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Rescue the first hostage from Riddler

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VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit761,340
21 Nov 2016
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After the first Riddler puzzle in the church you'll have to make your way to the courthouse. Save the hostage there and you will get the location of the first hostage that is connected to this achievement.

Make your way to said location and inspect the wall with the huge green question mark. Inside you'll have to solve a pretty easy riddle involving some batarangs to discharge the floor panels. Always go from one safe haven to another. As soon as you reached one of the panels that aren't charged look for the next question mark to aim at. Continue to do so untill you have reached the elevator. aim at the last question mark to lift the elevator upwards.

Alternatively, you could just wait until you have the line luncher to just skip the whole playing ground clap

As soon as you'll untie the hostage, the achievement unlocks!

(video credit: Fliptriq)

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Pedle ZelnipVideo's been taken down.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 28 Jul 19 at 20:00
VirusTk GaMBitThanks for the info, I ll look for another one.
Posted by VirusTk GaMBit on 28 Jul 19 at 22:20