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Choose to leave.

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24 Sep 2016
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There is no need to worry about missing this ending or the other. After you play through either ending, you can skip the credits and continue, and you will restart that last portion of the game, giving you the option to choose the other ending.
mwibornGlitch? Didn't get the achievement after selecting to leave...
Posted by mwiborn on 10 Oct 16 at 20:08
trevorsemGot caught in a looping glitch. On the stairs after choosing the red key, the QTE does not appear. The first button mash was completed. The second button mash glitched halfway through as John's ankle is grabbed. The Commissioner appears, screen goes black, then glitches back to the key choice scene. No matter what I done, including restarting the game, happens every time.
Posted by trevorsem on 12 May at 12:14