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Infinite Power!

Activate every power-up in Rumble mode

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Reaper R66Reaper R66568,792
05 Oct 2016 07 Oct 2016
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Warning - This achievement is reportedly glitchy, so make sure you read the bottom of this guide.

Start an exhibition match with the following settings:

- Game Mode: Rumble
- Arena: Any
- Team Size: 1v1
- Bot Difficulty: Rookie (choose "No Bots" if you have a second controller)
- Mutator Settings: Match Length - Unlimited

At the beginning of the match, you will see a countdown in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Once the countdown hits zero, you'll receive a random power-up which you can activate by clicking down on the left stick cn_LS. Some power-ups can be activated at any time, some must be activated while close to and facing your opponent and some must be activated while close to and facing the ball. You will receive another power-up shortly after using one, so once you have activated every power-up at least once the achievement will pop.

Here is a list of all 11 power-ups:

1) Disruptor - causes your opponent's car to drive uncontrollably (icon looks like a red tire with fire coming out the right of it)

2) Magnetiser - attracts the ball towards your car (icon looks like a blue magnet)

3) Freezer - freezes the ball in place (icon looks like a blue ball with ice on it)

4) Spike - spikes protrude from your car allowing the ball to stick to your vehicle (icons looks like a grey Rocket League vehicle with spikes protruding from it)

5) The Boot - kicks an opponent (icon looks like an orange boot with a spring on it)

6) Swapper - swap positions on the map with an opponent (icon looks like a pink/blue Rocket League vehicle with a double-sided arrow over it)

7) Tornado - spawns a tornado on your vehicle which sends the ball and opponents into the air (icon looks like a grey tornado)

8) Grappling Hook - pulls you towards the ball (icon looks like a green grappling hook)

9) Power Hitter - your vehicle glows and has increased knockback against your opponents and the ball (icon looks like an orange/yellow arm)

10) Haymaker - punches the ball (icon looks like a boxing glove)

11) Plunger - grabs the ball via a plunger (icon looks like a pink plunger)


Apparently this achievement is glitchy for some players. According to Heuler in the comments, fulfilling the requirements of the achievement while offline will cause the achievement to unlock after reconnecting to Xbox Live. Here is Heuler's exact quote:

Offline 1v1 with a second Controller. I Activated every power up and win the match. Reconnect to Xbox live and start the game. Achievement popped.
Hope this helps!


If the achievement is still giving you trouble, make sure you set your Xbox One to offline mode BEFORE booting up Rocket League (thanks to FuzzedUpCookie for that comment). Additionally, try restarting the game AFTER reconnecting to Xbox Live. On another note, I was able to unlock the achievement without winning the match, so those having issues might want to set the goal limit to something low so you can win the match after using all 11 power-ups (preferably a goal limit greater than 1 so you don't accidentally score a goal and end the match early).

Hopefully that makes a difference for users still having trouble.


Performing a profile switch appears to have helped some users, so here is the quote by Spyro Da Reaper:

The offline steps didn't work for me but I did a profile switch in the main menu and it popped after doing that and meeting the requirements again.
You can also try performing a hard reset on your console after fulfilling the requirements of the achievement. To do this, hold the power button on your Xbox One for about 10 seconds until it turns off then turn it back on.
S Rankin AllDayThis one isn't unlocking for me, seems a bit glitchy.
Posted by S Rankin AllDay on 05 Oct 16 at 10:13
Chris8875Absolutely the same with me. Glitch as all get out.
Posted by Chris8875 on 05 Oct 16 at 10:17
N1NJAZOMB13Yeah same with me. I have all the other new ones just need this one...
Posted by N1NJAZOMB13 on 05 Oct 16 at 10:22
YaziteSame, done them all in a casual match too and no unlock
Posted by Yazite on 05 Oct 16 at 10:25
HeulerSame here. I do this offline and it works. Achievement popped right after i connect to Xbox Live start the game and wait a few moments.

Sorry for my bad english. It isn't perfect.
Posted by Heuler on 05 Oct 16 at 10:40
S Rankin AllDayWorked like a charm Heuler, many thanks again!!
Posted by S Rankin AllDay on 05 Oct 16 at 11:07
N1NJAZOMB13What do you do exactly?
Posted by N1NJAZOMB13 on 05 Oct 16 at 11:30
HeulerOffline 1v1 with a second Controller. I Activated every power up and win the match. Reconnect to Xbox live and start the game. Achievement popped.
Posted by Heuler on 05 Oct 16 at 11:56
WolffeAnd what should I do in PC? it's not poping out.
Posted by Wolffe on 05 Oct 16 at 13:15
FERNANDO KABELOsame here. tried online and nothing. i made off line and when turn on the console again...pop
Posted by FERNANDO KABELO on 05 Oct 16 at 15:02
SinisterLMThe achievement is bugged, I've used all the powers, online and in exhibition, over four times each and still haven't gotten the achievement.
Posted by SinisterLM on 05 Oct 16 at 15:56
TitianDanThanks Heuler! Worked like a charm :)
Posted by TitianDan on 05 Oct 16 at 16:03
hunterIVDoing it offline worked perfectly! Thank you!
Posted by hunterIV on 05 Oct 16 at 18:15
FuzzedUpCookiemaybe don't 'leave' the match? i just did as said above.. go offline, use all powers in a 1v1 custom match and win the game. go to main menu and quit/close the game.. go online and start up rocket league.. the second the game starts, the cheevo popped..
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 05 Oct 16 at 20:46
Rickr304Edit: Just double checked. I am hitting "exit to main menu" after the match. Not "leave match."

That was a typo in my original "steps." I will go back and correct it.

In any case, it's not working for me.
Posted by Rickr304 on 05 Oct 16 at 20:55
Rickr304Could someone give me step by step instructions? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Here is what I do, step by step.
Load game.
Switch internet settings to "go offline." in system settings.
Play exhibition match, 1 v 1, using my gamertag, and my wife's.
Use all 11 powerups in the game as my own gamertag.
Score one goal, therefore ending the game.
Exit to main menu after the match.
Press dashboard button, quit game.
Re-connect to xbox live in "settings."
Restart the game.

No achievement.

Can someone who "played offline" and got the glitched achievement to unlock tell me what they did differently?
Posted by Rickr304 on 05 Oct 16 at 20:56
FuzzedUpCookiewhat i did was go offline, then load game.. try that.. the rest of the steps are the same as i did.. although i did turn off the xbox and turned it back on before all the steps (just in case) ;)
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 05 Oct 16 at 20:58
Rickr304That did it!

Thanks Cookie, great suggestion.

I did all of the same steps I've always done, except I was in "offline mode" before I booted it up for the first time.

Something so simple was the difference between it remaining glitched versus it unlocking...

Just needed someone to suggest something they did differently, and problem solved.
Thanks again!
Posted by Rickr304 on 05 Oct 16 at 21:24
FuzzedUpCookieno prob! glad it helped, hope it does help for those having the same problem too
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 05 Oct 16 at 21:33
Reaper R66That was my first achievement guide, so if there's something people would like me to do differently in the future please let me know. smile

@Wolffe - I'm not familiar with how PC achievements work, so I'm afraid I won't be very helpful, sorry.
Posted by Reaper R66 on 05 Oct 16 at 21:52
Rickr304Reaper, to improve the guide, I'd recommend listing the power ups, what each one looks like and what each one does.

I had to go to another site to find a list of them after looking at this guide.
Posted by Rickr304 on 05 Oct 16 at 22:03
Chris8875I will have a go at these steps tonight.

Thanks so much.
Posted by Chris8875 on 05 Oct 16 at 22:03
OtakuPaulThe offline steps didn't work for me but I did a profile switch in the main menu and it popped after doing that and meeting the requirements
Posted by OtakuPaul on 05 Oct 16 at 22:36
Reaper R66@Rickr304 - Done. I feel foolish for not thinking of that earlier, but thanks for the input smile
Posted by Reaper R66 on 05 Oct 16 at 22:42
Reaper R66@TearsOfAClown9 - Have you tried Spyro Da Reaper's solution above your comment? I don't know if this will help, but have you tried a hard reset (hold power button on your console for 10 seconds until it turns off then turn it back on again)?
Posted by Reaper R66 on 05 Oct 16 at 23:50
N1NJAZOMB13Doing the steps offline worked for me. Took about 30 seconds for it to unlock after starting the game but I has it now :D I hate glitchy achievements.
Posted by N1NJAZOMB13 on 06 Oct 16 at 05:45
NiteJokesterOffline meet requirements then quit outta game completely exited out on home screen reconnect to live boot game up sit at main menu achievement pop thx
Posted by NiteJokester on 06 Oct 16 at 06:28
MinorGropeoffline method worked for me.clap
Posted by MinorGrope on 06 Oct 16 at 07:32
amacteurSame for me, thanks Heuler !
Posted by amacteur on 06 Oct 16 at 08:01
Zetenge-Go Offline
-Start Rocket League
-Start Exhibition Match, activate all powers at least once, finfish the match
-Quit Rocket League
-Go Online
-Start Rocket League

That's the way i did it - and it popped
Posted by Zetenge on 06 Oct 16 at 10:31
YaziteHad to hard reset my console after doing the offline method, but still worked, thanks
Posted by Yazite on 06 Oct 16 at 10:37
se7ense7ensR49the game keeps telling me it needs to be online to start up.
Posted by se7ense7ensR49 on 06 Oct 16 at 10:45
BAMMphil@se7ense7ensR49: Thats because your not playing on your home xbox then.
I had the same problem, but "Spyro DA Reaper"s comment did it for me:

- Start the game while online as you would normaly
- Press cn_back and switch profiles, switch back to your main one
- Now play an exibition game against a bot like mentioned in the guide
- Achievement poped after i used the last item, didnt even have to complete the match !
Posted by BAMMphil on 06 Oct 16 at 16:00
Chris8875Offline method got the achievement working for me.

-Go Offline
-Start Rocket League
-Start Exhibition Match, activate all powers at least once, finish the match
-Quit Rocket League
-Go Online
-Start Rocket League

Just as a note, when I went back online the game struggled to sync my progress. I exited the game again, powered down the Xbox, waited a few minutes, turned it back on and re-entered Rocket League and it was fine.
Posted by Chris8875 on 06 Oct 16 at 20:33
GameGod03If you are liscence trasfered with a friend such as I am and you don't want to risk changing you console back to your home console due to that whole thing with only being able to do it 3 times a year, Spyro DA Reaper's method works. I just did it and it popped in game.
Posted by GameGod03 on 06 Oct 16 at 22:17
Pedle ZelnipGlitchy, but offline method worked for me.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 07 Oct 16 at 03:19
WhipllasherHow to play RL offline? I tried but it says that's not my main Xbox one, but it is.
Posted by Whipllasher on 07 Oct 16 at 03:35
MAJORPOOPYProfile switch worked for me!
Posted by MAJORPOOPY on 07 Oct 16 at 04:41
Reaper R66@Whipllasher - Go to Settings > Personalisation > My home Xbox and see what it says.
Posted by Reaper R66 on 07 Oct 16 at 06:50
se7ense7ensR49Profile switch worked, thanks.
Posted by se7ense7ensR49 on 07 Oct 16 at 08:02
ScorchPSOOffline method worked, popped after getting to main menu after about 30 seconds.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 08 Oct 16 at 13:00
RyanMpwnzConfirmed profile swap on main menu unlocked for me after fulfilling requirements again
Posted by RyanMpwnz on 08 Oct 16 at 15:50
TearsOfAClown9Yeah I have. Twice. I also hard reset the console & did all the power ups again. Still no achievement. Might have to wait for an official patch or something. (Shrugs.)

Edit: It didn't unlock after the first attempt but after around 10-12 tries using Heulers method I was eventually able to unlock the achievement.
Posted by TearsOfAClown9 on 14 Oct 16 at 10:21
sharknado523My brother has not been able to get this achievement yet so I showed him this guide. I got it without any issues.
Posted by sharknado523 on 21 Oct 16 at 20:12
jordan macitmy mate got this no sweat but mine wouldn't unlock until i took your first piece of advice, disconnected from xbox live, fulfilled the requirements, quit the game, reconnected to xbox live and then restarted the game and got it after a minute of navigating the menus! +1!
Posted by jordan macit on 22 Oct 16 at 07:29
AOTP iTz Sn1p3rGuide of Chris8875 worked for me
Posted by AOTP iTz Sn1p3r on 22 Oct 16 at 17:13
X ScorpionNL XOffline method worked for me! Thank you.
Posted by X ScorpionNL X on 24 Oct 16 at 17:53
Clutch RinoChris8875's guide worked perfectly
Posted by Clutch Rino on 25 Oct 16 at 21:14
EOSerickVery nice guide! And it worked for me with @Spyro DA Reaper tip and @BAMMphil steps. Thank you all.
Posted by EOSerick on 27 Oct 16 at 12:54
FIG PandaAnyone know if there is away to get this in online mode. I am account sharing with another xbox, so offline mode will not work or profile switching.
Posted by FIG Panda on 28 Oct 16 at 21:45
BAMMphil@FIG Panda
Im also sharing and profile switching will still work, just dont log out of your main account, but rather log in a second account simultaneously and switch to that one.
Posted by BAMMphil on 29 Oct 16 at 21:53
FIG Panda@BAMMphil
Thanks will try it
Posted by FIG Panda on 31 Oct 16 at 00:53
Taro Korya San@BAMMphil tried that but the game kicks me out part way through...
Any news on a patch? Jeezus
Posted by Taro Korya San on 01 Nov 16 at 05:47
BaronVoNewmanoffline method didn't work but profile switch did =]
Posted by BaronVoNewman on 13 Nov 16 at 17:15
KanyeWestsCatProfile switching worked. Thanks! +1
Posted by KanyeWestsCat on 16 Nov 16 at 02:05
TyraelThe Profile Switch worked for me. Thanks for the help!
Posted by Tyrael on 28 Nov 16 at 13:11
FreakkedGonna try the offline method today, I hope they patch this soon. It's the only achievement I need to complete the game again.
Posted by Freakked on 02 Dec 16 at 19:37
CarlosMaestre85I posted a second guide for those who use game sharing accounts (and bought the game, therefore can't go offline). If Reaper R66 feels that it is just a copy, I'll politely remove the solution.
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 08 Dec 16 at 15:33
The Elite NaxJust used BAMMphil's steps and it worked for me
Posted by The Elite Nax on 16 Dec 16 at 03:14
GriZzly GRiPCompleting the requirements offline then reconnecting worked for me
Posted by GriZzly GRiP on 24 Dec 16 at 16:30
Pete5683Update 3 (profile change) worked for me, arrived midway during my second game. Thanks Spyro / Reaper!
Posted by Pete5683 on 21 Jan 17 at 18:41
TwiiSteD BeAsTJust unlocked this. I have been trying to get this for months. The offline method wouldn't work for me. So I switched profile at the main menu. Changed to a guest and then switched back to my main profile. Had a 10 minute match with bots (no goal limit). When I had used the last power-up, the achievement popped. Thanks for this guide. Helped a lot. Even though some of the methods didn't work for me, at least they were there to help others. Great guide!
Posted by TwiiSteD BeAsT on 22 Jan 17 at 22:44
JackTheCreeperThank you so much for the guide. Update 2 worked for me when I finally tried it out last night.
Posted by JackTheCreeper on 15 Feb 17 at 13:45
diabolical137i unlocked this achievement yesterday by playing online. it popped during my 2nd match of rumble mode after just using every power up i got.
maybe they fixed the bug with the last update.
Posted by diabolical137 on 27 Feb 17 at 20:22
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzWorked like a charm sir! 😁
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 09 Apr 18 at 07:22
Kalonnswitching profiles worked for me thank yousmile
Posted by Kalonn on 24 Aug 19 at 03:09