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Boss Battle Boss

Enter the Mystery Portal and Defeat a Boss Hunt on Craaazy Difficulty

Boss Battle Boss+24.8
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Darth BarthusDarth Barthus477,387
01 Oct 2016 01 Oct 2016 01 Oct 2016
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Here are some tips for how we just got this. We found that the legacy characters are much more effective than the new ones. Two toxic peas and two flowers. After the rage wipe, where you gather around the garden, as soon as that is finished all four run to the opposite side of the map, you need to thin out the zombies or you will die. Work your way back to the middle. The chili bean bomb is excellent for clearing groups of zombies who are chasing you. Plant heal potted plants in your central area in every pot stay in the central area as much as you can. If you die during the burgers stage, respawn as you do not have time to heal. Also during the burgers stage send two teams one right one left pea and flower. Work together have patience. Good luck!!!
Mr McMuffen Nice, got it first try
Posted by Mr McMuffen on 01 Oct 16 at 16:11