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Good Santa!

Find a secret gift.

Good Santa!0
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06 Dec 2016 28 Feb 2018
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Zone 1: Volcano - After the boss door to the upper right, drill through the pink stone and find the gift.

Zone 2: Factory - After killing 'Eyefighter' go up and to the left toward the heal spot; walk through the row of TV sets.

Zone 3: Jails - Second part where you get a submarine (after finishing Zone 7) before shooting through pink rock to fight 'Dadyss' head north and navigate through the maze (it's pretty straight forward) and claim the gift.

Zone 4: Casino - When you meet 'Mingus' it's to the left and up in a hidden path behind some leaves. This spot is north of the shop, south of the heal spot and left of 'Mingus' it should be really easy to find.

Zone 5: Space - It's right beneath 'Cosmo Snail', through a line of monitors; barely even hidden.

Zone 6: Psychedelic - Once you kill 'Udderella' to the left is a spike pit, drop down holding left against the wall and you'd fall through and follow a path to the gift.

Zone 7: Ruins - It's in plain sight a bit left when you fight 'Hideotrope' in a little alcove not even hidden really.

Zone 8: Happy Cute - Directly above and to the left of the 'M' marked on the map, hidden behind to the far right in the brown drillable rock.

Zone 9: Club - When you confront 'Dr Bits' use the arrow warps to shoot up on top of his stage; not hard to find.

Zone 10: Museum - Above 'Zargnor' in the top NW section of the map, underneath and to the left of the most north heal spot.