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Sea Turtle

Head to AquaDome and score a goal while flipped on your back

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05 Oct 2016 06 Oct 2016
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I have done a video on how to get this achievement quickly. You can see it below:
I do make a mistake in the video, and say that the achievement is worth 75g. I was getting confused with the Rocket Genocider achievement. This achievement is worth 25G. Apologies for the confusion.
NegativeCreep08Tried this in a private game with no bots and against a second controller. Comes up with the symbol for getting the turtle goal but no achievement. Has it been patched?
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 12 Oct 16 at 19:47
DwaggieniteYou don't want a private game. You want exhibition. There's a difference.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 12 Oct 16 at 19:52
NegativeCreep08Did it in an offline exhibition match, with or without my backup profile it doesn't work. got the requirements for Trifica and that won't unlock either so no idea what's going on
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 12 Oct 16 at 20:12
NegativeCreep08Just this second found a work around - I changed to my backup profile at the main menu, accepted the user agreement then switched back to my main, tried playing another game with no bots and this time the achievement worked
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 12 Oct 16 at 20:44
RaPnBaLL26Tried NegativeCreeps method since I figured I wanted to try a couple things before I went and deleted my save/lost any progress/level/cars etc. and I can confirm this method works. Tried signing into my main profile and tried the solution exactly as it said and it was not unlocking for me. So I exited to dashboard, signed into my second profile and started up RL. Accepted the user agreement and press the "select" button to switch profiles at the main menu. Switched to my main profile and started up the exhibition match like stated in the solution. Popped on my first try. Might want to add this to your solution just in case other people are having this same problem.
Posted by RaPnBaLL26 on 02 Nov 16 at 23:30
BROOKER 513I did NegativeCreep08's work around and it worked perfectly, by switching profiles then accepted the user agreement.
Posted by BROOKER 513 on 12 Jan 17 at 06:43
FishOnXBLNot sure if this is an issue on my side or not but in case people are having the same issue: If the achievement notification does not pop up for you or the gamerscore doesn't get added to your account straight away, sign out then sign back into your account on your Xbox, it should then be added.
Posted by FishOnXBL on 19 Feb 17 at 13:32
ChrisskillsI was having trouble unlocking this and get up Mr bubbles, I tried what MCFishHD said about signing out and then back in straight away but nothing popped so after signing straight back in I did the solution for both the achievements and both unlocked each time.
Posted by Chrisskills on 19 Feb 17 at 18:40
SilentRich69Did it first time thankfully what an amazing guide and way to simplify this. Good job.
Posted by SilentRich69 on 06 Mar 17 at 14:05
DwaggieniteGlad to help :)
Posted by Dwaggienite on 06 Mar 17 at 14:05
KURSED SOULSAwesome works like a charm [cheers]
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 21 Mar 17 at 16:19
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 21 Mar 17 at 16:19
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 21 Mar 17 at 16:20
DwaggieniteGlad to help :)
Posted by Dwaggienite on 21 Mar 17 at 16:33
Dark SnailMarvelousclapheadspin
Posted by Dark Snail on 12 Dec 17 at 19:31
netstrykerBy far the best solution. clap
Posted by netstryker on 22 Jan 18 at 21:12
DwaggieniteThank you :D
Posted by Dwaggienite on 22 Jan 18 at 23:19
KACG SoMMWhat helped me a bit too was to have unlimited boost on and you could just slowly boost the ball while upside down in to the net! Great video though!
Posted by KACG SoMM on 21 Mar 18 at 13:35
DwaggieniteGood idea.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 21 Mar 18 at 13:43
I Mindhunter IWorked but I had to do it 4 different times before the achievement actually popped.
Posted by I Mindhunter I on 22 Dec 18 at 09:04