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Boss Battle Boss

Enter the Mystery Portal and Defeat a Boss Hunt on Craaazy Difficulty

Boss Battle Boss-29.8
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01 Oct 2016 29 Sep 2016 27 Jan 2017
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WARNING: In order to unlock Hard & Craaazy achievements for Boss
Hunt, you must complete the difficulty that comes before it for each individual Boss Hunt to even play on Hard or Craaazy

To get this achievement you must complete the Mystery Portal game mode Boss Hunt on Craaazy difficulty. Unfortunately the game mode is not always available to be played. To see when the next game mode for the Mystery Portal, keep an eye on to see when it opens again.

You will want to group up with liked minded individuals that you can communicate with for the higher difficulties, doing it with randoms is only really feasible on Normal difficulty but can still be a challenge. To group up for this game mode, you must party up in the Backyard Battleground, you cannot do it in the game mode otherwise you will be paired up with randoms.

Plant Team Strategy

Your Team setup should include at least 2 Sunflowers, the rest depends on the players.
Characters to avoid using are:
-All Chompers: As a Chomper you have no long range capabilities (except Yeti Chomper but I'd still say avoid it) and with being up close you will take enormous amounts of damage, especially on higher difficulties.
-Most Cactus characters should be avoided because when the boss has appeared you must be very mobile. Future Cactus and Bandit Cactus if you are very good with them
-Single-shot characters (excluding Peashooters): Unless you are very good with them, it is best to go for their full auto version to not get overwhelmed by the smaller enemies.
-Party variants should be avoided unless you are very skilled with and have upgrades that make them better. Too weak statistically on their own.

Character Suggestions:
-Vampire: Using this variant and with having the Elite rank level 5's Vampiric upgrade you will be practically immortal as long as you keep firing at the boss. Using this variant you could swap in Dark Flower instead of Heal Flower to have another mini-fighter helping along
Stuffy: Every time you kill an enemy they will drop health for you or a teammate to pick up. Fire very fast, has 40 clip and surprisingly accurate.
Fire/Power: Fire provides Damage over time while Power helps killing smaller enemies

Fire/Toxic: Provides excellent damage over time
Ice: Able to freeze enemies and slow the boss down a bit
Commando: Full auto firing can be very helpful

All Other Plants you can use any variant, but the elemental variants will be a lot more useful in the long run.

Sasquatch Boss Hunt
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Yeti King (Ran from January 26, 2017 - January 29, 2017)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Zombie Team Strategy

Your team should consist of at least two Scientists, the two other characters are dependent on what they are best with.

Characters to avoid:
-Zoologist - has way too short of range to be useful
-Chemist - While very powerful, also has too short of range to be useful or becomes to risky.
-Pirates - same thing as Cactus since they are part sniper or need to be close with their Scattershot
-Tank Commander & Scuba Soldier- unless you have the reload upgrades, it will fire too slow to be useful
-Roadie Z - Need to be close up to be useful
-Party Variants should be passed over unless they are fairly leveled and have quite a few upgrades

Characters best to go for:
- Fire and Toxic variants will be helpful for damage over time for the best and some aoe depending on the variant.
-Electric variants are good for taking out groups of minions
-Ice Variants will freeze minions and slow down the boss.

Scientist tip: It's best to have the heal ball instead of the sticky explodey ball in this mode.

Spooky Squash Boss Hunt (ran fromOct 27 2016 - Oct 30 2016)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Brothers Gnomus (ran from November 24 2016 - November 27 2016)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I will update this solution if there are any changes to this mode.
If you give a negative, please comment with feedback, thank you.
smakzillaa I'm seeing already two negatives on this solution, is it because I have yet to get the achievement? Did I miss something vital to winning this? Something?
Posted by smakzillaa on 30 Sep 16 at 05:43
Dan vasNormandy Thumbs up from me @smakzillaa! Since i know this game quite well i can only support your solution,unfortunately there will always be haters.
Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 30 Sep 16 at 07:03
AGGY RegulatoR You get an idea of where the garden is going to be as it's a random choice of 3 places on the map. You can tell by the big pile of 'rubble'. One is in the middle of the map above the bait. The other 2 are by the beach and down near the big square rocks.
Posted by AGGY RegulatoR on 30 Sep 16 at 07:19
angelsk Does it stack with the other two difficulties?
Posted by angelsk on 30 Sep 16 at 10:36
Comrade Spanner These achievements didn't stack for me.
Posted by Comrade Spanner on 30 Sep 16 at 10:58
angelsk Comrade Spanner: Poo! But thanks for the knowledge.
Posted by angelsk on 30 Sep 16 at 10:58
TheIrishBeast Perfect solution. I didnt understand why we got insta wiped one time. Now I do. I expect downvoters are just raging after trying his with randomers who get no kills and provide no help.
Posted by TheIrishBeast on 30 Sep 16 at 12:11
Sean Reinhardl Great guide the down votes must be from people that want achievements handed to them.
Posted by Sean Reinhardl on 30 Sep 16 at 15:54
TheGearGuardian anyone else getting constant disconnects when doing this mode?
Posted by TheGearGuardian on 30 Sep 16 at 17:56
Slayer Reigning Did this before the solution was up, but is fairly inline with what my team set up. +1 from me. This isn't that bad guys.
Posted by Slayer Reigning on 30 Sep 16 at 19:05
smakzillaa Heh, if people are downvoting my solution because these DLC achievements aren't as easy as the rest, they're not gonna like how you get the "More Secrets?" achievement.

I'm going to keep updating this solution to better refine the current strategies and add newer one as they are found. Granted I am only one person, I am willing to help anyone with these achievements.
Posted by smakzillaa on 30 Sep 16 at 19:54
Slayer Reigning Yea I guarantee that players will struggle with some of the key door challenges. Only had 1 myself, but it wasn't too bad.
Posted by Slayer Reigning on 30 Sep 16 at 21:31
Stinkman68 Very good guide. 1+
Posted by Stinkman68 on 30 Sep 16 at 23:17
IHaveNoMercy4U Looking for a group to do this ach with. Help would be appreciated. Gamertag: LieutenantSpaz
Posted by IHaveNoMercy4U on 01 Oct 16 at 04:37
Fuzzmeister J looks like you can push the boss in the water. Just corner him and he will fall in. i may only take half off but that's not bad!
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 01 Oct 16 at 16:26
CrAzEdCaNuCk18 This was pretty tough, one thing we noticed though was that after using the team retry all 3 self revives were given back to us. Might be worth getting insta-killed on the last garden or near the end to get those to use when time grows short.
Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 02 Oct 16 at 06:55
The SCHWARTZ 00 Just got this in a session, setup was a maxed out Frozen Citron, 2 maxed Vampire Flowers, and a maxed BBQ Corn. Took several tries but eventually got it when we realized Doom Shrooms will save your ass big time. Don't forget to use your potted plants, they are invaluable.

Doom Shroom
Ice Shroom
Goop Shroom
Heal Flower

Those should be your go-to power ups.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 02 Oct 16 at 19:15
Dub86Nut It's decided by the taco you choose.
Posted by Dub86Nut on 06 Oct 16 at 13:01
smakzillaa Updated with the new boss hunt, guess they will function differently possibly each time
Posted by smakzillaa on 27 Oct 16 at 16:10
j wizite DLC continues to ruin games. A fun game turned in to a brutal difficult grind. What a joke just to try and make more money off there micro-transactions. Oh your characters to weak. Buy this character pack with variants.Fucking pathetic!
Posted by j wizite on 29 Oct 16 at 19:09
Malebolge PL Really? Brutal grind??? I don't know what you're talking about. It's a multiplayer game, so if you want to progress in it just play it and stop whining. 90% people started this game just because you can complete it without even touching multiplayer, so it's good that they released this dlc. And if you're missing any characters then you can save up to buy 70k character pacs. I've never paid a single penny neither in first or second Garden Warfare game for coins, it's really easy to earn them just by playing it.
Posted by Malebolge PL on 16 Nov 16 at 13:47
DEADPOOLVEGA the problem is cromatic thing it kills everyone
Posted by DEADPOOLVEGA on 26 Nov 16 at 19:05
ResinousHashish Glad this is over, thanks Smakzillaa for the help and awesome guide!
Posted by ResinousHashish on 27 Nov 16 at 06:19
xBATTLE FIELDSx Having trouble unlocking this achievement. Will start a game from the beginning, no one will quit out and have beaten Crazy twice and hard once and still no unlocking.
Posted by xBATTLE FIELDSx on 28 Nov 16 at 05:22
Kanchanaburi I agree, this BOSS hunt crap is extremely unbalanced, and chaotic. They took a fun game and ramped up the difficulty in this latest DLC.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 19 Dec 16 at 23:12
smakzillaa Updated again with the new boss hunt, not to mention a lil warning about how choosing difficulty works, let me know if I need to reword it.
Posted by smakzillaa on 27 Jan 17 at 01:46
AcE ViCTiMiZER I'm absolutely in for a challenge, but the Yeti King is just plain ridiculous, even on the lower difficulties. I'll be back for Brothers Gnomus laugh
Posted by AcE ViCTiMiZER on 28 Jan 17 at 14:29
UgL WoLVeRinE Why is everyone so bad at this game? Can't find a team worthy to even complete this on hard!
Posted by UgL WoLVeRinE on 04 Mar 17 at 19:53
Isithrim Tomorrow, March 31st at 5 pm CET*

I will play with two friends of mine and we need a fourth player, he should able to chat with microphone. A strong sunflower will be very appreciated (or if you know how to use sunflowers glitches).
Send me a message here on Trueachievements or on Xbox if interested.

* What is CET? Look at this picture, the Countries in RED colour use CET:
Posted by Isithrim on 30 Mar 17 at 22:58
el tuaya arg Could anyone tell me which boss hunt event is the least difficult to go for the hard and crazy achievements?
Posted by el tuaya arg on 03 Jul 17 at 05:51
SkeetieX I'm looking for a group for this achievement and the hard one add me Skeetiex and inv I'll help 😀😀😀
Posted by SkeetieX on 07 Jul 17 at 00:58
iM BoomHeadshot Looking for a group to do this on Hard and Crazy!
Posted by iM BoomHeadshot on 31 Aug 17 at 20:40
Altis21 Me too, I'm looking for a group to do this on Hard and Crazy!
Posted by Altis21 on 01 Dec 17 at 08:18
Seitzz If anyone's still here, boss hunt is back til Feb. 18
Posted by Seitzz on 13 Feb at 18:56
Seitzz Up again in a few weeks. April 23-29.
Posted by Seitzz on 29 Mar at 21:44
Seitzz ^No longer, event has been changed from Boss Hunt to something else. Waiting on next month I guess.
Posted by Seitzz on 11 Apr at 20:26
EarthboundX Still says boss hunt to me for 23 to the 29th.
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr at 04:12
Seitzz Check your in game event calendar
Posted by Seitzz on 18 Apr at 14:00
EarthboundX Wasn't aware there was an ingame one.

I've been going off this.
Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr at 22:07
EarthboundX Seems you were right, it's now Soil Survivor instead of Boss Hunt.

Wonder why they changed it? Where is the ingame calendar btw?
Posted by EarthboundX on 24 Apr at 00:35
Seitzz Go to the message board in either garden, not the one that pops up when you enter the game. You want the one with all the old news too. Scroll to the end, it should be one of the last few ones. They seem to only change the calendar for the website at the beginning of the month, both in game and website are synced. However, once they update the in game one at any point, they seem to forget about updating the online one.
Posted by Seitzz on 24 Apr at 14:28
Major Rawne Not sure how true this is but it would solve it all. Found it tonight

Would make things interesting...
Posted by Major Rawne on 03 Jul at 22:16
Mercado Decided to pick up this Games with Gold game after I saw the only achievements listed as discontinued were actually earnable the week it became a free game. Now this and the other Boss Hunt achievements are discontinued :.
Posted by Mercado on 27 Aug at 04:04
BADBOYBONY I hope It's true that boss hunt is coming back on September 24 after all this waiting.
Posted by BADBOYBONY on 07 Sep at 15:51
fatjay4lisa Its no longer showing the boss hunt on the calendar for the 24th of sept for me does any1 know if its in the in game calendar as mine is bugged and wont show me anything
Posted by fatjay4lisa on 10 Sep at 17:13
EarthboundX Nope, it was in never in the ingame calendar.
Posted by EarthboundX on 10 Sep at 21:00
DeniWhiteRPG .....
Posted by DeniWhiteRPG on 25 Sep at 03:18
zX KiNGxKoNG Xz Boss hunts back on till nov.12th 2019
Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 07 Nov at 02:00
zX KiNGxKoNG Xz Boss hunts back on till nov.12th 2019
Posted by zX KiNGxKoNG Xz on 07 Nov at 02:00
Turtzerker For anybody looking to do these achievements, add me

Gt: Turtzerker
Posted by Turtzerker on 07 Nov at 02:07
Darthchewee How do you change the difficulty? I have the achievements for normal and hard but the matches I keep getting put into are normal.
Posted by Darthchewee on 07 Nov at 15:48
trevzuk0 @ Darthchewee:

The first person to interact with the pumpkin thing gets to choose the difficulty. If you're trying this with randoms, they will generally rush it and select whatever they want, usually Normal.
Posted by trevzuk0 on 07 Nov at 17:00
Darthchewee Ah that would explain it, thank you!
Posted by Darthchewee on 07 Nov at 17:15