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Exhibition Expert

Complete an Exhibition at every race route in the game.

Exhibition Expert+1.5
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12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016 12 Nov 2016
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If you are stuck at 97% and sure you competed all the Exibition races you will need to follow these steps

•Disconnect your wifi or Ethernet cable from your Xbox my (not go offline)
•Go to Forza Horizon 3s Manage game and delete the save file.
•Start a new game, play offline still and unlock the races you may need. I was at 97% and completed two exhibitions to be sure.
•Onve you have completed the races needed, pause the game and dashboard to the Xbox main menu. Go to manage game and delete the hard save file again.
•With Forza Horzion still running and the save file deleted, connect your wifi or Ethernet cable and the achievement will pop.

(Keep In Mind that this will get you the achievement but may not not progress your game.)
I hope this helps!
ZR1 This worked for me. My achievement progress was 92% but I had 63/63 exhibitions completed. After finishing my 6 exhibitions on my new save, I left the game running as instructed and went to manage game. I deleted my gamesave and tried to back to Forza but it booted up again from scratch. While it was loading I reconnected my ethernet cable and reconnected to Xbox Live and the achievement popped.
Posted by ZR1 on 20 Nov 16 at 21:19
bakum4tsu This totally worked. I was afraid that my data would get lost in the process but it didnt. Thumbs up!!
Posted by bakum4tsu on 23 Nov 16 at 20:08
DropDeadHorizon You're welcome!
Posted by DropDeadHorizon on 24 Nov 16 at 00:23
Archie Tulip After upgrading everything to LVL 5 it took me 28 Championships before I saw the 63rd Exhibition race. I'd been looking for the ?undiscovered routes
Posted by Archie Tulip on 18 Dec 16 at 12:25