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Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect

Complete Co-op Campaign Mission without failing an objective, no respawns, on default or hard

Locks (Co-op 3) Perfect0
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19 Oct 2016
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If you are doing this solo, the most important thing to remember is to clear every single enemy located BEFORE where you have to plant the tracking device on ALL sides of the map BEFORE the boat areas. Then just put the drone ABOVE the tank thing you have to blow up, set the charge and run BACK to the bridge and take the flowing river LEFT from the bridge all the way down to the side of the map you already cleared with the forklift area. Then just make your way about 20-30 feet from the stairs that lead down to where you have to plant the tracking device. STAY PUT until you see 7-9 red X enemies on the drone checking out the diversion explosion. The moment you see 7-9, it is CLEAR to RUN down the stairs onto the boat and plant the tracking device. It should then tell you objective complete and you are now clear to finish the rest of the mission with ease. If it did NOT say objective complete, you HAVE to start all over. I assure you if you do exactly as I have stated, this mission is a breeze solo and actually fun as hell because it's you against 80-100 people.