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Buy a Painting from Florence and Venice.

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Earliest you can get this is chapter 7, as that is when you can visit Venice.
Florence is available early on.
Buy a painting in both cities for the achievement...doesn't take much cash at all as there are some cheap paintings.
TheAnonymitythis achievement must be bugged since i have EVERY painting and still no achievement. this had to be the effect of playing offline due to extreme bandwidth usage and the xbox live service being an internet hog.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 06 Apr 17 at 15:35
MILKOMANIAI have the same issue as TheAnonymity. This achievement is buggy.
Posted by MILKOMANIA on 08 Dec 18 at 15:27
Richster93Mine is bugged and isn't popping, anyone knows of a solution that isn't play the game again
Posted by Richster93 on 06 Jan 20 at 22:06