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Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer

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Was I That BadWas I That Bad1,087,199
13 Oct 2016 13 Oct 2016
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Only the squad leader can set orders. You can get this solo by creating your own squad rather than joining an existing one.

Press the right bumper over an objective such as a capture point in conquest works for both attacking or defending once the objective has been successfully taken or defended you will recieve a notification in green stating squad objective achieved earning you some bonus points.

Simply rinse and repeat 24 more times.
R1KM4NNot sure if it is just me but I don't seem to get any % progress as squad leader. I have been setting objective and complete it with my squad but I was stuck on 4% for a couple of hours. As soon as I went back to another swuad and wasn't the leader, the % went up for completing squad orders.
Posted by R1KM4N on 18 Oct 16 at 07:31
X ScorpionNL XIt was stuck on 84% with me. And then resetting every game too zero. Does it need too be done in one game?
Posted by X ScorpionNL X on 18 Oct 16 at 10:12
Sgt Malarkey BrHaving The same problem here. Playing playing playing and not unlocking
Posted by Sgt Malarkey Br on 20 Oct 16 at 10:53
Was I That BadTo be honest I think all the multiplayer achievements are buggy right now I've only been given credit for the medic rank 2 achievement when I'm more than rank 2 with all classes. Hopefully a patch will come out with the main launch of the game on the 21st
Posted by Was I That Bad on 20 Oct 16 at 11:50
PrestonPrestonI was at 84% on this, then when I played the game later on, I was at 40%, now I'm at 32?! I never seen anything like it before!
Posted by PrestonPreston on 21 Oct 16 at 17:09
EpicMangeNThis one keeps resetting for me after each match.
Posted by EpicMangeN on 22 Oct 16 at 11:03
Spectre 111906This also resets for me after every match.
Any workarounds?
Posted by Spectre 111906 on 22 Oct 16 at 13:33
Posted by lordeleo on 22 Oct 16 at 16:54
SuperDarkConkerSame here. :(
Posted by SuperDarkConker on 22 Oct 16 at 17:05
Comrade SpannerGot 52 in an single Operation, no pop and reset to 8%
Posted by Comrade Spanner on 23 Oct 16 at 13:15
Calex dEUSUnlocked for me no problem, 1) I was playing conquest 2) there was a patch this morning so that might have fixed it.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 24 Oct 16 at 11:35
coblosIs it cumulative (which means I can complete it through several matches)?
Or do I need to complete the requirement in a single match?
Posted by coblos on 11 Apr 17 at 07:58
Was I That BadI believe it's cumulative across all multiplayer games and modes.
Posted by Was I That Bad on 11 Apr 17 at 08:00
YOOPER 906This has stopped tracking for me at 56%. I have done about 50 since it stopped and still nothing. Is there any way to fix this?
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 01 May 17 at 16:23
NounoustreizeI've got a little question, I see people talk about what percentage of achievment they have. Where do you guys actually see that percentage?
Posted by Nounoustreize on 12 Jul 17 at 06:27