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And Long May They Reign

Complete every single King of the Mountain Race.

And Long May They Reign0
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16 Dec 2016 20 Dec 2016
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Just as a note, this did not unlock for me when i got Super Nova for getting all stars. I had done the Kingmaker race as soon as it was available and it for some reason did not count, so after i had finished everything i had to do it again. So either try saving it for last, or just redo it again to pop the chievo.

:Edit: this worked for me, another said he just hard reset and it unlocked, so try either or and you should be aces :D
:Edit: some have had success with these and some have not, unfortunately at the moment it seems like a toss up whether or not these methods will work and there has been no definite way to unlock this it seems all we can do is either wait for a better workaround or patch :( sorry to all those who are having problems, i just started this as a heads up but it has turned out to be a pretty glitchy nightmare for a lot of people it seems
ArcticRaiderYou only need the races for this one. I had done all races + the Kingmaker and it still showed 96%. Exited, did a hard reset and it popped when I started up again.
Posted by ArcticRaider on 16 Dec 16 at 20:35
anthony2690Stuck at 96%, hard reset didn't fix for me :(
Posted by anthony2690 on 17 Dec 16 at 01:14
R3f1CuLdid you do the kingmaker again? if so... not sure... its definitely glitchy without doubt :(
Posted by R3f1CuL on 17 Dec 16 at 05:54
ArcticRaideranthony, check your unlocked achievements. Sometimes they sneak in without popping on screen.
Posted by ArcticRaider on 17 Dec 16 at 10:22
gresnikJust an FYI, races are a snap to win with the Terradyne Gurkha. I have a tuned shared on the marketplace under my gamertag... it's A800 and nothing else in game will touch it in the snow. Awesome.
Posted by gresnik on 17 Dec 16 at 16:03
tribe81Hard reset didn't work still stuck on 96%, started and won a few races to see if it would pop, it didn't
Posted by tribe81 on 18 Dec 16 at 01:31
NMANOZI had the same thing happen. Then I started a championship on Kingmaker and got it after the first race.
Posted by NMANOZ on 18 Dec 16 at 08:56
CajeelNothing worked for me, no workaround, disgusted. Still stuck at 25/26 for whatever reason.
Posted by Cajeel on 18 Dec 16 at 19:57
ALI900Still stuck at 96%! Tried a few races again, finished all championships, did some of the jumps again just for fun to see if it has any effect? NOTHING!

Maybe its a glitch within the game?
Posted by ALI900 on 18 Dec 16 at 20:50
R3f1CuLit seems some of these work for some and not others :/ its no doubt glitchy and should be tagged as such at this point i think... im sure it will be patched soon... just sorry so many of you guys have been affected, i just did what i posted and it unlocked after so i thought it was just a slight mishap with counting the kingmaker race :/
Posted by R3f1CuL on 19 Dec 16 at 00:44
JCLVYI've tried everything listed here, but still nothing :/
Posted by JCLVY on 19 Dec 16 at 02:14
The Bovine MoosSame here. roll
Posted by The Bovine Moos on 19 Dec 16 at 02:51
Runner7922I had the same problem; stuck at 96%. I shut down Forza and re-booted the Xbox and restarted FH. Nothing happened. Then I raced Kingmaker again in exhibition mode. As soon as I finished that race the achievement popped, even though I came in second.
Posted by Runner7922 on 19 Dec 16 at 02:58
NMANOZI never had to even leave the game for it to pop let alone reset the console.

When I started the kingmaker championship, I blueprinted it (anything goes for cars). Possibly try doing that.
Posted by NMANOZ on 19 Dec 16 at 07:12
mynameisbrWorked for me. Thanks!
Posted by mynameisbr on 19 Dec 16 at 08:25
BrasshandeIt didn't pop for me on 160 stars (i didn't save Kingmaker for last, i did it shortly after it became available) but i re-raced it as a blueprint before i had the full 160, my intention being for both And Long May They Reign and Going Supernova to pop at once. The tracker went up so i thought it would be fine, but then it didn't go up with the last King Of The Mountain race. I set up a championship (not on Kingmaker) and it popped after finishing the first race in that, so it might possibly just need one more race after the requirements are met, though i obviously can't promise it'll work the same for everyone
Posted by Brasshande on 19 Dec 16 at 20:08
UE EdddduhhhhHard reset didnt work for me /:
Posted by UE Edddduhhhh on 19 Dec 16 at 21:28
The Bovine MoosWell, I've tried all of the suggestions (that I can) so far. And... no. angry
Posted by The Bovine Moos on 20 Dec 16 at 01:30
lttedmanAlso having an issue with this. Did all the races, did Kingmaker three times, did a few championships, did Kingmaker championship and no luck. Oh yea, reset console, restarted game and nothing.
Posted by lttedman on 20 Dec 16 at 15:24
SplitKitIts quite clearly a glitch, I'd suggest bombarding @forzamotorsport and @turn10studios on twitter.
Posted by SplitKit on 21 Dec 16 at 13:06
JCLVYI have no intentions on restarting my entire game for this achievement, so hopefully a patch will be released in the near future. If not, this game will fall in line with
Need for Speed 2015 2120/2200..Hard as f***
Need for Speed 2012 1260/1280..glitch
Posted by JCLVY on 21 Dec 16 at 19:45
BonxyGlitched for me too. Tried both of the methods above.

Nothing! :(
Posted by Bonxy on 21 Dec 16 at 21:10
MUFC9899Nothing working for me sadly
Posted by MUFC9899 on 22 Dec 16 at 21:45

Tried the following:
-Hard resetting console
-Redownloading profile
-Doing the Kingmaker CHAMPIONSHIP + KOTM RACE
-Doing the Kingmaker CHAMPIONSHIP Blueprint+ KOTM RACE Blueprint (using different cars/classes/weather types)
-Doing an extra Championship (Cliff Dive Cross Country)
-Doing an extra Championship (NON KINKGMAKER/CUSTOM BLUEPRINT)
-Doing an extra KOTM race (Blizzard Peak Hill Climb)
-Did a few 3 star drifts and jumps just to see if THAT fixed the problem...
-Backed out of Blizzard and did a normal event on the base game
-Did a forzathon event within a race and in freeroam

I think I have tried almost everything but until now that tracker has not moved an inch! Do not know what is going on so I guess I'll wait until the next DLC.
Posted by ALI900 on 23 Dec 16 at 12:56
Mr FiddlerMy experience... it didn't unlock after completing the last race. I'd left one race on 2 of 3 stars obtained as I'd heard of issues with this unlocking and wondered if it was related to finishing all races and getting all stars at the same time. I went back to the 2 star race again and although I didn't actually get the final star (messed up and fell short of the 250k skills total), the achievement did unlock. Did another run for the final star and the 'supernova' achievement unlocked on cue.
Posted by Mr Fiddler on 24 Dec 16 at 00:21
BonxyMy last achievement now i cant unlock. I dont want to have to play offline and redo all it again.

I wonder if they will ever release a fix ?
Posted by Bonxy on 24 Dec 16 at 21:01
BonxyThere is a thread on the Forza Forum if anyone wants to share there experience -
Posted by Bonxy on 27 Dec 16 at 10:07
JordanBelfort87Glitched for me too :/
Posted by JordanBelfort87 on 01 Jan 17 at 16:11
GrmRpr69I did the king of the mountain race early before seeing that it was having issues with this achievement. I got all Stars and was at 96% so I hard reset and that did nothing just did a random championship and after the first race the achievement popped for me.
Posted by GrmRpr69 on 01 Jan 17 at 20:32
Thay SA 23I tried everything, except finished all championship and nothing works. I really hope they fix this, this I'd a nightmare. Im hoping that my pop during the last championships that I have to do.
Posted by Thay SA 23 on 02 Jan 17 at 02:09
Bonxy@They SA 23 Good luck. I completed all championships too and this still hasnt popped. :(
Posted by Bonxy on 02 Jan 17 at 21:53
GLR LOBSTERI thought I'd done them all but was stuck on 96% as well. I completed the Kingmaker exhibition again and it popped.
Posted by GLR LOBSTER on 04 Jan 17 at 09:41
JordanBelfort87Well I completed Kingmaker 4 times now (in Co-Op, as Exhibition, as Blueprint and as Championship) and it's still stuck at 96% ...
Posted by JordanBelfort87 on 06 Jan 17 at 14:39
Thay SA 23finished all championships, and nothing!! still with 25-26 exib. This is terrible!!!!!
Posted by Thay SA 23 on 08 Jan 17 at 21:42
Dan DudemeisterCounter was stuck at 25/26 for me too...the only thing that fixed it for me was: delete save from console (not from cloud!), start new game, cancel sync, play main game until blizzard mountain is available, replay all races + kingmaker, delete save from console, sync with cloud
Posted by Dan Dudemeister on 09 Jan 17 at 21:33
Supra417^ I also had 25/26. Followed what Dan Dudemeister did and it unlocked.
Posted by Supra417 on 11 Jan 17 at 05:43
NegativeCreep08Glitched on me as well, I was left on 25/26 and 92% on the tracker. Redid Kingmaker which moved the bar up to 96%, but hard reset or a championship won't make it budge. Sigh.
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 12 Jan 17 at 12:05
RunningFreak204glitched as well...99.7% Blizzard Mountain completion percentage but I've gotten 160/160 stars. KotM at 25/26, but I've done all races/championships multiple times. Very frustrating...
Posted by RunningFreak204 on 13 Jan 17 at 19:14
Bonxy@Dan Dudemeister @Supra417 - How long did that take to do ? When does the blizzard mountain become available in the base game.
Posted by Bonxy on 14 Jan 17 at 21:27
Dan Dudemeister@Bonxy - to be honest, I'm not quite sure how long it takes to unlock Blizzard Mountain when you start the main game because I used an old save with some progress on my second Xbox where I hadn't started Blizzard Mountain yet. However, doing all races on blizzard mountain again took me about 3.5 to 4 hours. I'd assume that unlocking Blizzard Mountain doesn't take more than 30 to 45 minutes, but that's just a guess. So overall it shouldn't take more than 4.5 to 5 hours I think.
Posted by Dan Dudemeister on 15 Jan 17 at 14:55
BastiXS9696% Bug victim :(
Posted by BastiXS96 on 17 Jan 17 at 20:24
OneSeventyOutAfter doing all the "King of the Mountain" races, I completed a championship race and it unlocked
Posted by OneSeventyOut on 22 Jan 17 at 14:50
MUFC9899@Bonxy I completed this over the weekend, it takes 2-3 hours to unlock Blizzard Mountain and then another 3.5-5 hours to complete Blizzard Mountain
Posted by MUFC9899 on 20 Feb 17 at 12:32
The Bovine MoosI used the "Dan Dudemeister" method. Took around 5 hours in total for me (To unlock Blizzard Mountain and then do what I needed there).

I was on a f**king mission though as it was the last achievement I needed! laugh
Posted by The Bovine Moos on 23 Feb 17 at 21:25
Bonxy@The Bovine Moos, did you replay blizzard mountain in a certain order ? Leave the big race until last etc ?
Posted by Bonxy on 28 Mar 17 at 12:51
LoftyMagicThis didn't unlock for me, but then I set up a championship, completed the first race and it popped straight away like a few others said. It's definitely bugged but hopefully this works if you're having trouble
Posted by LoftyMagic on 31 Mar 17 at 13:47
HolyHalfDeadI display achievement trackers while I play. What I can tell you is this doesn't go up after finishing each King of the Mountain race (26 in total). However it does go up 4% after the very next championship race I complete.

The supports others who have said that after completing all 26 races, that completing a single championship race unlocks the achievement.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 03 Apr 17 at 03:56
AbsohailDoing the king of the mountain again(i previously did it as soon as it was available) after doing all the races unlocked the achievement for me. So a thumbs up for me.
Posted by Absohail on 08 Apr 17 at 11:38
x NILL RAYDEN xI'm the same 96% and 25 of 26 races done apparently but theres nothing left on the map to do. facepalm

I've tried doing the 'Kingmaker' again, hard reset and tried first race of a championship...............nothing, quite clearly glitched
Posted by x NILL RAYDEN x on 11 Apr 17 at 05:36
craig killed yaGliched for me too, 160 stars and done kingmaker twice on king of the mountain races and once as a championship. Also reran the last race I did. Has anyone re-done all the races on the current save to see if that works? Don't really fancy deleting save, redoing all the races, deleting save and re-syncing with the cloud.
Posted by craig killed ya on 18 Apr 17 at 17:21
craig killed yaJust finished all Championships and still no achievement
Posted by craig killed ya on 19 Apr 17 at 00:50
KeulenmuckSame problem here: did all races, but no achievement. So I did the Kingsmaker again, and after I finished it, the achievement popped up. Though it is still not unlocked here on the side in my stats...try this first, if someone has a problem to unlock it...
Posted by Keulenmuck on 19 Apr 17 at 19:50
craig killed yaJust win the Kingmaker again but still no achievement :(. Turn 10 need to sort this out I don't see why I should have to delete my save redo 5 hours of the game to pop the achievement and then hope I can successfully recover my cloud save to get my cars/money back.
Posted by craig killed ya on 23 Apr 17 at 11:27
craig killed yaI've just re-done every race and the Kingmaker last and still no achievement so it looks like deleting the save or waiting for a patch are my only options left.
Posted by craig killed ya on 25 Apr 17 at 00:08
craig killed yaI am the same as most people here I have completed all races, danger signs, speed traps etc and have 160/160 stars, I won the kingmaker not long after it became available (before I have done all the races) and I now have 25/26 races won 96% towards the achievement. I then completed all the championships, replayed the kingmaker twice and finally (in one sessions) replayed all races and kingmaker and still no achievement. I currently have 91/92 achievements. So I have taken the plunge unplugged the internet, deleted the game from the HDD and restarted, I am now approx. 3 hours in (you need 200,000 fans to unlock Blizzard Mountain area) and I have done the first 4 - 5 races I will need to replay some of danger signs and speed traps to get the 100 star to unlock Kingmaker (which I will do last) I will probably do all races before I unlock this race. The question is do I go through and unlock the achievement offline (internet unplugged) or do I reconnect the internet load up the game and decline the sync, pop the achievement unplug internet again delete save and then re-sync the save to get my money, cars and completion back.
I can't believe T10 haven't acknowledged this is a problem and they are working on a patch. I have played every Xbox Forza game even Forza motorsport on the original Xbox. I would have also played Forza Apex if my PC was up to the job I have spent hundreds of pounds and am annoyed I am having to reinvest 5 hours due to a glitch to regain my 100% Forza completion.
Posted by craig killed ya on 26 Apr 17 at 08:13
BipeFlyerStuck on 25 of 26 races according to stats, but all races completed. Could be my last Forza game.
Posted by BipeFlyer on 29 Apr 17 at 10:50
PAL On XBOX25/26 club
Posted by PAL On XBOX on 01 May 17 at 05:22
brent122125/26 club as well. Think I may wait for Forza games to finish releasing DLC before I pick it up going forward.
Posted by brent1221 on 02 May 17 at 18:44
HappyCalf82281I'm in the 25/26 club too despite doing the Kingmaker again and a couple of Championships. Very annoying, especially as I didn't like this DLC. Poor show.
Posted by HappyCalf82281 on 07 May 17 at 11:39
Alias DJACurrently re doing the championship for the first time . 25/26. How do you do a hard reset for this game in case this dosent pop.
Posted by Alias DJA on 10 May 17 at 19:54
Alias DJALocal save deleted, currently offline and going back to attack it that way. There's 2 guides ive found that possibly work, I'll keep you all updated via here:
Posted by Alias DJA on 12 May 17 at 12:29
ImAlanPartridgeI'm in the 25/26 club also. I was hoping this new Hot a Wheels DLC would come with a patch or that it would trigger the achievement but no such luck.
Posted by ImAlanPartridge on 12 May 17 at 23:39
MSBYTESAs soon as I unlocked the second festival location, both the Blizzard mountain and Hot Wheels sites were opened. They may have updated with the May update. I had 26k fans to unlock the second site.
Posted by MSBYTES on 14 May 17 at 15:09
PAL On XBOXI thought they will patch it before Hot Wheels expansion pack , clearly they didn't
Posted by PAL On XBOX on 15 May 17 at 01:21
brent1221Should be noted that I followed @Alias DJA's guide perfectly and got the achievement.
Posted by brent1221 on 25 May 17 at 21:39
SplitKitIf you take a look at this thread on the Forza forums a Forza staff member has acknowledged the issue and said Turn 10, Playground and Xbox are currently trying to work out a solution without effecting players that already have it.

Go to page 5 near the bottom. User JONK1969
Posted by SplitKit on 08 Jun 17 at 14:07
SplitKitIt appears this thread was deleted for some reason, I created a new one.
Posted by SplitKit on 15 Jun 17 at 14:41
Madcat NLSo, I was at 50% for this achievement, did a KoM race and the tracker didn't go up. After that I completed one more race and got about 3% as it should. So I went back to the race I did before and reraced that in the standard configuration (used a blueprint before). After redoing the race the counter went up and I'm on track again (races and % match). So I would advise you to keep an eye on your tracker and redo an event if it doesn't go up.
Posted by Madcat NL on 19 Jun 17 at 18:58
NagnirnahsJust a heads up, I recommend doing exactly what Madcat said on his last sentence, here I am and I can see that the game literally DOESN'T record the first time I win any of the races so I just have to go back and re win every single one.. works easier if you track it since the beginning to know which ones to re do now and not at the end - which is helpful because this way it is easy to know which race to do again.
Posted by Nagnirnahs on 20 Jun 17 at 22:25
Madcat NLI just got the achievement by continuing the way I described above. Do a race, have it not count, do another, have it count, go back and redo the first one and then it counts. Meant I had to redo half of the races I still had left, but at least it got me the achievement. At one point I did three races in a row before redoing the first one of that set and that also worked. Had to it that way, because I had an odd number of races still left. So maybe you could just remember/write down the one race where the achievement tracker didn't go up and redo that at the end. I didn't want to risk that, so no clue if that actually works.

Also, for me the trouble seem to have started after the Kingmaker. I don't know whether unlocking the Kingmaker, racing it, or racing a championship caused the issue. But the first KoM race I did after unlocking and racing the Kingmaker and finishing a championship started the glitch. I'm pretty sure blueprinting has nothing to do with it. Not quite sure whether the Kingmaker has, but that's when it first happened.
Posted by Madcat NL on 21 Jun 17 at 08:57
Alias DJAGlad to see a lot of the community getting the achievement. I read the post from turn 10 that they have acknowledged the issue and are aiming for a fix. In a nutshell, they will have to manually code a update to reset the tracker for legal reasons with Microsoft....but what happens to those that haven't completed it yet? Is their tracker gonna be reset?

Just on a side note, I've recently done a video for current ways to boost XP. Well worth the watch for 25 mins.
Posted by Alias DJA on 28 Jun 17 at 18:44
RyazTheRastaNo progress on the 25/26 glitch ? I'm still a victim..
Posted by RyazTheRasta on 02 Jul 17 at 16:14
SplitKitLooks like it might be coming this long last!
Posted by SplitKit on 10 Jul 17 at 13:10
KissHugLiuI'm 96% too.I have nothing to say.I feel grieved....
Posted by KissHugLiu on 17 Jul 17 at 02:06
SplitKitGuys and gals, a fix has apparently been applied according to my thread in the Forza forum. See below comment from one of the staff members (if you want to read the actual thread the link is in one of my comments a couple of posts above this one.


We have updated Forza Horizon 3 Achievements to effectively lower the requirements needed to fulfill the following:

Horizon Hardcore: Complete a championship starting at every race route in the game.
Exhibition Expert: Complete an Exhibition at every race route in the game.
And Long May They Reign: Complete every single King of the Mountain Race.
Mountain Mastery: Complete every Blizzard Mountain Championship.

This fix should now be live (it does not require a game update).

For those of you who have been unable to obtain the above achievements even though you have completed the original requirements, they should just "pop" for you the next time you play the game if you are connected to Xbox Live.

Posted by SplitKit on 19 Jul 17 at 07:48
DaveKineticThe achievement unlocked as soon as I booted the game up.
Posted by DaveKinetic on 19 Jul 17 at 09:51
G ii F T 3 D xIYep, achievement has been fixed
Posted by G ii F T 3 D xI on 19 Jul 17 at 16:40
x NILL RAYDEN xThanks lord :D
popped today
Posted by x NILL RAYDEN x on 21 Jul 17 at 05:04
NegativeCreep08Fixed for me as well
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 21 Jul 17 at 09:44
Sir FunkifiedYay! just popped for me too.
Posted by Sir Funkified on 21 Jul 17 at 20:45
ALI900I have yet to pop the update but shall update you all since I was almost going to break my controller over this one. roll

EDIT: This has been fixed by the recent patch. FINALLY. music
Posted by ALI900 on 22 Jul 17 at 16:26
AnthragonVangorI am glad that this achievement popped for me on 21 Juy (eventhough I did this already 3 months before) and I am glad that I haven't redone all the races. Felt like that one Rocket League achievement which took nearly 6 months to pop.

Congratulation to all other people, too who have waited for this one so long clap
Posted by AnthragonVangor on 25 Jul 17 at 09:05
BonxyAmazing. Finally popped for me.
Posted by Bonxy on 02 Aug 17 at 13:41
HappyCalf82281Finally popped for me at random almost a year to the day that I actually unlocked it!
Posted by HappyCalf82281 on 06 May 18 at 12:10