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I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

I Want It All0
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29 Oct 2016 29 Oct 2016
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I figured a good way out to make a good amount of Skillpoints.

i created a bucketlist-challenge at the GoldMine called "XP" - just add me as a friend on XBL and you should see the bucket list.

External image

External image

You just have to drive along the lonely highway without other traffic and collect your ultimate-speed-skillpoints
you can add Wreckage-Skills when you crash some poles near the street

just go up and down nearly to the time limit and then finish the race.

External image

best is, when you have an "HE"-Car with Skill- or Speedpoint-Boost

i managed to get about 150k Skillpoints per direction from start to finish
OMG IT5 EJThanks for the help
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 16 Apr 17 at 16:28
erod550Best guide here. You just drive straight and don't even have to pay close attention for the most part so you can watch Netflix or whatever while doing it so it's less boring. Just have to watch out for the jog near the end. Lost my combo a few times cause I hit the wall there not paying attention, heh.
Posted by erod550 on 16 May 17 at 06:43