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Professor Mayhem

Purchase 4 different active skills across any number of Resistance Mode characters.

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The other solutions perfectly give away that there is a positive glitch, though I didn't find those guides complete enough, which resulted in me and my boosting partner Healtti having to do 2 classes instead of just 1.

The achievement requires you to purchase 4 different active skills across 4 different characters. Active skills are the tier 4 skills. Each class (Brawn, brain, fighter and survivor) has one active skill which you can unlock. You can only spend 20 DNA points on one character. Tier 1 skills are worth 1 DNA, tier 2 are worth 2 DNA, and so on. In order to purchase tier 2 skills, you will need to have purchased at least 1 tier 1 skill. The same goes for Tier 3 and tier 4 skills, you need to have purchased at least 1 skill from the tier below that. Besides, you will need to have spend 10 DNA points on skills for the same class, in order to unlock the ability to purchase the tier 4 skill. Last but not least, you need experience points.
Tier 1 skills cost 1500, tier 2 cost 2250, tier 3 cost 3500 and tier 4 cost 5000.

The positive glitch is that, if you have both:
- created 4 different characters, one with a brawn skill as background skill, one brain, one fighter and one survivor
- purchased the active skill for the survivor
it'll unlock the achievement.

This basically decreases the time needed for this achievement by 75%. So, to start off, create 4 different characters, each with a background skill from a different class. You will be using the character with the background skill in Survivor. You will need to purchase at least one tier 2 and one tier 3 skill. This will cost 3500+2250=5750. This will get you to 6 DNA points. Purchase two more tier 2 skills to reach 10 DNA points. (10250 xp). Finally, you will need 5000 xp to purchase the tier 4 skill (15250 xp). Be sure to only purchase survivor skills. Besides, remember that you can only have 20 DNA points for one character. If you have a character with 6 or more DNA points in different classes, start using a new one.

We would average about 1200-1300 xp (with small xp boosters) in about 6-7 minutes (including loading times) by using the boosting method below. This means, that you can get this achievement in about 12-14 games, and in under 2 hours.

Boosting method
The boosting method we used was replaying the level "enemy at the gates" on easy. This is in my opinion the easiest and fastest level. At the start of the mission, you will need to hack 2 computers at 2 locations. We would always split up. Use the hacking charges or explosives on vehicles (or shoot the yellow bar at the back of the vehicle). Only kill enemies and vehicles that you really need to kill in order to be able to hack the computers. More kills doesn't really give you a lot more XP.

Once both computers in locations are hacked, start running east. You will run underneath a highway. If you go to far to the east, it'll say "go back to the mission". You can move further North or South, depending on what location you came from. The team leader will say something like "I'm sending you the new location, where you can get a bike". Once she is almost finished with this monologue, you can leave the mission area and head for the bike stash. Get on the bikes and race straight for the location of the 10 elite KPA soldiers. There, start killing those elite soldiers, along with any other dudes that attack you. Once there are just 2-3 elites left, let one player leave for the extraction area (you will need to have played the mission at least once to know the location). Once the other player(s) have killed the remaining elites, let them down themselves. The player at the extraction area enters the final room and the mission is finished. We were able to finish this mission in about 5 minutes, with our best time being something like 4 minutes and thirty seconds.

I've used the first battle rifle all the time, with the first secondary weapon (pistol). I had it unlocked from the start. Spend your cash on either attachment upgrades (1000 dollar) ( to try and get Grip, red dot and muzzle brake attachments) or on consumable upgrades (500 dollar). I would advise to spend most of your cash on the latter. You will replenish your hacking charges (which I used a lot), you get weapon parts (to upgrade your weapons with) and you get xp boosts (use these whenever you have them).

I had a lot of progress on this achievement by doing this mission:
Homefront: The RevolutionSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 57 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

This mission is in my opinion also best suited to get:
Homefront: The RevolutionPeace in our timeThe Peace in our time achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 70 pointsSuccessfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on normal difficulty.

Homefront: The RevolutionPeace your pantsThe Peace your pants achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 155 pointsSuccessfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on hard difficulty.

Depending on the skill of your teammates, you might get this achievement (otherwise, just boost it at a vehicle, or keep jumping from a rooftop):
Homefront: The RevolutionEveryone fights, no one quitsThe Everyone fights, no one quits achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 39 pointsRevive 10 downed teammates over any number of Resistance Mode missions.

You will definitely get the following achievements, without specifically going for these, in 3-4 games:
Homefront: The RevolutionE Pluribus UnumThe E Pluribus Unum achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 77 pointsEarn 20 team citations.

Homefront: The RevolutionMinutemanThe Minuteman achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 65 pointsEarn 10 mission citations.

Homefront: The RevolutionSon of LibertyThe Son of Liberty achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 32 pointsEarn 20 individual citations.

After you've gotten your achievement, play one more game with your character. Then hold cn_right to throw down some supplies. Let one of your teammates pick those up for your final achievement in resistance mode.
Homefront: The RevolutionPractical MayhemThe Practical Mayhem achievement in Homefront: The Revolution worth 70 pointsDeploy an active skill in a mission, and have at least one other player use the results.
Roose91i believe this has now been patched but won't give a neg as it obviously did work. Annoying as this mode is terrible but for anyone looking to grind it now (and providing I didn't just do the glitch wrong, although I'm pretty adamant I didn't), you can solo the level 'Burnt Offerings' on Hard without so much as a scratch provided you have a Battle Rifle, 4 pipe bombs, and a modicum of stealth. Even with only a 10% XP booster equipped you are looking at over 2,000 XP per run and it is by far the easiest and most risk free mission in Resistance Mode. With loading times factored in, you're probably looking at an eight-nine minute turnaround each run.
Posted by Roose91 on 30 Jun 17 at 04:19
TrueBlade94It worked for me as of 30 mins ago...
Posted by TrueBlade94 on 14 Jul 17 at 23:38
NaberiosThe first character I made (before reading any of this stuff) has the "Perfect" background that reduces all tier costs by 1. This is a general background instead of specific to a class. I focused on the Fighter class for this character, but have only assigned 3 DNA points (4 of 20 total when including "Perfect"). My other 3 characters have class specific backgrounds for the Brains, Brawn, & Survivor classes with only their special skills assigned (1 of 20 for each). Am I still good to go for this since my Survivor class is set up correctly & the one with the general skill perk is focused in Fighter?
Posted by Naberios on 31 Aug 17 at 17:21
Itzz Sh0wt1m3As long as you have 4 characters, one of each, and you upgrade the survivor to the max, youre good.
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 31 Aug 17 at 21:33
TuKraZeI got this achievement without creating 4 characters. I simply created a Survivor character and unlocked at least one perk in each of the 4 classes and then worked my way down to the Tier 4 survivor perk. Didn't expect to unlock this achievement as I wasn't really paying attention to the achievements at the time and was unaware that it was buggy - Can't complain though!
Posted by TuKraZe on 21 Jan 18 at 14:16
xXMalakian XVIIThis solution still works as of June 2nd 2018.
Posted by xXMalakian XVII on 03 Jun 18 at 06:19
ZachVZachVare there anyone wanna get achievements but cant find a teammate?
plz add my friend and we can do it together~ ID: ZachVZachV
Posted by ZachVZachV on 16 Aug 18 at 06:54
Naberios@ZachVZachV - I might be willing to help you out. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) my team is still in the GTASC contest, so my time is pretty limited. If you can be patient, we could try & figure out a time to work on it down the road a bit.
Posted by Naberios on 16 Aug 18 at 07:20
Leo AscendentWorked perfectly. If anyone needs help, shoot me a message, I can play a few games every now and then (maxed rank, not too terrible at the game).
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 16 Aug 18 at 15:36
Cellar AtticThis still works as of July 15, 2020. This solution saved me a lot of time, and I read it just before I made a HUGE mistake regarding the allocation of skill points.
Posted by Cellar Attic on 15 Jul 20 at 14:06
LERISBILLSALOVEthumbs up on this, was tier 3 on a brawn character when I read this and I'm glad I read it before going any further. Immediately stopped playing with this character and created a survivor. Achievement popped when I purchased the active skill for the survivor. Thanks a lot for the heads up! toast smile
Posted by LERISBILLSALOVE on 16 Jul at 16:41