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1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
04 Nov 2016 26 Jul 2018
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Level 4 - The Royal Physician

Reach the top of Kaldwin's Bridge

Easy Method:

As part of the mission objectives you must disable the spotlights on the bridge to allow Samuels boat past, You will have to disconnect two Whale oil tanks. Right above these tanks are two chains connected to two giant wheel cogs, blink onto one of the chains and climb to the top. Once you jump off you the chain will only need to blink one or two platforms above you and the achievement will pop when you are standing on top of the bridge.

(These two chains also appear at the beginning of the bridge, look for the cogs)
Warboy925Plus one from me, I was assuming the chains would be diagonal instead of horizontal for some reason, lol......
Posted by Warboy925 on 22 Sep 17 at 06:55