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04 Nov 2016 06 Nov 2016
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This achievement is very easy to get early in the gameplay.

**You will need 1000 gold to change your features.**

Speak with Galathil, she is located sitting on the dock area in the Ragged Flagoon. To get to the Ragged Flagoon, you need to go to Riften and enter the Ratway.

There are enemies in the Ratway, so make sure you bring some food and/or health pots.

Slippy Sadist added an awesome tip; You can save your game befofe talking to Galathil so that once the achievement pops, you can reload your last save and keep your gold.
Slippy SadistJust to add, you can save your game before paying and reload after changing your face.
Posted by Slippy Sadist on 04 Nov 16 at 20:52
JoheidiThanks for the tip! Added that to the guide :)
Posted by Joheidi on 05 Nov 16 at 01:18
ToXiC is SiKAlso if you're a vampire, she will not let you use her service
Posted by ToXiC is SiK on 10 Nov 16 at 16:49
SkinstakovicWhy is this flagged as missable?
Posted by Skinstakovic on 14 Apr 18 at 08:00
JoheidiMaybe what Toxic said above, if you become a vampire, she wont let you use her services so it's a miss. But usually missable means you cant go back. Not sure though, never noticed it got marked as missable.
Posted by Joheidi on 14 Apr 18 at 15:01