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Go for the Silver

Win 10 silver Daily Challenge badges.

Go for the Silver0
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28 Nov 2016 13 Jan 2019
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*** This solution is intended for the PC version of the game. ***

This achievement can be attained while working towards the "Go for the Gold" and "Go for the Bronze" achievements. If you want to get this achievement while doing the "Go for the Gold" achievement please check out my guide for that achievement.

With Microsoft Solitaire Collection closed, change your computer's date to one year prior (So the same month you're currently in but last year. I usually chose the 25th of the month to have enough days available). Next start up Microsoft Solitaire Collection. ** If you want to get the achievements quicker I recommend buying the Premium Edition. ** Now start doing the Daily Challenges starting from the first date of the month. Try to do all five challenges for each day. If you are stuck on a challenge, skip it to save yourself the time. Assuming you've purchased the Premium Edition, it will take you about 5-7 days of challenges to get the Silver Badge. Now close Microsoft Solitaire Collection and change the date to the following month. Reopen Microsoft Solitaire Collection and repeat the process for 9 more months.

Once you've done 10 months of Silver Badges you can start working towards Bronze Badges. You will only need to do so for 2 months since you've already received 10 Bronze Badges while working towards Silver. Bronze Badges should take you about 2-3 days of challenges, assuming you've purchased the Premium Edition.

If for some reason the achievement doesn't pop, close Microsoft Solitaire Collection and change the date back to today's date. Reopen Microsoft Solitaire Collections and the achievement should pop right away.

** Some people have reported glitches on getting the achievement to pop. I have never had this issue on any Microsoft Collection I played, so I cannot confirm whether it is "glitchy." **

** I don't know if this method would work on a mobile device. I cannot confirm whether it does or not. **

** 2019 Update - A user has stated that they cannot use Premiums services on the prior months. I no longer have Premium, so I cannot confirm this. Either way the solution works but it will take longer. **
Beelzebozo TimeIs this thing glitched? I still have 0/10 for it even though I have several golds, a diamond, and a perfect. I'm playing on iOS, if that matters.
Posted by Beelzebozo Time on 11 Jan 17 at 19:53
KillaQueens515It shouldn't be. The iOS app and pc version synced seamlessly for me. Then again it's been a while.
Posted by KillaQueens515 on 12 Jan 17 at 02:51
KillaQueens515Now that I think about it iOS didn't have the daily challenges yet when I played in iOS. Beelzebozo id go on your pc and start it up to get everything synced back up. Aagame007 are you doing it on your pc and having the same issue?
Posted by KillaQueens515 on 13 Jan 17 at 00:06
CanadianLooniYeah I'm playing on PC.
Posted by CanadianLooni on 13 Jan 17 at 16:50
DropDeadArtemusMine stopped recording after the new year. Got November 16 and December 16 just fine. Did Jan 17 legit and it isn't counting. I've also rolled back to Jan 16, and they aren't counting either.
Posted by DropDeadArtemus on 16 Jan 17 at 07:38
KillaQueens515DropDeadArtemus, I suggest you guys do like the guide says though. With Windows Microsoft Collection (WMC) closed change the computer's date to a previous month, lets say December 2015. When you're done with December 2015, close WMC change the computer's date to January 2016 and then complete that month. When you have enough month's completed change the date to December 30,2016 (since you believe 2017 doesn't work) and the achievement should pop.
Posted by KillaQueens515 on 16 Jan 17 at 18:31
TassieTigerDaveDoes it have to be all got in a calendar year?

I got all medals in December and January. Yet I still only have 1 for each of Bronze, Silver and Gold. I guess I will find out this month
Posted by TassieTigerDave on 03 Feb 17 at 03:46
KillaQueens515Tassietigerdave it does not. I did it from 2015 to 2016 on October. I don't know anything about the mobile phone version.
Posted by KillaQueens515 on 04 Feb 17 at 04:56
CanadianLooniI'm having the same problem, Beelzebozo. 9/10 for Silvers, even though I have 10 silver medals recorded in my awards history. My bronze correctly shows 10/12. Seems it's just stopped recording silver medals for some reason.

Edit: Looks like this problem was only for January 2017. Just got my silver for Feb and it unlocked.
Posted by CanadianLooni on 12 Feb 17 at 00:54
talkietoasta84I'm on the Android version and I'm having the same problem as above for the bronze and silver badges. I've completed 11 silvers and 12 bronzes, but it's only counted 9 silvers and 10 bronzes. I think this might have something to do with whether you have a connection to Xbox Live at the exact moment you get the badges. If anyone else can shed some light on this, it'd be much appreciated :)
Posted by talkietoasta84 on 21 Oct 17 at 16:56
mrbellekI had the same problem as above. In-game tracker showed silver at 11/10 but the achievement tracker showed 9/10 for the last two months. Coincidentally, I got two silver medals by putting the clock back on PC. Got another silver medal this morning (on Android) and the achievement popped right away.
Posted by mrbellek on 24 Sep 19 at 07:31