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Infinite Power!

Activate every power-up in Rumble mode

Infinite Power!0
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06 Dec 2016 09 May 2019
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probably obsolete by now with the patches

Solution for those who have game share

I'm posting this because, even with the updates from Reaper R66, there's some confusion within the comments.

Use the general guidelines (match set up and the items) provided by his solution. Check the items used on a side note.
I had to try a few times, but this is the way to get it done if you share games with someone and if you are not using your Home Xbox (even if it is):

1 - you may be online, doesn't matter;
2 - make sure that Rocket League is closed (and not at that minimized state);
3 - hard reset your Xbox One by holding the power button for 10 seconds;
4 - when it boots, sign in into the other account (the one that you share your games with) and boot into Rocket League;
5 - press any button and, by pressing the back button once in the main menu, switch profiles to the one with your gamertag
6 - from there, choose: exhibition, rumble, unlimited goals, any arena, and a rookie bot;
7 - start the match and check the power-ups that you pick.

Hope this helps, it was the way I did it since I use game share and my Xbox doesn't count as my Home Xbox - besides, and to make it worse, I'm the one who bought Rocket League, so there's no way to try the offline method.

Thanks for Reaper R66 and his well-crafted solution, I just wanted to make this right away visible to those who fit into description.

Extra thanks to left 4 zaneage for suggesting a more detailed solution.
left 4 zaneageThis worked for me – thank you so much! You only thing I would add (to avoid a little confusion) is: "press the back button once in the main menu", otherwise, great guide!
Posted by left 4 zaneage on 10 Dec 16 at 01:40
Dr Gonzo 815Dude. Thank you so much. I had tried everything else. This worked perfectly.
Posted by Dr Gonzo 815 on 13 Dec 16 at 10:46
JimboJambo86awesome, worked perfectly
Posted by JimboJambo86 on 13 Dec 16 at 11:18
CarlosMaestre85Glad to help! This is an alternate way from the original guide, hope this will be the perfect solution to those having trouble.
Posted by CarlosMaestre85 on 13 Dec 16 at 17:14
BrundleflySethWorked for me after various methods.. Strangely unlocked as soon as I used the first power up after loading up following these steps.. 100% now finally 😃
Posted by BrundleflySeth on 14 Dec 16 at 15:34
RuyGTRIt worked, thanks.
Posted by RuyGTR on 18 Feb 17 at 00:45