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Adventure Besties

Endurance Co-op Challenge: Escape the forest with 5 Medium and Large Artifacts

Adventure Besties-0.1
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15 Oct 2016 03 Dec 2016
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This achievement is annoyingly unclear and suffers from the game only counting the completion of the challenge for the person who selects it. This may not be the only way, but here's what we did:

My co-op partner and I made sure that the person who was hosting the match (Player 1) also selected the Adventure Besties challenge. Then that same person collected all of the artifacts while their partner (Player 2) killed enemies, carried a lamp for warmth, and killed animals to replenish food while Player 1 was inside a crypt.

***Make sure that Player 1 picks up all of the artifacts. This WILL NOT count if you try to combine Player 1 and Player 2's artifacts together and think you have enough.***

Player 1 will need to collect 5 medium artifacts AND 5 large artifacts. NOT a combination of 5 or 10. You need at least 5 of each. Medium artifacts are found in crypts that have the codices, and Large artifacts are found in crypts that have sarcophagi.

**UPDATE: A couple of folks have confirmed that they got the achievement by collecting a total of 5 medium and large artifacts (which is what the description implies). Some have said that it works with a combination of 5, others got 5 of the same type. I think this is how the achievement is supposed to work, but it did not unlock this way for my co-op partner and me. The people who have reported that this has worked have all collected at least 2 MEDIUM artifacts. Some collected 2 mediums and 3 larges, some collected 5 mediums. People who only collected 1 medium and 4 larges have reported that they did NOT get the achievement. I think the most important thing is that the host selects the challenge and then collects all of the artifacts himself/herself, but if it does not unlock for you with a total of 5 (including at least 2 mediums), you can try getting 5 of each like we did.**

Unfortunately, you can't tell what is in a crypt until you get about halfway into it. Because the spawns are random, you may end up needing to visit more than 10 crypts in your playthrough. My co-op partner and I had to find 14 before we had 5 of each artifact because the game kept spawning in sarcophagi instead of codices.

After Player 1 has collected 5 large and 5 medium artifacts, you need to light a signal fire, and you both need to extract successfully.

Both Player 1 and Player 2 will get the achievement after extraction if you did this correctly.

Hope this helps those of you having trouble. Let me know if anything needs clarification!

***Thanks to everyone who has posted their results with this. Thanks particularly to Lt Davo who noticed the pattern that people who got at least 2 medium artifacts tended to get the achievement. If more info becomes available or if they patch this, please do leave comments, and I will try to keep this up to date.***
Cruzer628I got it just by collecting 5 medium. Nothing else
Posted by Cruzer628 on 15 Oct 16 at 22:39
CLARION 85what we did it was:

player 1( host ) activate the challenge and only he collect 5 large or medium artifact it was mixed by med 2 and large 3 no little.
Posted by CLARION 85 on 16 Oct 16 at 22:06
MikeMannuhI can also confirm that only 5 artifacts are needed for this achievement. We did however let the host select the challenge and we had the host be the one to raid all the crypts. Any combination of large and medium artifacts until you have a total of 5 will do, so the achievement may as well have read "Raid 5 crypts".
Posted by MikeMannuh on 17 Oct 16 at 11:25
Alice2183@ CLARION 85 and MikeMannuh Thanks for confirmation on that. I know for certain that collecting a combination of 5 did not work for us when we were doing it, but we never checked getting 5 of the same type. It seems the achievement is just a little bit buggy, unfortunately.
Posted by Alice2183 on 18 Oct 16 at 03:30
ScorchPSOCan also confirm you dont need 5 medium and 5 large. The host of the team chose the challenge and was the only one who looted the artifacts. CollecTed 2 medium and 3 large and it popped on evacuation
Posted by ScorchPSO on 18 Oct 16 at 16:50
I RENAN II just did it! only the host collecting 5 mediums worked for my partner and i. Got a screenshot on the 8th day before calling the chopper. headspin
Posted by I RENAN I on 24 Oct 16 at 19:41
Mr FiddlerWe collected 3 medium and 2 large artifacts in our game as well as enough small artifacts to get 'Bonding Time' in the same run. Based on the advice in here, I was the host, the one who selected the challenge card and the only one to pick up the medium and large artifacts. I did pick up at least one small artifact and the rest were gathered by my co-op partner. Achievements unlocked with no issues for both of us upon extraction.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 13 Nov 16 at 09:11
ScorchPSOI just did this again on the Windows 10 verison. Same method and same combination.

First Attempt: 1 medium 4 large - Didnt pop
Second Attempt: 2 medium 3 large - Popped

So thats twice now on two different versions that 2 medium 3 large has worked.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 15 Nov 16 at 21:34
ReD S1Xconfirm. i let the host use the card and pick up the artifact (3 medium, 2 large) and it popped.
Posted by ReD S1X on 19 Nov 16 at 15:51
Lt DavoI just tried collecting only 5 of the same type and it didn't work. I was the host, and I selected the challenge, I collected 5 large artifacts and no mediums. We extracted and neither of us got the challenge or the acheivement. I'm not saying the people who got it this way didn't, but I am saying I didn't.

I will note that everyone who has commented so far that they got it another way had at least 2 mediums. No one has noted in the comments that they got it with 1 medium and 4 large or 0 medium and 5 large; in fact, these are the people who are saying that technique doesn't work. Everyone who collected at least 2 mediums and enough larges to equal 5 says they DID get it.
Posted by Lt Davo on 02 Dec 16 at 05:32
beavisI hosted and collected 3 medium, 2 large. Partner was with me during pickup. Picked up no small. Achievement popped for both of us at the same time.
Posted by beavis on 09 Dec 16 at 05:49
djpatterson2011I just tried this today. I was the one with the challenge selected, I picked up 2 medium and 4 large, no achievement and it said we failed the challenge. I was not the host.
Posted by djpatterson2011 on 09 Dec 16 at 06:05
Alice2183@djpatterson2011 Hmm maybe try hosting, selecting the challenge, and being the one picking up the combo of 5 with at least 2 mediums. Seems like hosting is the only thing you are doing differently than others who got the achievement. Sorry the achievement is so damn finicky. I liked this DLC otherwise.
Posted by Alice2183 on 09 Dec 16 at 06:39
Alice2183Yeah when I did this, my partner and I both got the achievement at the same time. It seems to just be glitchy or finicky about when it decides to work.
Posted by Alice2183 on 09 Dec 16 at 16:55
Lt DavoI hosted and chose the challenge. My partner and I had already tried 5 large and it didn't work (see above). We tried again and I suggested going for at least 2 mediums, but he didn't want to take any chances, so we picked up 5 large and 5 medium. I got the achievement and he didn't. Then he hosted and chose the challenge, we got 5 large and 5 medium, and he did get it.

Someone above commented that his partner got the achievement when he hosted, so I don't know what conclusion to draw from this.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that when I got the achievement and my partner didn't, I also had picked up all the artifacts. When he hosted, chose the challenge, and picked up all of the artifacts, he got the achievement.
Posted by Lt Davo on 09 Dec 16 at 20:24
Vein 6662 medium and 3 large - no achievement. I was host, can't remember if I had the challenge selected.
Posted by Vein 666 on 11 Dec 16 at 05:47
Vein 666I was host, selected challenge. I got 5 medium artifacts, a few small and NO large. Both got achievement.
Posted by Vein 666 on 11 Dec 16 at 22:21
Alice2183@Vein 666 Glad you got it! Those combinations are finicky.
Posted by Alice2183 on 12 Dec 16 at 02:39
count023I tried a 1 and 4 combo, a 2 and 3 combo, neither worked. Even tried the 10 day wait and popped the other challenges.

Will try 5 mediums and nothing else (including smalls) and see what happens.

What is most aggrevating is that these challenges _must_ be co op. I don't know why that couldn't be a solo challenge. Seriously.
Posted by count023 on 12 Dec 16 at 10:10
count023I had to get 5 medium and 5 large to get mine to unlock.
Posted by count023 on 16 Dec 16 at 00:50
Alice2183@count023 Yep, you got unlucky like me. That is what I had to do too. Glad you got it done!
Posted by Alice2183 on 16 Dec 16 at 02:26
ZkerfDid exactly the same as Vein 666, host picks challenge and only collected 5 medium artifacts (no small or large). Both got achievement, worked like a charm.
Posted by Zkerf on 31 Dec 16 at 22:05
KDolez5 mediums and some smalls did NOT work for me. I had the challenge selected, and I was the one to collect all the mediums. I'll update what did work once I (hopefully) get this.

Edit: Tried it with no small, 4 large and 2 medium, where I hosted and collected everything. Nothing. :( Still trying...

Edit 2: Again hosted and collected everything. 5 med and 5 large. Some small. Survived 11 days. NOTHING OMG

Edit 3: Collecting ONLY medium artifacts did work. FINALLY. If you're trying to get this, I recommend ignoring the large and small and only getting 5 mediums.
Posted by KDolez on 14 Jan 17 at 04:44
Vaughan14I collected lots of small, 4 medium and 1 large and it said we failed, trying again now going for just medium
Posted by Vaughan14 on 15 Jan 17 at 12:23
Vaughan14Okay this game is fucked, 15 crypts with only 5 medium artifacts. 115 minutes and day 12.

I was host, only medium artifacts and I chose the card and collected everything and the achievement popped for both of us.

Confirmed working and the worst achievement ever.
Posted by Vaughan14 on 16 Jan 17 at 13:32
AkaiERAThe Guide says that Medium Artifacts are found in the Crypts that have codices, but I'm still confused as to what I have to collect? Are those Medium Artifacts still in the normal Artifact boxes or is it only the Codex itself that is a Medium Artifact?

Sorry, this is so confusing to me.
Posted by AkaiERA on 17 Jan 17 at 19:40
Lt DavoThe codex is the medium artifact. The sarcophagus is the large artifact. All other artifacts are small.
Posted by Lt Davo on 18 Jan 17 at 02:03
AkaiERASo, I just have to find 5 codices. Thanks for clearing this up.
Posted by AkaiERA on 18 Jan 17 at 12:39
l Jaded Eyez lI chose the challenge as host. My partner did pick up small artifacts. I only picked up two mediums and three large and got the achievement. It's really was an annoying achievement.
Posted by l Jaded Eyez l on 23 Jan 17 at 14:57
LethalTurkey7Can confirm, got achievement with 3 medium and 2 large. The host chose the challenge, collected all artefacts and set the signal fire.
Posted by LethalTurkey7 on 05 Mar 17 at 08:13
LordSamoni1Host had challenge picked up 5 mediums and 40 small. Popped after extraction no problems for both of us.
Posted by LordSamoni1 on 01 May 17 at 23:20
KilldbyNecropsyTwo times with myself as the host with the challenge we recovered 3 medium and 2 large, my partner lit the fire and we escaped with no achievement. The third time we collected 2 medium and 3 large, but this time I lit the signal fire and we got the achievement.
Posted by KilldbyNecropsy on 03 May 17 at 00:44
Alice2183@ KilldbyNecropsy Do you think it had something to do with you lighting the fire? Could be...
Posted by Alice2183 on 03 May 17 at 03:19
CRT JEDIMARKI hate this fucking shit, 12 days, 13 crypts, needed 2 more med artifacts, game crashes, Fuck you Crystal Fuck you !!!! almost 3 hours wasted. I will try "host opens them only" and post results. Thanks for the tips everyone and for the guide.
Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 18 Jun 17 at 06:55
Segendary TyI can confirm it works with at least 2 medium artifacts.

Me and my partner found 3 codices (medium) and 2 large (sarcographi).
I was hosting and made sure I selected the challenge, collected all artifacts and lit the signal fire.

We also made sure to not get any more than a total of 5! We did that previously and we failed the challenge then
Posted by Segendary Ty on 15 Jul 17 at 10:22
Deso DexterWe had 13 large artifacts and only 1 medium artifact, yet we got this achievement.
Posted by Deso Dexter on 27 Dec 17 at 22:14
StockierHeartDamn I've been trying it for a long time and no success yet! Just did 5 of each, hosting, picked everyone myself, and still nothing. Already did a combination of 10 (not 5 of each), already did a combo of 5 too (cant remember how much of each), now I will try to get a combo of 5 with at least 2 of each and take no little artifact.
Posted by StockierHeart on 16 Jan 18 at 14:25
Alice2183@StockierHeart That really sucks. I hate that this one is so inconsistent. Fingers crossed that it pops for you. Xbox live has been a little weird for me over the past few weeks with some things not popping when they should (I had to replay a middle chapter of a Telltale game to get an achievement that I could not possibly have missed the first time through but didn't unlock), so maybe it will unlock randomly for you considering you have definitely done it already.
Posted by Alice2183 on 17 Jan 18 at 08:18
Anima PuraAs of February 22 2018, it unlocked only when I was the one who picked 5 medium and large artifacts combined. I was the host and the one who had the challenge on.
Posted by Anima Pura on 22 Feb 18 at 03:35
PIRAX15I got this with my brother while collecting 2 medium, 3 large, and about 40 small artifacts. It popped when we escaped after 7 days.

I collected all of the medium and large artifacts. I also started the signal fire. He collected a bunch of small artifacts.

The achievement popped for both of us.
Posted by PIRAX15 on 09 Jun 18 at 21:26
MootSweatmy friend was the host, he selected the challenge and he collected 4 medium and 1 large and we both got the achievement.
Posted by MootSweat on 01 Aug 18 at 08:37
ParanoydAndroidFor anyone still attempting to get this, don’t use any cards that give you codex skills. It was mentioned in another solution that it’s probably blocking the achievement. My partner and I tried this 4-5 times using different combinations of medium and large. But no matter what, it wouldn’t unlock. We then stopped using the tomb raider card and it unlocked first attempt. We had three medium and two large. Good luck. Definitely a frustrating and boring achievement.
Posted by ParanoydAndroid on 14 Oct 18 at 20:15
OdinAsteroidUnlocked it by
- Host selecting the challenge and collecting the artifacts
- No codex skill cards equipped (Tomb Raider or Well Read)
- Collecting a total of five artifacts, mix of medium and large
- Host triggering rescue

We both got the achievement! clap
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 08 Nov 18 at 22:43
NICHO RKOI need help with all coop achievements...if anyone need help too, message me or add me. My GT is NICHO RKO
Posted by NICHO RKO on 15 Dec 18 at 19:36
Lt Davo@NICHO RKO please use the gaming sessions feature to post boost requests, and delete your off-topic comment. Or look at the upper right of this page to see if there is already a co-op session you want to join.
Posted by Lt Davo on 16 Dec 18 at 06:02
BushidoBrown305We had a mixture of medium and large, both players collecting.

No codex skill.

Both unlocked the achievement
Posted by BushidoBrown305 on 05 Mar 19 at 00:21
ChunkybrickNote to self: I personally used this method by collecting 2 medium and 3 large artifacts (or collect 2 large and 3 medium artifacts) and it popped for me and mattcw321.
Posted by Chunkybrick on 26 May 19 at 15:20
SniggitI can confirm 2 medium 3 large me and my Co op buddy J Battlestar both popped the achievement on evacuation. Should point out that I was host and had the challenge and collected everything including one small by mistake. Also should note that it was our 4th try and it didn't work the first time cause JB collected the first one. The other 2 times were due to disconnects... toast
Posted by Sniggit on 31 May 19 at 01:50
Death Call 999I hosted but my partner had the challenger but I did all the collecting and we still got it 👍🏻
Posted by Death Call 999 on 20 Sep 19 at 14:43
IstIngilizIf it helps anyone... Partner was the host. He collected the artifacts, 3 medium and 2 large. We didn't pick anything else up. Sometimes I was next to him in the crypt when he picked them up, other times I was warming up outside or hunting for food. Achievement popped for both of us at the score screen after escaping.
Posted by IstIngiliz on 08 Sep 20 at 06:35
Dr MartyWe had 5 medium, 3 large, and about 25 small, and it unlocked.
Posted by Dr Marty on 19 Oct 20 at 20:26
Drakon Omega 9First try we had 3 medium and 2 large collected by the host, nothing unlocked.
Second try we had 5 medium, 4 large and 26 small by day 7, we took the risk, jumped in the chopper and the achievement unlocked.
Posted by Drakon Omega 9 on 03 Nov 20 at 17:55
DeadShot M4PAlguien que me ayude con este logro?
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Posted by DeadShot M4P on 09 Dec 20 at 13:38
SuitedSmearLooking to unlock all the coop ones
Posted by SuitedSmear on 15 Feb at 20:35