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Blind Behemoth Dossier

Complete Morituri te salutant on Hard without being incapacitated.

Blind Behemoth Dossier+0.1
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29 Jul 2010 27 Oct 2011
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As the description says, beat this level on Hard and don't become incapacitated. You're squadmates can be incapacitated... it's just you that can't be. If you think you're about to get knocked out, quickly press A and switch to someone else before it happens. Otherwise, you can restart from the last checkpoint.

This level requires you to defeat some larger beasts. The trick is to shoot them in the back, preferably with Church's grenade launcher. The other thing that may be helpful is that the beasts always go after you when you attack them, so you can station your squads (using the commands) to a point behind the beast, and lure him away so that it faces away from them. Your team can do some damage that way. It also allows you to get Church around behind it while you're luring it away, and then switch to her to unload with your grenade launcher.
BloodMockngbirdthe site for the cheats keeps crashing on me, but that wouldn't be too bad if i could pass this level... but i cant. the crazy giant beasts are immune to 500+ bullets and all powers. shooting them in the back doesn't work, cole's ability says that the dam things weak point is its tongue. ghost bullet-ing their tongue has worked but it still takes 6-10 perfect shots. too bad there isn't an ability called "INSTANT_KILL_CRAZY_GIANT_THINGS!", i would have had this achievement by now.
Posted by BloodMockngbird on 23 Aug 10 at 09:43
SashamorningThis took me a bit to figure out, too. Their backs are sewn together, I think. If you shoot them in the back, it opens a bit every time until they die. The weak point isn't the tongue... after 20 minutes of running around, I saw it take damage when I hit it in the back, in the bloody hole, and with Church. Gruesome.

Hope you get it soon. :-)
Posted by Sashamorning on 23 Aug 10 at 12:48
JMJimmyI think you have Church and Black mixed up. Church is the blood mage/witch - Black is the sniper w/ grenade launcher. Also the cheat site doesn't work anymore.
Posted by JMJimmy on 27 Oct 11 at 11:09
SashamorningCrap. That site helped a lot. I can't really remember who was who, but the other solution also says Church has a grenade launcher...?
Posted by Sashamorning on 27 Oct 11 at 17:24
lord verhChurch has the katana, awesome character!
Posted by lord verh on 25 Feb 12 at 15:28
Yes its actually Black with the nade launcher mate, also she is not the best character to use for this. If you use Cole to slow time you can easily get behind the Gladiator and rip his back open, her weapon is well sufficient even on Hard.
Posted on 29 Aug 13 at 22:01
ZalexzyBit confusing as clearly there are people talking about two different beasts, 2 apes or whatever have weak spot in tongue, and final opponent gladiator, has weak spot at back.

Apes were no problem as in beginning of arena, both on left and right side there is small area connected with two bridges, and you can just keep running around it and use ghost bullet.

And still should update wrong information about Church having a grenades...
Posted by Zalexzy on 15 May 16 at 12:34