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24 Sep 2016 04 Oct 2016
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There are three computers. The first two are obvious. First, is in the first area in level 2. Second, is the commissioner's office (level 2). Third, is on level 4 in the little office off the side of air filtration. The third computer is tricky, you need to interact with it 3 times. First, before you do anything else in air filtration, second after you turn off the valve, third after you replace the filter but before you turn the valve back on.

-Per feedback from motter, please make sure you explore each option inside each of the computer interactions to get credit for this achievement.

-Per FullMoonBeaver, if you interact with the computer in Air Filtration before you do anything and just before you go to turn the valve back on (just twice), it will count for the achievement. Basically, you can skip the second of the three listed interaction on the third computer. Can anyone else confirm this?
KanchanaburiI see. I interacted with it only 1 time at the beggining. Thanks!~
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 24 Sep 16 at 19:26
motterI followed the guide and it is stuck at 66% - although interacting with all three.
Posted by motter on 27 Sep 16 at 19:54
SmactSillyPlease read carefully. The third computer in air filtration needs to be interacted with 3 times at specific intervals. 1st, before you do anything else in air filtration. 2nd, after you turn off the pressure valve, 3rd after you replace the filter.

If you miss interacting with this computer at any of these intervals, it will not pop.
Posted by SmactSilly on 27 Sep 16 at 20:09
motterI followed the guide diligently, I did interact with the last computer three times ... The only thing I did differently with the last computer was switching on the desk lamp before accessing the computer. I hope this did not count as "doing anything else in air filtration", but without the computer wasn't selectable.
Posted by motter on 27 Sep 16 at 20:39
SmactSillyDid you do it all in one run? This is the other trick with the achievement. If you missed any of the computers in the play through you have to start over and do them all over again. Sorry, I hope this helps.
Posted by SmactSilly on 27 Sep 16 at 20:49
motterOK, I now understand. When you say "interact", it means to see all options the computer gives you, so for computer 1 you need to read all 4 options, for computer 2 you need to click next until the last screen shows up and for computer 3 you need to follow those instructions. I missed to read all pages on computer 2 and this is why it did not pop.

Maybe you can adjust your solution that is states to explore all options/screens the computer allows you to do.
Posted by motter on 28 Sep 16 at 18:44
SmactSillyThanks for the feedback, I updated and gave you credit for expanding this.
Posted by SmactSilly on 28 Sep 16 at 18:57
motter+1 ;-)
Posted by motter on 29 Sep 16 at 06:49
FullMoonBeaverI got this after just 2 interactions.

1: When I entered air filtration.
2: Once I had done everything bar turn the valve back on.

The achievement popped here for me.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 04 Oct 16 at 12:09
SmactSillyThanks for the feedback. When it didn't pop on the first play through for me, I was extra careful to make sure I did every possible computer interaction. This is a little surprising since the content of the computer changes after each step of the air filter replacement. But, I am happy to update the solution.
Posted by SmactSilly on 04 Oct 16 at 14:55
NoobgamerValbofor me in 1st playthrough i only interacted with the 3rd pc once and it didnt pop. second playthrough i followed your solution and it popped
Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 04 Nov 16 at 12:10
JohnnyInterfnkConfirmed. Popped on two interactions (before turning off valve and after replacing air filter but before turning back on pressure valve)
Posted by JohnnyInterfnk on 06 Dec 16 at 03:32