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Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer

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18 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016 24 Oct 2016
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Not a guide but did want to give a warning that this achievement currently seems a bit gltichy (as have the reaching Rank 2 with each class for some people so far). After reaching at least rank 1 with all 4 classes as the achievement asks, the achievement tracker says I'm only 25% complete

UPDATE: The achievement randomly kept jumping up 25% as I leveled each of the classes further and finally unlocked after reaching Rank 6 with the assault class. (At the time I was also a 6 for Medic, 4 for Scout, and 4 for Medic too). Thus, I'd say it seems buggy currently and I'd keep leveling my classes until it eventually pops for all of you

UPDATE 2: DICE released a patch recently that addressed several issues both single player and multiplayer with the game. According to @SanJol, this patch is also now allowing the achievements to all unlock properly, so all should be fixed now
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HellCreeper666 I was on 50% and it went back down to 25%... WTF???
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 18 Oct 16 at 02:08
HellCreeper666 Well its not just me wink
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 18 Oct 16 at 03:51
goldyman77 @HellCreeper666, the same thing happened to me too. When the Support Rank 2 achievement unlocked for me, the tracker went up to 50%, though after looking again when I got the notification that my 10 hours was up, it was back down at 25% again. Was hoping it'd just be leveling up a few more times to get it to work itself out but this makes me think otherwise.
Posted by goldyman77 on 18 Oct 16 at 05:57
JRod365 The achievement is definitely bugged. I just got to rank 10 for my medic class and this achievement unlocked for me when I haven't played the other classes at all.
Posted by JRod365 on 18 Oct 16 at 07:58
Notorious Kiwi Just popped for me, however I had my Medic on 6, Assault on 7, Support on 4 and Recon on 4 before it came so it's definitely dodgy.
Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 19 Oct 16 at 13:35
HellCreeper666 In my Soldier my Ranks are 5, 5, 3, 4 and in game they are 10, 10, 8 and 9 roll
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 19 Oct 16 at 20:39
Vrruumm 10 with Support, 7 with Scout, 6 with Assault, and 3 with Medic and still have not popped the achievement.
Posted by Vrruumm on 19 Oct 16 at 22:52
Opus Taki Maybe only XP scored with each classes specialist abilities count.
That might explain the seeming randomness of when the various achs pop.
Posted by Opus Taki on 21 Oct 16 at 18:29
Was I That Bad My % also seems to vary I was at 75 then 50 now I'm at 25, I have a level 10 soldier, 9 Medic, 3 Support and 2 Scout. I've only got the level 2 medic achievement as well.
Posted by Was I That Bad on 22 Oct 16 at 19:30
SanJol I just got an update for BF1 and after restarting, I got all remaining achievements! Glad they fixed it so fast :)
Posted by SanJol on 24 Oct 16 at 12:21
JafethTheXtreme Finally DICE release and update
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 24 Oct 16 at 20:37
Opus Taki If you check under SOLDIER >>> WEAPONS AND GADGETS it actually tells you your class rank just above the weapons menu.
Posted by Opus Taki on 24 Oct 16 at 23:20
Adamantium NZ After Patch all the bugged achievements unlocked for me clap
Posted by Adamantium NZ on 25 Oct 16 at 00:57