAndyI just added S3bb86 as a friend and found one of his, if you are having trouble.
Posted by TheBigAndy on 06 Oct 16 at 05:32
J ROLLER 1979thanx adding s3bb86 worked first time
Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 06 Oct 16 at 13:07
s3bb86it is the same for me at the moment, I only see blueprints from friends. It was different in early access. Feel free to add me if you want, I have some blueprints scattered all over the map.
Posted by s3bb86 on 06 Oct 16 at 14:24
FuzzedUpCookiedidn't get it to unlock in online freeroam or private sessions... made it work in solo 'offline' world though
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 26 Nov 16 at 21:44