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Defensive Beast!

Modify a player on your team to have a rating of 90 or higher in each of Arm, Fielding and Speed.

Defensive Beast!0
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24 Oct 2016
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Alright so you can apparently do this at an earlier level than what I was but this is how I got this achievement.

Level: 68

Team: Buzzards

Player Used: Buttons Bunterson

Bunterson's Starting Stats: Power-28, Contact-60, Speed-58, Fielding-58, Arm-58, Mojo-48

Gear: Cloud Stallion Cleats (Sliver +22 Speed) and Diamond Earrings (Gold +20 Arm)

Train: Sluggerade (Gold +10 Speed and +10 Fielding) and Spiked Sluggerade (+17 Arm, +7

Speed, +7 Fielding, -7 Contact and -7 Mojo)

Coach: Umpire Diplomacy (+28 Fielding)

With these items being used there will be 1 open Coach slot as well as the Style slot.

Bunterson's Final Stats: Power-28, Contact-53, Speed-98, Fielding-100, Arm-95, Mojo-40

After applying the Coach item your achievement should unlock! If you know of a build that you can get earlier or know another character that you can get this achievement with let me know. Good luck!

PS: This is my first "guide" so if anybody has any tips on format or wording let me know!
ShadowXanletI'm curious about ways to maximize the efficiency of leveling up. I'm level 54 now and it seems like leveling is slowing down to a real grind. I get around 500 - 700k starpoints per game, is that around how much you were making? and if so, how long did it take for you to reach your level?
Posted by ShadowXanlet on 25 Oct 16 at 08:25
BigBen624Yeah that's right around how much I was making per game as well. I can't remember how long it took to get to that level but it seemed like at a certain point it took the same about of Star Points to level up regardless the level you're currently at.
I did always play "Short Seasons" at level 80 ego because if you win the championship you receive up to a million Star Point.
Posted by BigBen624 on 25 Oct 16 at 14:44
CosminiionFor leveling up, I also found ego 80, once used to it, to be the most appropriate choice in terms of the difficulty - reward ratio. An incredible game where you score about 30 runs can net you almost 1 million star points.

I was at Game level 58 when I looked for a player and a set of modifiers to get this achievement. The earliest game level you could possibly get this using my combination is 50. You must have all slots for the following player unlocked. If you don't have one or more of the modifiers below available on your current set of staff, be it contracted or for hire, you can make new staff show up for hire by finishing a season game, regardless if it's a win or a loss. Resist the urge to fire staff before their contract length is met, as that will make less new staff show up for hire after season games for a while.

Team platypi - C. Lopez

stock stats: spd=40; fld =55; arm=50

- Gear:
- cloud stallion cleats (silver) X 2 -> +22 spd X 2;

- Train:
- red meat diet (gold) -> +17 arm -5 spd
- spiked sluggerade (silver) -> +17 arm +7 spd +7 fld (-7 con -7 moj irrelevant);

- Coach:
- flip play (silver) -> +14 fld +7 arm
- umpire diplomacy (silver) -> +18 fld;

- Style:
- celebrity date (silver) +15 spd (+3 moj irrelevant)

Final stats: spd=100; fld=94; arm=91
Posted by Cosminiion on 29 Oct 16 at 19:01
LausDominiI was able to get this achievement by Level 50 using M. STEWART from the Herbisaurs.

Even though I only play with the Sirloins, around level 45, from the main menu, I went into the Customize menu, looked around, and noticed that M. STEWART had every single slot unlocked as well as good starting statistics of SPD=52, FLD=59, and ARM=59.

I assigned what I could but there were not too many good options available yet.

Every so often after playing Season games with the Sirloins I would back out and come back to the Customize menu and check if any contracts were available with promising stat boosts.

Eventually I assigned the following combination using modifiers that all unlock by level 46.
Cloud Stallion Cleats (silver): SPD+22
Cloud Stallion Cleats (silver): SPD+22
Juicing Program (silver): ARM+14
Spiked Sluggerade (bronze): ARM+9, SPD+4, FLD+4
Flip Play (silver): FLD+14, ARM+7
Flip Play (silver): FLD+14, ARM+7
Entourage (silver): FLD+7

I could have gotten this a level or two earlier using a different combination if the Style slot with SPD+15 showed up, but it never did so I rearranged and ended up with the above list and SPD = 100, FLD = 93, ARM = 95.
Posted by LausDomini on 06 Nov 16 at 04:00
BogusWeevilhere is another combination for stallion cleats silver,greased uniform silver,spiked sluggerade bronze,flip play silver,flip play silver,reality tv star silver.i did this by level 50 there is one open trainer slot that i didnt have to stats are 99 90 98.the team is herbisaurs.
Posted by BogusWeevil on 21 Jan 17 at 00:41
WebManI also go this achievement using B. Bunterson from the Buzzards, I was able to get it by Level 46 using the following modifiers:

Gear: Cloud Stallion Cleats (Silver): SPD+22
Gear: not used - did not have this slot unlocked
Train: Sluggerade (Silver): FLD+7, SPD+7
Train: Spiked Sluggerade (Bronze): ARM+9, FLD+4, SPD+ 4
Coach: Umpire Diplomacy (Silver): FLD+18
Coach: Flip Play (Silver): ARM+7, FLD+14
Style: Reality TV Star (Silver): ARM+17

TOTAL: ARM=91, FLD=101, SPD=91
Posted by WebMan on 20 May 17 at 06:16
BPBPBPBPBPBPBPI also used C. Lopez of team Platypi at level 58 with a setup of :

Team platypi - C. Lopez

stock stats: spd=40; fld =55; arm=50

- Gear:
- cloud stallion cleats (silver) X 2

- Train:
- spiked sluggerade (silver) X 2

- Coach:
- flip play (silver)
- flip play (bronze)

- Style:

Final stats: spd=100; fld=90; arm=94

Took me about a hour of retries of the other setup with him when I stumbled into this one. Good luck
Posted by BPBPBPBPBPBPBP on 05 Feb 18 at 22:36
PuffDiddyDaddyI did mine similar to LausDomini. I picked M. Stewart of the Herbisaurs at Level 64.

G: Cloud Stallion Cleats (Silver)
G: Diamond Earings (Silver)
T: Spiked Sluggerade (Silver)
T: Spiked Sluggerade (Bronze)
C: Umpire Diplomacy (Silver)
C: Umpire Incentive (Gold)
S: Celebrity Date (Silver)
Posted by PuffDiddyDaddy on 22 Apr 18 at 20:23
IFeeDmeIMOREAt Level 65, I was finally able to unlock all of the slots & modifiers that I needed for C. Lopez of Platypi.
Gear: Cloud Stallion Cleats (Silver)
Gear: Greased Uniform (Silver)
Train: Spiked Sluggerade (Silver)
Train: Red Meat Diet (Gold)
Coach: Flip Play (Silver)
Coach: Umpire Diplomacy (Silver)
Style: Celebrity Date (Silver)

Final Stats- SPD- 100 FLD 94 ARM 91
Posted by IFeeDmeIMORE on 17 May 18 at 05:27