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Choke on that

Kill Groeder – Kill him for good

Choke on that0
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K so here's how you do it. What i figured out is that his armor makes him invincible from all attacks, at first. So what you do is attack his back with a zip kick attack. But you can only do this after he's tried to attack you. He only has two attacks so it's pretty easy to know what he's gonna do.

If he turns red use the left bumper and dash to the side because he's going to charge right at you. Then immediately grapple onto his back and kick him.

If he turns blue that means he's going to jump in the air and do a ground pound. So you have to jump right before he hits the ground. Then you'll have to run around him and grapple his back and kick him again.

Do this enough and you'll see his armor pulse with electricity. So now you can shoot him. Or you can keep grappling if you want to.

Also be careful of the little flying drones as they can be annoying on higher difficulties. To avoid them just keep strafing around the platform.

If you have any other questions on what to do just let me know. I'll be glad to help anybody out :)
oR33DoWhen you're beating the constructor, prior to fighting Groeder, try not to use ANY grenades on commando difficulty. Save them for him. It'll take at least 3 when his armor begins to malfunction. Just through one then watch the animation then through another. Don't go to fast or you'll waste a grenade.

Had to do this section about 30 times. Luckily the X button tells him to shut the fuck up so you can continue to boss fight. About the only thing these developers did right about this game.
Posted by oR33Do on 27 Jun 11 at 16:51
xI The Law lxThe walkthrough give is a good one. Just jump his ground attacks and dodge the others and you'll be fine. Shooting Groeder with a BIG weapon will do very little damage, but when he is 'stunned', it is very effective to shoot him with a rocket.
Posted by xI The Law lx on 25 Jan 12 at 12:26