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#Forzathon Flying High

Earn three star on three danger signs to receive 100,000 CR

11 Nov 2016 until 14 Nov 2016

#Forzathon Flying High
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11 Nov 2016 11 Nov 2016
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You can do the same danger sign three times.
Just pick one where you can easily get 3 stars - like the one from the beginning of the game ("Rainforest Reveal" - Thanks Yin) in the woods. Jump, 3 stars, rewind (or drive back :D), jump again...
YinThanks for tip.

I wasn't sure which danger sign was the jump used in the tutorial, so I used 'Rainforest Reveal' jump. You only need 300ft to nail the three stars, which coincidentally is a great place for the Underdog achievement. Because the requirement is low, you can use a heavier car (preferably with AWD to maintain speed/control offroad) to avoid flipping over once you hit the ramp.
Posted by Yin on 11 Nov 16 at 14:07
KO771That's the one I meant. Thanks for the name, I only got the german one (which wouldn't have helped you ;)).
Posted by KO771 on 11 Nov 16 at 14:26
IEvil IMonkeyI was just going to post you can also do the same Danger Sign 3 times in a row for the challenge haha

For the barrel roll challenge, once you have done it once and it counts it, just press Y to rewind to the point when you hit the ramp and press play. I did this 5 times for the same barrel roll and it counted all 5 of them.
Posted by IEvil IMonkey on 11 Nov 16 at 17:54