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Complete a certain challenge.

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Sitop ApenSitop Apen363,432
01 Oct 2016 08 Sep 2018
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I believe that this achievement can only be obtained after you beat the main story line and have turned on all of the lasers. However, you do not need to have beaten all of the random puzzles spread out across the island.

The top part of this solution is all about beating the challenge and any hints that I can give. The bottom part of this solution is telling everyone how to get to the challenge room.

Beating the Challenge:
This is not an easy achievement. There is no way to cheat the system, and there are no online solutions because the puzzles change every time.

Once you are in the cave, go to the very back and start the record. That is accomplished by moving the cursor to the far left instead of going up, Going up will stop the record.
As soon as you start the record, run up to the wall and solve the first three puzzles. These are simple puzzles. The first two are mazes and the last one is black and white squares.
When you are doing these, make sure to hold down the button that speeds up your cursor (I believe it is LT) and push RB after you solve the puzzle to quickly switch to the next puzzle.

After this, run to the next puzzle which is a maze. In a little bit you will need to walk a full size version of this same maze, so pay attention not only to the solution of the maze but also to where the two dots are in the maze. In the full size maze, these two dots are the locations of two triangle puzzles that you must solve. I took a picture of the maze with my phone before I solved it so I would remember the location of those two puzzles.

Once you are done with the maze (which shouldn't take too long) run to the next section. Here there are four puzzles spread out around a pillar. Two puzzles are on the top part, and two are on the bottom. Only one puzzle will be lit up at a time, and the order is always random, so be quick about checking all 4 puzzles to know which one you can solve.
The puzzles rotate between these 4 locations. There will be a simple maze, a tetris with suns puzzle, a black and white squares puzzle, and a symmetry puzzle with multicolored dots.

The last puzzle I mentioned, the symmetry puzzle with multicolored dots, means that there will be three different colored dots on the symmetry puzzle. Orange dots, blue dots, and black dots. The color of line that that you control will be blue, and the color line you don't control will be orange (that may be backwards. I don't remember). The orange line must go through the orange dots, and the blue line must go through the blue dots. Any color line can go through the black dots.

If you fail any of these puzzles, you must go back and re-solve the last puzzle you did. So if one of them are too hard for you, just purposefully fail it to get a new puzzle of that same type.
Another thing that I started doing with the tetris puzzle was counting the amount of squares that the tetris designs filled up, and then just looking for that number of squares I could section off.

After you solve all 4 of those puzzles, run across the bridge to the next set of puzzles. In this section, there are three black and white square puzzles, but only one of them is possible to complete. The other two are impossible. Once you solve the one you can beat, go to the next set of three. These are multi-colored squares, and once again, only one of them is possible to complete.

When you are looking at the puzzles trying to figure out which of them is possible, look for quick hints. One thing that is nice about all of these puzzles is that because you are timed, none of the puzzles can be too difficult. So if one of the puzzles looks impossible right from the beginning, then it probably is. Look for what you believe is the easiest and try that one first.

Things to look for in the puzzles that be beat include corner sections of one color that can be separated from the other colors easily, and clumps of the same color going straight down the middle.
If you see a puzzle with three different color touching each other and none of them are touching a side of the puzzle, that puzzle is almost certainly impossible.

Another thing that I did was I attempted this challenge when a friend was watching, just so I could have a second set of eyes and try to determine which puzzle was possible faster.

After you solve the two possible puzzles, run into the full size maze. Pull up the picture on your phone and run to those locations in the maze. Then spin around. The puzzle will be on one of the screens close to your location. Solve the first one and then run to the next location and solve the second one. These puzzles are triangle puzzles. If you don't know how they work, scroll down in this solution. I talk about them farther down.
EDIT: Christoph 5782 has linked a website that will solve these puzzle triangles for you. I am posting that link here!

Again, I had someone else watching when I solved these puzzles to quickly count the sides of each box to make sure that the lines touching the box equaled the number of triangles in the box. This is really important at this step because if you screw up here you must re-solve the puzzle from before, which requires you getting out of the maze.

After you solve the two triangle puzzles in the maze, leave out the exit and come to the last two puzzles. They are pillar puzzles. They also aren't terribly difficult. However, because they are pillar puzzles, there is really no way to double check and make sure that you have the right answer before you finish the puzzle.
There will be two pillar puzzles. One is a black and white puzzle, the other is a symmetry puzzle with black squares. If you are having difficulty here, I recommend going to the end of the game right before the elevator and working on this pillars.
Those are the last two puzzles, so once you beat those, you will have beaten the challenge.

The entire challenge is timed with the record that you started at the beginning. The record plays two classical songs and once the songs are finished you are out of time.
If you are stuck on the same puzzle for too long, either fail it on purpose so you can get a new puzzle that is the same type, or run back to the record and restart it.

There is no way to pause this puzzle and solve it "offline" like there is on the ps4. On the ps4 you can enter sleep mode and solve the puzzle, and then turn the ps4 back on.
If you turn off the Xbox One, the puzzle will restart. And if you pause the game, the timer will continue, even if you open a new app.

I hope that this solution helps. Good luck on getting this achievement!

Getting to the Challenge Room:
So once you have done completed the game and started all of the lasers, go up to the top of the mountain where you started the final quest to finish the game.
(Side note. If you have already completed the game, just load an old file. Try and save before you get in the elevator to finish the game)
At the top of the mountain you can see a statue holding a box. If you get down beneath the box by walking down the stairs, you can see that there is another solution for the box.
If you are confused, look at this photo.
External image

From IGN

Once you re-solve the box, go back down into mountain until you reach the statue staring at a puzzle on the ground. This puzzle will be right before the room with all of the pillar puzzles that you needed to solve.
The solution to this puzzle is as follows.
Left, Up, Right, Up 4, Left, Down 3, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down 2, Left, Up 4, Right, Up, Left

This puzzle was hard for me to see just because it was hard to get close enough to it.

If you don't understand this puzzle, the concept is pretty simple, There are several boxes that contain yellow triangles. For every one triangle in a box, that is how many times you must draw a line that touches the box that the triangle is in. So if a box has one triangle, one side of the box (And only one side) must have a line going through it. So if a box has three triangles in it, you must cover up three sides of the box with lines.
Remember this puzzle, it shows up in the finale.
Again, here is the link for the triangle puzzles that Christoph 5782 posted in the comments

Once you solve this puzzle, it will open up a secret door behind you, the direction that the statue is looking. The door closes after a couple seconds, so don't waste to much time getting there.
Once you do that, you must solve a black and white square puzzle
Solution for that puzzle
External image

Again, from IGN.

After that, another door will open. Back here there are lots and lots of puzzles to solve. However, only two of them need to be solved. Wander through this area a bit until you make your way to a pillar puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is as follows.
Right, Up 2, Right, Down 2, Right 3 , Up, Right, Up, Left 2, Down, Left, Up 3, Right 2, Up 2 Left, Down, Left 2, Down, Left, Down, Left, Up 2,Right, Up, Left, and then finish it.

After that, you will need to solve one more puzzle just opposite of the pillar puzzle. It is a sun and tetris puzzle.

The solution is as follow.
Up 5, Right, Down 4, Right 4, Up 2, Left 2, Up 2, Right 2

Now you have made it into the challenge room.
zoidberg1339F me sideways this looks hard
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 01 Dec 16 at 02:20
zoidberg1339Does restarting the record reset all the puzzles? In other words, instead of the time limit being the two songs, could you restart the record halfway through the second song and have another two whole songs to finish all the puzzles?
Posted by zoidberg1339 on 01 Dec 16 at 22:54
Sitop ApenYep, if you restart the record all of the puzzles are reset as well.
Posted by Sitop Apen on 04 Dec 16 at 12:17
PilIow PantsOne thing that you may find helpful is turning your volume down. It eases the tension.
Posted by PilIow Pants on 03 Jan 17 at 11:23
Sitop ApenI believe you need to activate all of the lasers first before you can solve the final puzzle on top of the mountain. If you have already activated the lasers and it's still closed you might have an issue
Posted by Sitop Apen on 19 Feb 17 at 02:23
bennjjeeHoly smokes - persistence is key here! Thanks for the in-depth guide!
Posted by bennjjee on 09 Apr 17 at 08:16
NoHeroes94Is taking a photo of the puzzle on a phone etc, switching your xbox off (NOT hard reset), figuring it out and then doing it in the game an option, rinse and repeat? obviously long winded, but perhaps so is trying it umpteen times? When you just press it off on energy saver, once you log in you return straight back into the game as you left it, its only on hard reset the game closes.

On PS I know you can suspend your game but that isn't an option on XB1.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 27 Apr 17 at 07:32
Sitop ApenTo be honest I have no idea, I have never tried it.

You can and let me know how it goes!
Posted by Sitop Apen on 29 Apr 17 at 03:35
OzbrithianI wonder. Are there only so many possible puzzles?
Posted by Ozbrithian on 05 May 17 at 08:08
Sitop ApenWell technically yes, it would take a very long time before that puzzle reappeared
Posted by Sitop Apen on 06 May 17 at 20:24
SashamorningGreat guide. BTW, if you're already in the elevator, there's a way to reopen it at the bottom of the doors. No previous save required.
Posted by Sashamorning on 15 May 17 at 06:47
Sitop ApenCool thanks! That's a good thing to know
Posted by Sitop Apen on 15 May 17 at 17:57
Shadow XBLThis needs to be updated at the top to say "DON'T BEAT THE GAME BEFORE DOING THIS". I just did that and lost all progress because it resets. Now if I want this I have to do everything all over again. UGH
Posted by Shadow XBL on 09 Jun 17 at 21:19
Tazwaznot true there is an option to load your last auto save once you have completed the game
Posted by Tazwaz on 09 Jul 17 at 16:59
Sitop ApenYeah that's not true Shadow. Taz is right ^^
That's what I did
Posted by Sitop Apen on 21 Jul 17 at 03:17
Octobot Super^correct, it doesn't matter if you entered the elevator, you can load up that save and open the doors.
Posted by Octobot Super on 09 Dec 17 at 01:03
Octobot SuperOuch, I keep tripping up on the last pillar puzzle (collecting the black hexagons). I'll agree that the black and white square pillar puzzle isn't terribly difficult, but the other one is insane.

Edit: I finally ended up getting it... I actually had some runs where the other pillar was the difficult one. I eventually got a run where all the puzzles were easy and I finished up just as the second song was starting! I took photos of the maze model each time; even though it took a few seconds, it saved time later so I wasn't running around the maze aimlessly
Posted by Octobot Super on 09 Dec 17 at 22:43
BlostFinally finished this after a few hours of runs getting screwed by random puzzles with no solution. It's definitely do-able with one mistake or bad puzzle (that needs a reset) if the rest goes smoothly, but that's not often the case lol. The frustration is compounded when you do finally get to the last pillar puzzle and run out of time only to then spend another hour trying to progress that far again. Just keep at it, eventually you'll get a favorable set of puzzles that align all on the same run.
Posted by Blost on 02 Apr 18 at 06:45
Apostle92627I can't access the cave. I try to draw to the spot on the cube but the bottom part is blocked. Yes, I've done all the lasers.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 10 Apr 18 at 04:35
Sitop ApenWhat do you mean by blocked?
Posted by Sitop Apen on 10 Apr 18 at 04:40
I AM CULLYIf all lasers are 'done' and you still cannot access the bottom, it means you haven't aligned the Desert laser to point at the middle.
Posted by I AM CULLY on 10 Apr 18 at 06:10
Apostle92627Yeah, I figured it out.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 10 Apr 18 at 18:11
Project TortureHow the shit do you align the desert laser though. I'm sitting here staring at it and there's nothing I can do with it. Instead of telling people what to do, explain how to do it. Otherwise you're not helping, you're just being annoying lol
Posted by Project Torture on 11 Apr 18 at 20:44
Sitop ApenIf you follow the direction of the desert laser, you will reach a point where it bounces off a mirror. Just turn that mirror so that the laser is now pointing to the summit of the mountain
Posted by Sitop Apen on 11 Apr 18 at 20:55
REGIX 117Yes. i did it, with my godly RNG a finish the challenge room smile
Posted by REGIX 117 on 11 Apr 18 at 20:58
Octobot Super"Instead of telling people what to do, explain how to do it. Otherwise you're not helping, you're just being annoying lol"

To be fair, it is a puzzle game and it's fairly obvious that it's the only laser not pointed at the mountain (even if you only have one other laser activated). If you've solved all the puzzles to activate the other lasers, you should be smart enough or have the patience to figure this out too instead of scolding someone on a solution where the desert laser is arguably beyond the scope of the solution.
Posted by Octobot Super on 12 Apr 18 at 10:45
l BlackBrian7 lI'm unsure if this was due to the update or not, but when I pause the game during the challenge, it completely resets now. It doesn't just keep the timer going anymore.
Maybe its just my game, but I've tried it many times, and it happened every time I paused.
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 13 Apr 18 at 22:19
OverkillChaosThis took me about 5 hours before the heavens opened up and gave me 2 relatively easy triangle puzzles and my pillar puzzles were really easy as well. Persistence is key and having a good intellect about solving the puzzles. I beat the game using minimal hints, but only when necessary if something had me stuck for a really long time. If you "used a guide" throughout the whole game your not going to be successful at these puzzles.
Posted by OverkillChaos on 15 Apr 18 at 16:59
The NordaI’m struggling quite a bit with a majority of the Tetris ones and the colored blocks I’m making it to the maze maybe every 9 attempts then when I do that I’m pretty lost anyone have any helpful tips at this day in age? pausing the time would make this so easy message me @ The Norda on xbox hell if you’re really good at this and wouldn’t mind doing it for me also message me that’d be awesome and I’d appreciate it very much I’d rather not attempt this for weeks ;-;
Posted by The Norda on 17 Apr 18 at 01:20
Joshua4LifeOnly took maybe 2 hours but this challenge is DONE
Posted by Joshua4Life on 18 Apr 18 at 06:44
Pmalone6This achievement is a bear but this guide helped tremendously! Keep at it and you'll get better and faster with each run. If you're clearly not going to make it, I find working the puzzles still for practice paid off. Eventually, the stars will align and an easier set will come up, +1
Posted by Pmalone6 on 20 Apr 18 at 22:35
Death DealersThis challenge is such bull, I keep watching youtube videos to see different puzzles but they all get the easy puzzles to solve and I keep getting the ones where every other line is broken, the lines have to double back on themselves to work (which doesn't work) or solutions that should work mysteriously don't so I have to redo the prior puzzle again and again and again.
Posted by Death Dealers on 24 Apr 18 at 16:23
Christoph 5782For the triangle puzzles, simply just put the puzzle into this solver:

It's way faster and less frustrating than actually trying to solve it
Posted by Christoph 5782 on 25 Apr 18 at 02:26
Octobot SuperI can see that tool being the difference between a failed run and a successful one. The triangle puzzles aren't bad (it's the pillars at the end that are tough) but using the tool would probably save 10 to 30 seconds.

Also, I mentioned this above but I'll repeat here again: take a picture of the maze map with your phone. This saves a lot of time when you get to the actual maze.
Posted by Octobot Super on 25 Apr 18 at 10:10
Xenolith666down right impossible.. the PS4 folks get a work around putting the system in "rest" which will pause the timer.. we Xbox types are boned.. I'll never do this shit in 7 minutes.
Posted by Xenolith666 on 26 Apr 18 at 02:59
DaChiefOfOwnageThis is a real challenge with the time limit. Took me about an hour and finally got it with 10 seconds left on mountain king. Really had my heart pumping. The key is to not waste any time in the maze, you'll need it all for the columns. Some of the tetris and black/white puzzles seemed impossible. In total I had three resets on my winning run (to reroll the rng) so if you get perfect luck it's easily doable as long as you know the logic. toast
Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 26 Apr 18 at 21:36
Christoph 5782The only real issue with the pillar puzzles is that you can't see the whole puzzle at once. The actual puzzle in itself is fairly easy. For me the triangle puzzles where by far the hardest thing to do as nowhere in the game did it ever have you learn the complex triangle puzzles and strategies on solving them. Just knowing the rules isn't simply good enough when your on the clock and failure here basically kills the run.

The first 4 puzzles are fairly simple, the 3rd one can be tricky and if you get a bad draw you might as well just reset the run as you want to get out of the first 3 puzzles in 15-20 seconds. After the 4th one I quickly just sketched the path using dashed lines for an easy reference, placing a slash where the dots were

The next 4 are pretty straight forward. With the tetris puzzle one, the goal is almost always to simply form the shapes with out using the squares with the stars. The other rules should fall into place. And teal is the one you select for the symmetry puzzle.

The 'one solveable' puzzles require a bit of practice as well to be able to look at a puzzle and determine if it can be solved, but for the black and white one, if at any point in the puzzle there is a square of 4 filled with 2 black and 2 white but the same color is diagonal from each other, it isn't solveable. Most unsolveable puzzles have this configuration in them but not all of them do. The tri-colored one doesn't have anything as easy to spot but usually the simplest looking one is the one that is solvable. The only real instance where you know a puzzle isn't solveable is when 3 different colors are in any 2x2 square but this happens far less often than the black and white puzzle and is harder to notice instantly.
Posted by Christoph 5782 on 27 Apr 18 at 17:22
Octobot Super^ The games does offer the triangle puzzle in the form of broken panels scattered about the island. The issue (for me at least) is that I was able to solve the ones that I found based on some arbitrary rules that I made up that happened to work for them. Also, the ones scattered around the island are easily brute forced for the most part.
Posted by Octobot Super on 27 Apr 18 at 18:04
Christoph 5782Whilst that is true, very rearly in the game do you get a triangle puzzles that has more than 1 triangle and no major area of the game has a focus of any kind on the triangle puzzles. Going in I knew the rules of the puzzles but had no efficient strategy to solve them. The same was true for the column puzzles for me as in doing the challenge I had yet to go to the final area of the game to do the 8 column puzzles there, but going there I had over 3 minutes to spare so I just drew out the puzzles on paper and inputed the solution
Posted by Christoph 5782 on 27 Apr 18 at 18:50
TheophilosAfter I beat the game, I originally got kicked back to the main menu, with only one option: "Start a Nrw Game." I force-quit the game and restarted. Now my only options at the menu are "Start" and "Switch User." Everybody seems to be of the opinion that there's an option to load last save somewhere. Where is it? How do I load it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'd prefer not to have to play the whole thing again. Thanks
Posted by Theophilos on 29 Apr 18 at 22:44
count023It seems like a lot of people are popping this consistently now, does it mean that' it's not as hard as everyone has let on? or has all the random elements been determined and there's details for it now?
Posted by count023 on 30 Apr 18 at 01:17
TheophilosNever mind. Because it wasn't covered here, I had to find it dedicated to xbox achievements. In case anybody else ever encounters the issue that I did, don't panic.
The way to load your game is, somewhat counterintuitively, to start a new game. As soon as you load in, hit Menu and then you'll see the option to load game. Load the most recent one and you're all set.
Posted by Theophilos on 30 Apr 18 at 04:52
KiloOscarZuluIs this an achievement where is may help to team up? Like, we form a team where one person streams on Twitch and we all help out in solving the puzzles and once that person is done, we switch places and repeat? Having 3 or 4 people looking at he same puzzles could make it slightly easier?
Posted by KiloOscarZulu on 02 May 18 at 03:22
Arma9edd0nThe 'taking a picture of the maze' tip helped immensely. It took about 18-20 tries, but I finally got a favorable run and was able to complete the challenge with half of "Mountain King" yet to play. Thanks!
Posted by Arma9edd0n on 05 May 18 at 18:49
LibelluleGinoJust a tip : during my tries, I noticed that you should enter the labyrinth before the second music begins. Otherwise, you won't have enough time to finish...
Posted by LibelluleGino on 07 May 18 at 13:17
T0per Harleygot it at 4th try ^^
Posted by T0per Harley on 03 Jun 18 at 19:20
skittles2519For Xbox you can press the home button and go to home screen to help with the achievement. The game will effectively pause and no puzzles will be erased. You can only go home though you can't open any other app or puzzles will erase.
Posted by skittles2519 on 04 Jun 18 at 00:02
Skanker irl^ Nope. Doesn't work.
Posted by Skanker irl on 11 Jun 18 at 22:21
MurmuringSum34Finally got this a achievement. Got lucky with easy puzzles
Posted by MurmuringSum34 on 12 Jun 18 at 20:38
Movie MarioTheophilos thank you.
Posted by Movie Mario on 18 Jun 18 at 03:39
Movie MarioThis sh*t's impossible to do within the time constraint.
Posted by Movie Mario on 26 Jun 18 at 01:31
FaceTheCarnageGoing to home from guide button doesn't seem to work as Skittles described. I tested it before an actual run and found it never pauses. Not for 3 minutes, not a minute or even 30 seconds. Perhaps I didn't wrong? Could someone do a step by step exactly what to do for someone who hasn't figure it out? Much appreciated. If not, maybe another solution? Or has this been exhausted? :(
Posted by FaceTheCarnage on 29 Jun 18 at 10:59
Sipuli91This is gonna be one of those games where all I need is one more achievement but that one more really isn't worth the trouble. Too bad we don't have a way to take our time like the ps4 players do...
Posted by Sipuli91 on 22 Jul 18 at 22:41
FaceTheCarnageThere is a way to do this co-op, that I have discovered but I want someone who has the drive and know how to do all of the puzzles like me. Sadly this will need to be done twice since we team up one go through, then another. It makes it MUCH easier. Message my gamertag if interested since im not on here as much. If you agree to help, we don't stop til both players have it. May take a day, or couple depending on how well we work together but very do able.
Posted by FaceTheCarnage on 28 Jul 18 at 08:35
ShadowEchelon91Wish I could upvote Cristoph 5782's comment. The ability to quickly solve those triangle puzzles made this far, far easier. Link below again, since it's in the middle of the comments section:
Posted by ShadowEchelon91 on 05 Sep 18 at 18:54
Sitop ApenThanks for that heads up. I just edited the solution to include that website because that definitely helps (I gave him credit too)
Posted by Sitop Apen on 08 Sep 18 at 00:58
FivePartTrilogyOne thing that might help some players is more practice with the different kinds of puzzles. At the very least, getting more familiar with the puzzle logic will help save time. I just discovered this site and have killed a couple hours playing random puzzles while away from home:

Also, this youtube playlist is very thorough and gives good strategies for the whole challenge:
Posted by FivePartTrilogy on 21 Sep 18 at 18:28
teddieboiI finally beat this stupid achievement. The best tip I can give (like most others who beat it) is to keep trying. I maybe spent one hour and failed, then returned later or the next day with a clear mind. The puzzles I struggled with were the tetris and the pillars, but after a while you just 'get it'. So please, don't get discouraged if you are having a hard time. You will get it with persistence.
Posted by teddieboi on 23 Dec 18 at 09:58
talkietoasta84If I never hear Peer Gynt again it will be too soon...
Posted by talkietoasta84 on 01 Jan 19 at 15:36
Mike MarcelaisThe triangle puzzles are some of the easiest ones here. The tetris puzzles drive me crazy and the column puzzles took forever in the "main" ending. But my brain just isn't agile enough for this -- even though I had little trouble with most of these types puzzles in the main game, I'm rarely even making it to the maze before timing out.

I can't see myself getting twice as fast.
Posted by Mike Marcelais on 19 Apr 19 at 03:01
RepentantHades7I found another puzzle solver that could be helpful especially on the colored blocks. It pretty much does everything besides triangle puzzles:

Triangle solver (again):
Posted by RepentantHades7 on 02 May 19 at 21:09
Adm1ral Awe5omeI found this glitch to complete the Challenge:
This works as of 08/07/2019. It's stated in the video you have to count to 3 (almost 4), but I personally had to count to 5. You have to press A just as it's about to fade away. So you enter the solution a split second before it resets. Hope this helps people.
This means that you don't have to stress about the the last two pillars, "all" you have to do is get consistent at getting to, and completing the maze. The maze is a breeze when you use the solver provided in the guide. Biggest issue for me was the tetris puzzles.
I personally spent at least 10 minutes solving the last two pillars drawing out the solution using a pen and paper.
Posted by Adm1ral Awe5ome on 07 Aug 19 at 11:05
Ron69BongkowskiThe glitch in the above comment still works. Takes a ton of stress away on the pillar problems.
Posted by Ron69Bongkowski on 09 Jan at 17:40
SashamorningO. M. G.

This just moved to the top of my to-do list.
Posted by Sashamorning on 09 Jan at 23:44
TangerineGamerJust did my first few runs of the challenge today, forgot about the triangle puzzle solver, and the furthest I got was the big maze.
Having the ability to extend the time indefinitely will help a lot. No reason why this wouldn't still be a thing so if you pull it off you basically have 7 or so minutes to get to the maze, awesome find!

Still works, all done now. I definitely underestimated the difficulty of the final challenge. The pillar puzzles especially because you don't really do any through the game that I remember. Glad to get it done though, thanks again to both Sitop Apen and Adm1ral Awe5ome
Posted by TangerineGamer on 26 Feb at 21:53
ARAHN1Just picked this up, finally!
I didn't even have the timing perfect, because i could hear the system shutdown right before I closed the screen and the pillars were still usable.

It pays to come back and look at old achievements that defeated you years ago!
Posted by ARAHN1 on 12 Apr at 16:11
BazingatorJust did it on my 6th or so try, wasn't insanely difficult. I planned on doing the exploit but accidentally finished the maze. Got pretty easy pillar puzzles to end it off.
Posted by Bazingator on 13 Apr at 22:54
Kiarinha NyoMay 5th, 2020. Glitch still works. Ive counted to 5
Posted by Kiarinha Nyo on 06 May at 00:34
wizzardSSI found to quickly identify which is solvable on the black and white square puzzles, if there is a 2x2 "checkerboard":

black white
white black

anywhere within the puzzle, it is not solvable. Generally one or both of the unsolvable puzzles will have this pattern.
Posted by wizzardSS on 09 May at 16:54
Hey0kaI can’t get into the challenge room. I’ve completed the pillar puzzle but the rock wall won’t open up to reveal the second puzzle needed to get to the record player. Help!
Posted by Hey0ka on 27 May at 04:58
BobboCan confirm the time glitch at the end of the maze still works. Thank you to whoever first posted it, I’m glad I came back to see if this was any easier now. I’ve come back to it 2 years later so I’ll just drop some thoughts in case anyone else is coming back after that long.

It took me about 2 hours from logging in (at the record player) to getting the achievement. Once I actually got to the final maze puzzle I was able to do the glitch first time despite the level of panic I was in with the music counting down just as I was inputting the solution.

My main struggle was with the Tetris puzzle in the group of 4 that appear in a random order. A few failed attempts was all I needed to re-familiarise myself with how all the other puzzles work. Given how long it takes to input some puzzles into the online solvers provided here, I found it made more sense to practice ones that were easy enough and just use the solver for the Tetris and the triangle ones in the maze.

Good luck to everyone else still trying!
Posted by Bobbo on 10 Jun at 17:29