The Turing Test Review by CassiopeiaGames

29 Sep 2016
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Lost in space has a new meaning with The Turing Test. You are literally lost and alone to boot.

You wake up from a cryo sleep, and as you walk around and check your surroundings you find other members of the ships crew, but it turns out they are still asleep and not due for a wake up for 400 years. One cryo holder has failed and the person in it is probably dead.

The intelligent computer aboard the ship tells you that something has happened, and he has lost contact to the crew on the ground of the planet the ship is in orbit of. The planet is Europa, and the crews job is to drill through the ice and do some science to look for life. You find a landing pod and head to the surface, close to the ground crews quarters, and you head in.

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As you progress through the different areas, you find bits and pieces of info on what happened to the crew and its purpose of the travel to Europa. You even pass through the area where the drill are placed as well as where the scientists found a very valuable life form – but dangerous. This is where this game come through and shines light on the morale and dilemma this game is all about when it comes to its story.

Tom, the virtual intelligence who follows you and guides you through the game, gets creepier and creepier, but not on the level that we’ve seen other VI’s get in other games. It is actually kind of logic versus heart/mind/feelings that really melts down the morale. The game never really gives you any decisions that will alter what you will see in the game.

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Gameplay wise the game does fantastic by merging new ideas with tried and praised gameplay elements. The Turing Test is a first person puzzler, so it’s easy to compare it to similar games, but I will not be pointing out titles. You get a gun early in the game, but it’s not working just like any other gun. It can hold up to three energy balls, of which you add to devices or takes from devices. There’s different types of energy balls, and your job is to apply them to the right devices to solve the puzzle.

The look and feel of the game is pretty good and doesn’t feel off. Only thing that gets a little annoying is the requirement to push the action button to crawl ladders instead of just crawl them. In general, this game has an awesome feel and atmosphere to it, right down to the twist it ends with.

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I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzlers that they can solve in their own time with a good story to boot. Fair warning, the game isn’t that long, there’s no collectibles to go and get, and the bonus rooms you might miss (hard to miss by the way), is easily accessed by loading levels after you’ve played through the game.

The game is released as download only – and Bulkhead Interactive which developed the game is only a year old by now. The game is published with help from Square Enix in their indie program called Collective for PC and Xbox One with no sign of getting to Playstation.

Hit; Puzzles are amazing and the tools new.
Miss; Short story, sadly.
Need; Could have used a few more tools to solve puzzles for variation.
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tornprince2012I guess the negatives come from the story spoiling? Or maybe because of 12 sentences review? I don't know. Knowing you and your style on forums, Twinkling, I personally was expecting something more interesting from you.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 10 Oct 16 at 16:41
CassiopeiaGamesI suppose you haven't played the game as it doesn't show up on your gamercard. The game is short, so that's why the review ended up short. I don't spoil anything apart from the first 30 minutes of the game and a story detail that isn't really any spoiler for the game, the story or the plot, but I found I had to write more about it to make the review longer.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 10 Oct 16 at 17:02
tornprince2012I haven't played the game, right. This was the reason for me to come here and check some reviews. The second part of the review ( outside the story ) is actually very helpful.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 10 Oct 16 at 17:06
CassiopeiaGamesGood, that was the point of the review. You can get through the game in perhaps 4-7 hours depending on how you work and how fast you get the puzzles right. There's a few I can recommend looking up straight away but I will let you figure it out if play the game. No collectibles and there's level select after the game if you miss the bonus rooms which have achievements.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 10 Oct 16 at 17:09
QuickMythrilthanks for the review, gives a bit of intro to the story, which is not really spoiling anything. just an overview of the beginning of the plot it seems. stuck on a ship with an AI, solving puzzles with a fancy gun. all i need to know really. i'll buy it at some point for sure!
Posted by QuickMythril on 10 Oct 16 at 18:41
NoobgamerValbofair review, played the first couple of chapthers, like the feel, music in the game.
good game imo.
Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 25 Nov 16 at 20:27
NoobgamerValbops. the negatives are probably just haters ignore those
Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 25 Nov 16 at 20:28
CassiopeiaGamesI am not too bothered with the downvotes on my reviews, its a mix of people having another opinion or voting negative for other reasons, like my comments in the forums or something. I am only pondering about taking a review down if there is more downvotes than upvotes.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 26 Nov 16 at 11:05
iN5iDiOU5 iRi5HI never played Portal, but you make this game sound really fun! I think I'll start it tonight when I get home from work!
Posted by iN5iDiOU5 iRi5H on 30 Sep 17 at 14:04
Aeneas137You used the words fantastic and highly recommended, then gave it 3.5 stars. Down vote for not making any sense.
Posted by Aeneas137 on 22 Jun 19 at 00:55
QuickMythrilit says gameplay mechanics are fantastic, doesn't mean the story is any good. and highly recommended to puzzle fans, perhaps others will not like it so much. 3.5 is out of 5, and there is a much clearer breakdown explaining why it was given a 7/10 rating. anyway, I don't have to defend this review, just got notified of your comment and figured i'd use it as an excuse to say hi to twink. what's up?! :P
Posted by QuickMythril on 22 Jun 19 at 15:01
CassiopeiaGameshi mythril <3

Thing is, ANARCH, I don't give 10's easily. I never have. 10 would be astonished by the end of the game and while I loved this one, it didn't leave me for ten minutes to just sit back and soak in like some other games has. 5 is medium for me, too many reviewers has 7 as the medium.

Story is fine and the puzzles are fine, but overall the game lacked something which made me not give it top score. I gave Ori and the blond forest 9, and that game left me astonished a few times throughout.
Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 23 Jun 19 at 14:02