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Gears of War 4 achievements

Gears of War 4

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There are a maximum of 149 Gears of War 4 achievements (75 without DLC) worth 19,497 (3,500), and 5 challenges

143,231 tracked gamers have this game, 299 have completed it (0.21%)

The Sound Of Silence in Gears of War 4

The Sound Of Silence49 (25)

Carry your inheritance until your uncle makes you a better offer

  • Unlocked by 37,336 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.95) 143,457  
760,491 (483,762)
Achievement won on 07 Oct 16
TA Score for this game: 896
Posted on 07 October 16 at 20:19
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You have to carry the customized lancer Marcus gives you when you get your Armour in Act II chapter 2 Geared Up, to the end of act V chapter 2 Killing Time.

I had dropped and swapped it a couple of times, then picked it back up afterwards and the achievement still popped for me.
NoSr3dNa Just confirmed, you can't say carry an Lancer (GoW1 - GoW3 one) for a few chapters/acts than pinch a team mates Customized Lancer.
Posted by NoSr3dNa on 08 Oct 16 at 06:17
GowGhay I actually got this achievement to pop in Co-op after accidentally losing my custom lancer. I realized I didn't have it so I grabbed Marcus' custom lancer from him and it still popped the achievement.

Keep in mind, my co-op buddy was JD and never dropped his, so it might still pop if your co-op partner never dropped theirs. You also might be able to snatch one of the AI's custom lancers as well and still have the achievement pop. There are a lot of weird stipulations the achievement might have, so just try not to drop yours.
Posted by GowGhay on 09 Oct 16 at 02:51
LAZY SHIKAMARUX For some reason I didn't end up getting this on my first playthough. I had the custom lancer throughout when you first get it to the last chapter and nothing. Maybe its because I have separate save files?
Posted by LAZY SHIKAMARUX on 09 Oct 16 at 08:08
LLboxed Didn't pop for me either on my first playthrough. I dropped it once by accident but picked it up again right away. Caution is advised.
Posted by LLboxed on 09 Oct 16 at 10:49
ClevelandFan Didnt pop for me either and I definitely finished with it...
Posted by ClevelandFan on 09 Oct 16 at 22:36
Triple Triad777 Didn't pop for me, I never swapped it for any weapon. My primary weapon of choice is always the lancer, so all I did was pick up ammo.
Posted by Triple Triad777 on 09 Oct 16 at 23:16
D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N Anyone here figured out a way to unlock it...don't really want to run through this to not get it....
Posted by D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N on 12 Oct 16 at 19:03
xBad Kharma71x I dropped mine once and I just happened to think about it and it didnt pop for me either.
Posted by xBad Kharma71x on 13 Oct 16 at 15:20
Bk LuCKY ChaRMS I dropped mine actually a couple times and still got it wonder why for some people it will still unlock then for others it won't
Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 14 Oct 16 at 03:45
FEAR EPIDEMIC Probably have to do it in one sitting. If someone wants to do this with me, let me know.
Posted by FEAR EPIDEMIC on 14 Oct 16 at 11:00
Quizabuck Mine unlocked, and I dropped mine a bunch but always picked it back up. I also did this over a few days, so does not need done in one sitting...
Posted by Quizabuck on 14 Oct 16 at 21:12
EDDorDEAD Dropped mine by accident and picked it straight back up. Didn't pop though. Grrrrrr. Will have to try again.
Posted by EDDorDEAD on 15 Oct 16 at 14:01
Tha Real Cuber Mine didn't pop.

Dropped it several times and picked it up again.

I did change difficulty during my run, might be the issue here.
Posted by Tha Real Cuber on 15 Oct 16 at 18:01
xMoretti I dropped the Lancer once by accident and the achievement didn't pop for me.
Posted by xMoretti on 16 Oct 16 at 02:38
illdizzog I dropped my custom lancer numerous times and the achievement popped for me. I did always have it with me whenever the game saved or there was a checkpoint, maybe that's the difference. But I must have accidently swapped it for another weapon n the ground 10 times or so ? Always switched it straight back.
Posted by illdizzog on 16 Oct 16 at 08:00
MuttleyGriffin This didn't pop for me either cry.

Completed over a few sittings, solo on Hardcore, and didn't drop the Lancer at all; I would always swap the Gnasher with something else if I wanted/needed to.

Looks like I'll either solo it again on casual to speed things up, or try to find somebody for an Insane co-op run (not ideal as I can't always commit to playing; family etc).
Posted by MuttleyGriffin on 17 Oct 16 at 10:36
left 4 zaneage Played on insane; it didn't pop. I did not play in one sitting. Played with a friend. Does anyone think death has to do with it, maybe?
Posted by left 4 zaneage on 17 Oct 16 at 11:17
illdizzog I died a fair bit on Hardcore solo. Like I said, dropped the custom lancer a fair few times too, still got it. Also played over multiple sittings.
Posted by illdizzog on 17 Oct 16 at 12:37
The SCHWARTZ 00 I fabricated a Torque Bow at the very end of the game and accidentally replaced my Custom Lancer with it...reloaded the checkpoint and made sure to not drop it again. Got the achievement at the beginning of Chapter 2.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 18 Oct 16 at 05:23
Rayhoven Got it as well and dropped it multiple times on accident thinking I was picking up ammo for it and turns out it'd be a whole different weapon. Truth be told I didn't even know this was an achievement because I wanted to play through the campaign first for the story and then go back later for the achievements and still got this. The one thing I could think of why some people are getting it is that your lancer has a special name, called "custom lancer." And if you don't keep that specific lancer on you throughout the story then the achievement won't pop.
Posted by Rayhoven on 18 Oct 16 at 05:56
x ShadoVV x A few times i have played, i have noticed ppl will say they did it all right when they didnt do the achievement right. Seen that more than a couple times on here. And to be fair there are also plenty ppl that do achievements right and not pop. My point: some of you may need to go back and figure out what you mightve done during your campaign run to void this cheevo
Posted by x ShadoVV x on 18 Oct 16 at 22:50
Beatsters I restarted one chapter and I'm pretty sure that cost me the achievement cause I didn't unlock it.
Posted by Beatsters on 20 Oct 16 at 00:35
FailedSeppuku we accidentally restarted a chapter and didn't get the achievement.
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 20 Oct 16 at 21:47
sti marcus Didn't pop for me, I dropped it a couple of times, played on moral without changing the difficulty through multiple days. From reading all the posted comments for my next playthrouh: 1) will nor pick up any ammo except from blue boxes; 2) will not reload checkpoints to be safe.
Posted by sti marcus on 21 Oct 16 at 13:54
VenomSlash8771 Had it with me from the moment I got it, never dropped or traded it. Didn't pop. Possibly our first glitched Cheevo for GoW4?
Posted by VenomSlash8771 on 21 Oct 16 at 14:11
Captain Chao5 I got this achievement, which surprised me as I had accidentally swapped weapons several times. Maybe it's because I picked up the same custom lancer each time not 'any' custom lancer? Completed campaign on Hardcore if that helps. Only used one save file and played over multiple days, not one sitting.
Posted by Captain Chao5 on 21 Oct 16 at 14:32
MartoMcFly I didn't get this the first run through I did - but I used Chapter select once during that.
I got it today from doing the following:- Used the one game slot, ONLY "Continued", I accidently swapped it for a hammer-burst (horde wave 3 on mine excavator ACT 3)..but picked it up straight away. I played this over multiple sessions over 8 days.
ALSO - I ONLY refiled ammo for the custom lancer from Blue Ammo boxes. Unsure if this has something to do with the glitch. If the "normal" lancer/ammo on ground messes with the coding. :)
Good Luck Everyone!!
Posted by MartoMcFly on 22 Oct 16 at 11:59
BRiT wtfdotcom I had the custom lancer since the beginning, never swapped it or dropped it and achievement did NOT pop.
Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 22 Oct 16 at 17:07
Commander Bruno Was lucky enough to have it unlock on my first attempt. Played solo casual. Only refilled ammo via the ammo boxes. Never picked up any ammo that said 'Lancer'. Accidentally swapped it for another weapon one time, but reloaded checkpoint just to be safe. Did not do all in one sitting.
Posted by Commander Bruno on 23 Oct 16 at 01:05
Muzzily I dropped it a couple of times by accident, but made sure I picked it up again straight away. I refilled with both lancers and ammo boxes and I reloaded many checkpoints. The achievement popped as expected. I would think that the problem for some people if they went through a checkpoint without the custom lancer. At of the end of many battles is a checkpoint so if you don't have the lancer at that point, you're screwed, even if you know where it is and run back for it.
Posted by Muzzily on 23 Oct 16 at 10:32
BRiT wtfdotcom The first play through I think what may have done me in was a reload checkpoint when I was going for the 3-kills-1-blade achievement.

This time I played through again solo on casual and achievement popped. I made sure to only use "continue" from the campaign menu on every time and never did any reload checkpoints.
Posted by BRiT wtfdotcom on 26 Oct 16 at 00:07
Kamera Can confirm restarting a chapter voids this achievement
Posted by Kamera on 02 Nov 16 at 05:35
Dabigamc I picked up all lancer ammo, boxes and guns and I still got it first time through. I dropped it a few times by mistake but reloaded my checkpoint everytime i done that. I also reloaded many times to get the pod achievements and 3 buzzsaw kills and that also never affected it.
Posted by Dabigamc on 04 Nov 16 at 20:21
BipeFlyer Just finished coop and didn't pop for either of us.
Posted by BipeFlyer on 05 Nov 16 at 20:17
THE 1 GUNMAN Played the campaign 3 times now and it wont pop at all.
Never dropped it never restarted any chapters or check points.
Seriously any tips?
Posted by THE 1 GUNMAN on 07 Nov 16 at 13:11
AliceFairy I was playing coop when we died for the 2nd time in same fight our Custom lancers dissappeared
Posted by AliceFairy on 08 Nov 16 at 21:56
ChrisLemsPa I was curious whether this would pop for me, but it did last night. Similar to Dabigamc, I picked up all Lancers dropped by enemies for ammo and refilled at ammo boxes. I did drop the Lancer once, but picked it back up. I never restarted any checkpoints or chapters, only using "continue."
Posted by ChrisLemsPa on 18 Nov 16 at 14:27
pollutionboy Finally Got It Yesterday!!!! It was the third time I try to unlock this achivement.

Now, I have the solution:

*Create a New Game alone no coop., never chapter select, just a New Game from the begining. If you stop playing, select CONTINUE the next time you play again.

* Play it on Casual, and go fast, I spent 5 hours.

* When Marcus gives you the customized lancer, NEVER, i said NEVER drop it. I use that lancer in all over the game until I unlocked the achivement. No Gnasher. Always with the lancer on your hands. Never use another weapon except in hordes , I used Troikas. Trust me, it´s easy if you play on casual with the active realoads.

* Take the ammo from the blue ammo boxes, never take the ammo from the fallen enemys, that lancers are not customized and maybe that could be a mistake

*Don´t reload Chapters!

*Don´t take a customized lancer from your friends.

* Just kill with your customized lancer and GO ON!!!!
Posted by pollutionboy on 19 Nov 16 at 15:25
LepraSaun Doesn't pop if you play as Kait. You have to be JD.
Posted by LepraSaun on 26 Nov 16 at 01:05
Buckswana Just to add to all of the confusion over this; I played as Kait. Played co-op as the 2nd player, not the host. Over multiple days/saves. Changed difficulties multiple times. Used reload checkpoint multiple times. Dropped my gun or swapped it for something else, then picked it back up multiple times. And the achievement popped perfectly fine first time for both myself and the host player. I don't know if I ever had a different gun in my hand when there was an autosave. I just made sure that every time we started back up, I picked Kait, and she still had the gun.
Posted by Buckswana on 02 Dec 16 at 03:10
CM Trance I dropped it ONCE, by mistake and when I realized it, I picked it up again (the same Lancer, not a new one... maybe that's the mistake for some?). And I still got the achievement.
Posted by CM Trance on 04 Dec 16 at 17:53
flipmodeXXIII So it seems that dropping the custom lancer but picking the same one up still counts?

I hope so as I have dropped mine 3 times so far, but picked it back up again instantly. Will report back once I get to the checkpoint for the achievement to pop.

EDIT: Achievement popped for me. I dropped the Custom Lancer four times in total, and picked it up straight away. I didn't swap it for any other Custom Lancer, just the one Marcus gave me.
Achievement popped as chapter 2 of Act V loaded.
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 17 Jan 17 at 23:20
Renattooo Got it first time. I picked up all type of lancer ammo - from enemies and from blue boxes. Used the big guns - the ones you can pick up as a third gun, but if ran out of ammo you can not get more (eg. > Buzzkill). I'm not sure but I think I changed the gun coupe of times, but immediately picked it up. Died several times, so reload last checkpoint works, and I played on at least 4 different days to get to the end, so you don't have to make it in one sitting.
Posted by Renattooo on 07 Feb 17 at 20:54
mdg79 Got the achievement om my first playthrough on hardcore, which I didn't do on one run, I've signed off and on. Picked up ammo from non custom Lancers and swapped it once with a hammerburst and picked it back up right after and got killed shortly after. As long as the custom lancer is in the right slot when passing all checkpoints until the end of act 5-1, the achievement should pop.
Posted by mdg79 on 10 Feb 17 at 15:31
Mortug got it with after starting a new game. picked up a new weapon by mistake twice, but reloaded checkpoint.
Posted by Mortug on 10 Feb 17 at 21:55
SaberFusion1 Swapped it several times and reloaded checpoint after. Didnt get it, and pretty sure its the same custom lancer since you cant get it elsewhere. Maybe try again if doin insane playtrough
Posted by SaberFusion1 on 02 Apr 17 at 14:42
Apostle92627 I missed a collectible at the end of Act 1, so I reloaded the end of the last chapter, grabbed the collectible, and reloaded Act 2, Chapter 1. I still got the achievement.

Also, I never dropped the Custom Lancer. I did, however, use other weapons.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 25 Sep 17 at 20:38
NeoDartShOOteR Got the achievement, played on casual, never dropped the lancer even on accident, died once and reset last checkpoint 2 times when about to die, did it in one sitting and popped instantly when completing Act 5 chapter 2.
Posted by NeoDartShOOteR on 15 Oct 17 at 05:27
z0rrofox I accidentally dropped it for a gnasher in the mine when you find the wildling/scavenger. Didn't realise till I was through the next door and it was shut behind me. Reloaded the checkpoint and blew it for myself.
Posted by z0rrofox on 07 Nov 17 at 00:39
DethlikeSilence Just played through, dropped it once couldn’t get it back. Reloaded checkpoint, used / picked up guns I wanted. Popped for me no problem. Maybe they fixed this.
Posted by DethlikeSilence on 14 Mar at 23:51