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Ship 300 of one crop.

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20 Dec 2016
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By far the easiest way to achieve this is to buy 20 Hops Starters on the first day of Summer. This will end up costing 1,200 gold but because Hops grow everyday, you make your return on investment back with 2-3 days of them blooming (12 days after planting) depending on if you use fertilizer (I used basic fertilizer which is made from 2 sap, which are very common) or speed-gro (which I did not use).

Anyway, if there are 28 days per season and hops take 12 days to bloom, that leaves 16 days of harvesting 16x20 = 320, simple! Just make sure to water them everyday and you can have this by the end of Summer on the first year without needing to plant tons of a crop that takes longer to bloom.
JORAXFantastic guide for knocking this out in year 1.
Posted by JORAX on 15 Feb 17 at 18:56