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Awarded to the single driver who wins the race with full Difficulty, including no Assists.

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Raptor 2000Raptor 2000296,209
27 Jan 2009
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You can get this really easily on the Nissan Speedway track. Its in the 350 hp Invitational in semi-pro i think. Go to set difficulty and just turn everything up. Then race. You only need to worry about the manual transmission. When the tachometer get close to the red part hit B.
MinPinthx, this worked fine. never had to downshift or brake, so super easy.
Posted by MinPin on 30 Jan 09 at 00:26
CyberKnightYep, worked like a charm.

Only problem I had was I tried to upgrade my car first, without paying attention to the restrictions (or the title of the race -- 350hp Invitational = car must not exceed 350hp). Oops. Had to select another car and upgrade things *besides* the engine.

Popped this and "Natural" in one shot.
Posted by CyberKnight on 11 Nov 09 at 07:28
drabikMuch easier than I thought it would be. Thank you very much!
Posted by drabik on 15 Feb 10 at 21:43
UK Blood Houndcheers for the helpful tip, also got the natural aswell . thanks
Posted by UK Blood Hound on 03 Mar 11 at 11:43
NicholasThis works great, except it's in the manufacturer club races instead of Semi Pro.
Oval track makes it easy. No down shifting and really no turns, like posted above.
+ 1
Posted by Nicholas#8183 on 28 Mar 12 at 17:45
WOODY2211Great, worked first time. How does this get negative votes?!?! There are some real dicks on this site sometimes!! Thank you.
Posted by WOODY2211 on 27 Jul 12 at 10:01
Y2Kasper10Must be within career only? Did it on exhibition but no luck. Couldn't adjust the difficulty either, only the Assists
Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 10 Jan 19 at 19:29
FaSCoRPDid it with the Shelby Series 1 on the 1st try. TY!
Posted by FaSCoRP on 22 Jul 19 at 22:50