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#Forzathon Tear Up The Strip

Win a Drag Race at the Car Meet with an Extreme Track Toy car to be awarded the #17 Falcon FG.

17 Oct 2016 until 22 Oct 2016

#Forzathon Tear Up The Strip
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SoH AnarchySoH Anarchy197,685
17 Oct 2016 20 Oct 2016
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The car meet you need for this achievement is unlocked after the boat showcase. It'll be at the airport near the outback festival. It'll have a P if you remember from forza 2.
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I used a S1 Caterham Superlight R500 from the user SatNiteEduardo, it was in my recommended list. Smoked everyone else.
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N0Way07I've used a s2, S1 and a class and I've won 3x in each and I still haven't got the car or achievement
Posted by N0Way07 on 17 Oct 16 at 02:18
SatNiteEduardoThanks for the shout out. Make sure you do showdowns from the car meet. If not working cold reboot your console and check if forzathon tile is active.
Posted by SatNiteEduardo on 17 Oct 16 at 03:54
RAWCollingsWorked first time against a similar crew of Ultimas. Thanks Anarchy & Eduardo! You're the best around :)
Posted by RAWCollings on 17 Oct 16 at 11:01
Nosi90Sounds like a good way to do it. I had no problem doing it with a Ultima GTR though. I think my time was also sub 23 seconds.
Posted by Nosi90 on 17 Oct 16 at 12:21
DavehxSuperb. Worked first time against 2 X, 2 S2, 2 other S1 and 3 A cars..Won by miles
Posted by Davehx on 17 Oct 16 at 15:42
FshguySweet tune... Works great.
Posted by Fshguy on 17 Oct 16 at 18:33
ResinousHashishMy S1 (900) Caterham easily beat an A Class Caterham, even though he had a head start and dude was being a dick and trying to knock me off the road
Posted by ResinousHashish on 18 Oct 16 at 02:58
a box of fishMuch appreciated, managed to pip one guy by nano seconds in my second race! Thumbs up!
Posted by a box of fish on 18 Oct 16 at 18:50
XtowersWhere is the car meet?
Posted by Xtowers on 19 Oct 16 at 00:59
SatNiteEduardoThe Car Meet is at the airport near the Outback Festival. If it is not there you need to progress further in single player to unlock it.
Posted by SatNiteEduardo on 19 Oct 16 at 02:06
Hirsute DaveI think it unlocks after you complete the third showcase (Truck vs Boats) but I can't remember and haven't been able to track down a solid answer.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 19 Oct 16 at 11:37
XtowersI read on the forums that you may need to level up the outback festival a bit for it to be available, too, but the consensus seems to be play more single player to unlock it.
Posted by Xtowers on 19 Oct 16 at 15:31
ArchBehemoth08For me it unlocked after the truck vs boats showcase which brings you up to 1 million fans. Also may need to expand the festival immediately after to get it to unlock.
Posted by ArchBehemoth08 on 19 Oct 16 at 18:32
KexolIt unlocks after the boat showcase. Using the s1 Caterham made this really easy. I even saw someone smoke out the competition by 10 seconds using a C class mercury. It was something else.
Posted by Kexol on 20 Oct 16 at 00:23