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Unlock All Abilities

Unlock All Of The Movement And Utility Abilities In The Abilities Menu.

Unlock All Abilities-0.6
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25 Oct 2016
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In the Sci-fi world level 2 (7-2) It's a short level with a blower that shoots you up and you can stay on it for for as long as you like so you can use it grind style points to buy all the abilities. You can also get the 10 seconds in the air and the 10K style point achievement.

I show where and how to do this in my achievement review video at 6:20

FullMoonBeaverAwesome guide as usual. 2 achievements for 250g better off. Thanks. Now to grind out style points. Yay.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 25 Oct 16 at 23:20
BiLLzuMaNaTiThanks man toast
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 27 Oct 16 at 22:03