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I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

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24 Sep 2016 18 Oct 2016
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[As the achievement description says, you do not need any temp perks for this achievement. Just the permanent ones]

This is the method I've been using to get skill points (skip to 6:20 to see the area):

The idea is to buy a Ram Runner, convert the drivetrain to RWD, switch the engine to the V10 (not the V12) and fully upgrade the rest.

Then take it to just south of the airport, where "DRY RESERVOIR" is displayed (I stick to the part just southeast of the writing). Drive over this terrain in circles and you'll get lots of air/destruction/drift skills. You can get a 50,000x6.0 combo in about two minutes. There isn't much to look out for, just a few dead unmoveable trees. I've never rolled over doing this method.

To speed this up, work on the "skills" part of the tree first and buy these perks as soon as you can:

External image

Also use the skill songs! Calex dEUS recommended listening to "Timeless FM" as the songs are longer than other radio stations (sometimes over 20 minutes), giving you more time of double skill points.

AH GamerScore added some important points. There is a maximum of three skill points for one combo, so aim for a maximum of 300,000 points. This means 50,000x6 or 25,000x12 if a skill song is playing. You can also use a skill boost horizon edition car instead of the Ram Runner to speed up the process (you can get them from a wheelspin or the auction house) however there's an increased risk of rolling over.

Hope this helps, credit for the car and location goes to TC9700Gaming
AH GamerScoreJust to add that when doing it that you just net a little over 300k points. You're only limited to 3 skills points for one combo. So if you have 6x multiplier do a combo a little after 50k points then bank it. It'll give you 3 skill points. When a skill song comes on get the multiplier at 12.0x (if you have 6x already) and get to 25k then bank it. If you have one of the skill boost horizon edition cars from wheelspins then use it because it makes it a lot faster. Note that to earn 1 skill star requires 100,000 points. To make it less boring and repetitive earn the required star points and purchase it then work towards the next one.

The ones that don't need to be purchased is:
FESTIVAL BOSS- Double Down, Hot Lap Hero, Pull Rank and Champion
SKILLS- The XP Bump, Taking Requests, Made to Order and Mechanic.
Posted by AH GamerScore on 27 Sep 16 at 03:41
WyyvernI had no idea about the 3 point limit, I'll add it to the solution. Thanks.
Posted by Wyyvern on 27 Sep 16 at 08:47
Burley DXBGuys i would just like to add to this great guide that the skill songs on the classical radio station lasts for over 10 minutes which will go a long way to increasing your score
Posted by Burley DXB on 03 Oct 16 at 06:11
thrizzGreat guide!

Would also like to add that if you add a car to your convoy while you do this, you can add heaps of miles for the "Got Ourselves a Convoy" achievement (Convoy for a total of 100 miles.) It popped for me way before I was done getting the skills.
Posted by thrizz on 03 Oct 16 at 10:42
WyyvernI personally wouldn't do that, I went for that achievement when I was driving on every road in the game. My convoy would constantly crash into me and I'd lose my skill combo each time.
Posted by Wyyvern on 03 Oct 16 at 11:38
thrizz^ That's fair, it happened to me a couple of times also. I just learned to make sure I was clear of the one car in my convoy before stopping to get the skill points at 300,000.
Posted by thrizz on 03 Oct 16 at 14:15
Fuzzmeister JDo the instant rewards count?
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 04 Oct 16 at 01:08
WyyvernYes, each permanent skill point counts toward the achievement.
Posted by Wyyvern on 04 Oct 16 at 08:25
Nautius MaximusActually, there are a couple of skill songs on Timeless that last for over 20 minutes. I always head for the outback (or the groves/vineyards) whenever one of these starts... though the flatish section of the outback with lots of weed growth builds score much faster. Just keep mixing up your combos to keep the multiplier clock from timing out.
Posted by Nautius Maximus on 10 Oct 16 at 15:57
A Happy WalnutJust got a 24(ish) minute skill song, Timeless
Posted by A Happy Walnut on 30 Oct 16 at 11:41
Shish Kaa BobbyAnyone having issues with this not locking? I'm at 98% yet i have every skill
Posted by Shish Kaa Bobby on 08 Nov 16 at 14:05
DropDeadHorizonI am at 97%... don't know what to do...
Posted by DropDeadHorizon on 11 Nov 16 at 06:58
WyyvernHave you bought the cars?
Posted by Wyyvern on 11 Nov 16 at 09:04
ClaytThaGreatThis may sound stupid but how do you swap out the engines/convert drivetrain?
Posted by ClaytThaGreat on 19 Nov 16 at 06:35
WyyvernIn the upgrade shop, select "conversion". It is shown in the video at 0:40
Posted by Wyyvern on 19 Nov 16 at 12:19
Goggs25can't get the skill song to count guy comes on radio says he is playing skill song but does not work only goes up x6 on the timeless station, it has worked on other station but not on there
Posted by Goggs25 on 14 Dec 16 at 08:00
dirtysock47This seems to be glitched for me too. I'm at 98%, and I got every perk.
Posted by dirtysock47 on 27 Jan 17 at 13:15
WyyvernA lot of achievements in FH3 seem to have the 96/98% stuck problem.
Posted by Wyyvern on 27 Jan 17 at 16:06
beavisAre you sure you guys at 97-98% have unlocked all the permanent perks? In addition to the 3 obvious squares, you have 1 perk in each of the first two trees and then the entire row on the 3rd tree. Temporary perks have a little counter in the box. Ones without the counter are permanent perks.
Posted by beavis on 17 Feb 17 at 05:16
SpudimusPrime89Chalk up another person stuck at 98%.
Posted by SpudimusPrime89 on 05 May 17 at 12:09
ScottpantsAlso stuck at 98% here... all perks have been unlocked. facepalm
Posted by Scottpants on 04 Jul 17 at 13:22
RJ7Also stuck at 98%. Restarted Xbox and started doing a random bucket list challenge and it unlocked.
Posted by RJ7 on 09 Dec 17 at 23:06
KILLANEYROCKSI have a second account its slso stuck at 98 nothing will unlock it
Posted by KILLANEYROCKS on 31 Mar 18 at 16:47
METALGEARSONIC7Ive bought all permanent perks and no unlock, even bought some temps in case but nothing!
Posted by METALGEARSONIC7 on 09 Apr 18 at 20:42
MulekAtentado98% ; (
Posted by MulekAtentado on 29 Apr 18 at 18:30
MulekAtentadoUnlocked that I did not even see ;)
Posted by MulekAtentado on 08 May 18 at 14:50
V3ntilatorHere is how it unlocked for me without getting all perks.

- Skills Tab. You only need to unlock the car on top row + complete 4 lines below.
- Festival Boss. You only need to unlock the car on top row + complete 4 lines below.
- Get 100% of the perks on Instant rewards.
Posted by V3ntilator on 04 Aug 18 at 13:39
DenJuandeMarcoGlitch! For several months I am through, frustrating...
Posted by DenJuandeMarco on 22 Apr 19 at 09:28
MattyBH85Mine is still locked at 98% laugh and is the only achievement outstanding for me...
Posted by MattyBH85 on 17 Oct 19 at 04:25
HeRo aSaPFor those who the achievement is stuck, I find a way to unlock it on the digital game (should work on the physical game) witheout loosing your save.

So you have to start a new game, to proceed you have to delete the save from the hardware (Manage Game -> Save Data -> Remove).
Once, launch the game, soon the game will synchronise with the cloud, stop it (Pressing B - Stop sync’).
Now you are able to start the game from the very beginning, now you have to play till unlock the 2nd festival site, after reached the site you will unlock horizon on line and the shop, simply get 1 prowess point and buy one perk (or more if you are stuck at 96% or less).
You have to do all the process ine ONE SHOT witheout lefting the game till the achievement pops otherwise I think you will loose your save or restart the process.

Now you can left the game, remove the save again, launch the game, the game will sync’ with the cloud, this time you have to let the game sync’ and that’s it, you should be able to play with your initial save, it worked for me.
As I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, if you are scared, you can do all the process at the end of the game when you’ll only miss this achievement.

I hope it can help some of you.
Posted by HeRo aSaP on 17 May at 12:38