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Aussie Rules!

Create and complete a championship featuring only Australian cars.

Aussie Rules!0
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24 Sep 2016 11 Oct 2016
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[This is achievement is earned by completing a championship that uses the "Aussie rules" filter, creating any other ruleset will not unlock the achievement. Thanks to for confirming.]

As soon as you have the ability to open championships (for me it was at my second festival) go to the blueprint, press RB until you reach "country" and select "Aussie rules". Complete the championship you just created (you may need to buy a new car) and unlock your achievement.

drub4n points out in the comments that you can use a championship a friend has created, as long as it uses the "Aussie rules" filter.

CR4SHED says going for this achievement in the co-op campaign will only unlock it for the host, any other members will not receive it.
drub4nI unlocked it when I joined and completed a championship a friend create, because I missread at first the chievo description but works fine as well ;)
Posted by drub4n on 28 Sep 16 at 12:09
JordanBelfort87If you create the championship with 10 events / total 100+ miles you get the "This. Is. FORZA." achievment too.
Posted by JordanBelfort87 on 01 Oct 16 at 21:42
How do you edit the # of events/total miles??
Posted on 02 Oct 16 at 04:47
WyyvernLook at the solution to "This Is Forza", you don't need to edit any races for this achievement
Posted by Wyyvern on 02 Oct 16 at 08:21
WhoIsJohn117Just for anyone that may be wondering, you cannot simply handpick cars that are Australian and still get the achievement. You have to use the "Aussie Rules" filter. I created a championship with only the V8 Supercar thinking it would count, and it did not.
Posted by WhoIsJohn117 on 04 Oct 16 at 02:49
WyyvernI'm sure the achievement is for using the Aussie rules filter, they should have probably made that clearer in the achievement description. I'll add a pointer to the solution.
Posted by Wyyvern on 04 Oct 16 at 08:29
CR4SHEDI think it should be noted that only the host/creator will unlock this achievement; co-op partners won't. Please amend the bold text at the top of your guide, it's misleading!
Posted by CR4SHED on 11 Oct 16 at 21:16
WyyvernThere's nothing misleading about it. I didn't do any co-op so I didn't know.
Posted by Wyyvern on 11 Oct 16 at 21:48
CR4SHEDMy group was playing co-op campaign, and I read the text of your guide which clearly states that "the achievement is earned for completing a championship with Aussie Rules".

So the four of us completed a championship with Aussie Rules, and three of us didn't get the achievement.

Thank you for adding the note at the bottom, and I hope that with some thought, you'll be able to change the primary part of your guide to not omit important information. wink
Posted by CR4SHED on 11 Oct 16 at 22:18
AL1You can reduce all the races to a single lap if you just want to do this as quick as possible.
Posted by AL1 on 29 Nov 16 at 03:17
meochan913Note: Using DLC car(Holden) won't unlock this achievement.
Posted by meochan913 on 07 Dec 16 at 15:07
Ex6I did 1 lap race in Holden 50-2016 FX UTE and it did not unlock for me.
Posted by Ex6 on 15 Dec 16 at 22:16
DottyRoxy69For those wondering. You go to select route then if you want to do the ones already selected, select those and then you can edit the number of laps and time of day you want.
Posted by DottyRoxy69 on 17 Apr 17 at 06:49
Swedish MeatwadWhy won't this unlock for me? I have now finished two separate championships with the Aussie Rules country filter and it won't unlock. I've used both the 2016 HSV Limited Edition Gen-F GTS Maloo & the 1974 Holden Sandman HQ panel van. Is it because I edited the events to only last 1 lap? Do you have to win the races?
Posted by Swedish Meatwad on 13 Nov 17 at 05:59
Scott is KingHow do you open championships?
Posted by Scott is King on 05 Jun at 04:33