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Fit parts from Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk.

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03 Oct 2016
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Hey Guys,

Here is a video guide or anyone looking to earn this achievement. If anyone wants anymore guides done for achievements they may be having trouble with then feel free to message me on twitter @benjaminh428

Thanks Benjaminh428

ell635I have never voted down a guide before but here is why I voted down this one:

This guide makes you spend excessively for no necessary reason. I'm surprised I am the first to mention this. You don't need to buy a Bodykit Preset Upgrade, you only need to apply the Rear Wing / Spoiler to the car. And it's ridiculously cheaper than this guide suggests. Here's all you need to do:

Visit any Festival and then purchase the relevant car or select the relevant car from your Garage. Now go to the Autoshow menu and select ForzaVista.

Now use cn_LS to move the camera view to the back of the car. There are two pointers for this section:

- The left point is to customise the License plate.
- The right point is to customise the Rear of the car.

Move cn_LS until the right point is highlighted (it will turn pink) and then press cn_A

Using cn_A select Rear Wing and then choose "LB Works" or "Rocket Bunny" depending on which car you are using. This will apply the Spoiler on to the Rear of the car.

Now press cn_B to back up until you reach a prompt - Press cn_A to select "Install Setup" and agree to spend 200CR to purchase the Rear Wing you just applied.

Complete this on both relevant cars and you will get the achievement. There is no reason to spend 41,000+ Credits on a Bodykit Preset Upgrade. It's just lazy and excessive spending.

You only need to buy the Rear Wing / Spoiler and you are only required to spend 200 Credits per car to complete this. I am not including the cost of Credits to purchase the car itself.

I literally did this just a short while ago and my achievement popped. So this is just some advice to save any achievement hunters from excessive spending when your Credits can contribute to other achievements.
Posted by ell635 on 08 Jan 17 at 13:38
LimitableDjayThat's definitely a lot cheaper thanks for the tip ell635
Posted by LimitableDjay on 07 Jul 17 at 22:44
CoreScanYou should've posted your comment as a separate solution, ell635. Thanks anyway.
Posted by CoreScan on 19 Jan at 09:43