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I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

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08 Oct 2016 09 Oct 2016
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This is how I got most of my skill points, just go to the location on the map from the video and continuously drive around the small patch of grape vines jumping and sliding around keeping your combo until you want to cash in your points. Keeping your combo going is really easy in this location!

Obviously having more skill perks that are related to building skill points will help you build bigger combos. I used a car that was a "Horizon Edition" with a Skills Boost which lets your combo multiply go higher than normal, but it doesn't affect your maximum multiplier while a skill song is active.

Also for the possibility of longer skill songs, change your radio station to "Timeless", you can get up to a 23 minute skill song! music

[Edit]: You can only get a max of 3 skill points per combo which equals to a 300,000 point combo, so if you want to gain skill points id recommend stopping your combo at that point, then start again to get the most skill points in the least amount of time!

Thanks to Tendoman77 for pointing that out
Tendoman77Best solution so far IMO, along with the set of skills shown in Wyyvern's solution too. Although I was unlucky for my first skill song on Timeless to be that 2 min Star Wars-alike song xD

I should point out what's said in other solutions already is that your only able to gain a max of 3 skill points per chain, which equals to 300k points per combo, so its pointless to go beyond something like a 30k 10x combo.
Posted by Tendoman77 on 09 Oct 16 at 17:34
I get a Star Wars vibe from that song too smile
Posted on 16 Mar 17 at 15:40