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Jump jump slide slide

Leap over every canister as you slide down the chute.

Jump jump slide slide0
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Officer SlugOfficer Slug289,387
22 Dec 2016
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There is an incredibly easy method to obtaining both this and "The Great Escape" achievements.

Before entering attempting this, ensure that you have the "Magical Tiara" item, which grants you unlimited magic, as well as either the "Super Mega Puff" or "Flamethrower" spells. Ensure that you have one of the aforementioned spells equipped, then begin the sliding sequence. As soon as you can jump, perform as high of a jump as possible and hold down the magic button. Flamethrower and Super Mega Puff allow you to float in place, and with the Magical Tiara you will never run out of magic, allowing you to float in place indefinitely, floating you over the entirety of the course. When you reach the cutscene, the achievement will pop.
LunarKnightXAfter I got the Tiara I was so busy being completely invincible that I forgot other spells existed. Thanks.
Posted by LunarKnightX on 25 Dec 16 at 00:37
Ericmax69You don't actually need the Tiara, I managed this one with just the Magic Bracelet (50% Magic cost) and a Mega Potion (both available from the Item Shop).
Posted by Ericmax69 on 05 Mar 19 at 03:33
tacticlblackman...not hard with no items js...
Posted by tacticlblackman on 09 May 20 at 08:04