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Halo 3: Listen to the tale of a young Grunt named Flipyap.

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29 Nov 2016 31 May 2017
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Other standing guides seem to work as many people upvoted them, however I tried everything exactly as described on those for about 5-6 looong hours with 0 luck.

Then I started reading some comments on youtube videos of people unlocking this and sharing their experience.. and the single tip that worked for me was to do it on LEGENDARY difficulty.

I tried Sierra 117 at checkpoint Alpha, at checkpoint Charlie for 5-6 hours on normal with IWHBYD skull on and could not get it done.

Then I again loaded up Sierra 117 this time on legendary, at Alpha, and I was lucky enough to get it in roughly 10-15 minutes!

On Legendary your chances to get the dialoge increase because you get to face 7 grunts in the first fight (4 behind fallen log and 3 coming from the back and to the left), opposite to normal difficulty, in which you get only 4 grunts (behind fallen log in the river). This way your odds increase by 75% for killing 3 more grunts per reload.

And it was actually one of these extra grunts from the back that got me the achievement.

Sharing my experience and the video where it has popped for me. You will not see the achievement popping on screen due to Xbox DVR recording limitations.
3:24 into the video is where it happened.

Summing up:
Mission: Sierra 117
Checkpoint: Alpha (first fight)
Difficulty: Legendary
Skulls turned on: IWHBYD.

Hope this helps. This is not a "new solution" in any way, just that the time it took me on legendary is absolutely ridiculously small compared to the time spent doing it on normal.
Rozay151Took me about an hour but good solution, recommend muting sound to prevent from going crazy.
Posted by Rozay151 on 04 Dec 16 at 04:56
gingerramboStill can't get this, tried all solutions now, heard the dialogue a few times but nothing. At this rate it's going to be my last achievement.
Posted by gingerrambo on 05 Dec 16 at 03:42
el tuaya argRozay151: glad I could contribute with my little grain of sand!
Posted by el tuaya arg on 05 Dec 16 at 03:47
el tuaya argginger rambo: it's a struggle base on luck, patience and persistance. Just keep trying slightly different approaches each couple of times, switch between pistol and assault rifle, try meleeing every other kill, throw a couple shots in the air to alert them and have them know you're after them, kill them in different order each time, be creative! Hope you get lucky soon enough, let me know how it goes!
Posted by el tuaya arg on 05 Dec 16 at 03:54
gingerramboSo, I persisted, and this morning I finally unlocked it, spent countless hours on this at various points, but this method is what worked. No idea what I did differently, I think RNG just decided it was my time. Thank you for this.
Posted by gingerrambo on 04 Jun 17 at 08:17

I had my achievement in less than 5 mins with this method! Thanks el tuaya arg... the RNG-Gods were kind to me today!
Posted by guycarb on 22 Jan 18 at 21:31
I Lummy IAfter multiple playthroughs of the campaign, around 20 playthroughs of sierra 117 on various difficulties and hours upon hours spend grinding the charlie checkpoint this is the solution that worked for me. Took 5 minutes max to get this achievement to pop. Thank you for the guide.
Posted by I Lummy I on 07 Jun 18 at 11:56
Phoenix SabeGreat guide. Took me 20 minutes doing it this way.
Posted by Phoenix Sabe on 26 Jan 20 at 13:12
KanchanaburiAfter a long time with other solutions, this worked finally after 10 reloads. I made sure to target the 'white' grunts - there is one of the left coming down the trail and one on the right at the back of the pack. I would kill them and then hide for a second. It finally unlocked after i made it behind the fallen tree. Good luck. This was my 5th to last achievement...
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 14 May 20 at 21:12
GRAND NOBLEI just got it! On Normal. Sierra 117, Charlie checkpoint. IWHBYD skull on.

After the cutscene. Took about 6-8 reloads. I would kill 1 grunt and wait a few seconds, then kill another. I made sure not to kill any grunts if no other grunts were around (make sure they could see it). Trying to 'bait' them to follow me to see dead grunts just didn't work.

The time it finally happened, I had only killed 2 grunts.
Posted by GRAND NOBLE on 05 Jul 20 at 11:11
xCSHMNYxDefinitely worked for me, took about 10 reloads on PC. Would have been quicker if I had actually killed a grunt to trigger it though... Good guide nonetheless.
Posted by xCSHMNYx on 21 Oct 20 at 16:48
energyfieldsTalk about a buggy achievement.... Spent half an hour on legendary trying to get it and finally heard the line, but the achievement didn't pop :/
Posted by energyfields on 10 Jul 21 at 06:18
Rock Is SpongeOne thing to note since I have seen some people confused about this. Another grunt name you can hear is Yap Yap which is a single voiced line ("You killed Yap Yap!"). This isn't the Flip Yap line.
Posted by Rock Is Sponge on 02 Nov 21 at 19:19
Foerlthank you for this, 1 checkpoint reload and i got it. insane... ^^
Posted by Foerl on 28 Jan at 10:22
WanderingNepNepSo I heard the line and the whole spiel as is in the video, but I didn't unlock the achievement...
Posted by WanderingNepNep on 26 Mar at 03:02