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Zen and the Art Part 2

Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row (on any difficulty)

Zen and the Art Part 20
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Psycho Joe 1Psycho Joe 149,866
27 Jan 2009 12 Feb 2011
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An 'active reload' is when you press RB to reload, then press RB again when the vertical line is in the white area of the line underneath your ammo. Stopping it in the white area gets you a damage bonus too.

Get 5 active reloads in a row to earn this achievement.
Really InkedThis is the best way to do this one. Good one Psycho Joe 1!
Posted by Really Inked on 27 May 09 at 08:12
Psycho Joe 1Thanks =)
Posted by Psycho Joe 1 on 27 May 09 at 14:47
The GlobalizerThis has to be in the white area. Grey doesn't count.
Posted by The Globalizer on 09 Sep 09 at 06:09
AlexQuatermainI got it at the last part of act 2 (as there are plenty of enemies) with the sniper rifle, which you have to reload after every shot.
Posted by AlexQuatermain on 06 Jun 11 at 23:18
Solario32Perfect description.
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Sep 11 at 17:09
Typeonegativ71I found if you pause a couple of seconds between reloads the gun image in the upper right would disappear and hitting reload would give you a larger white box again. At first, I did them too quickly and found the white area was getting progressively smaller.
Posted by Typeonegativ71 on 04 Oct 16 at 00:32
LavoffyAlso every time you do a perfect active reload, switch guns after each reload so the white bar doesn't get smaller. For example if you attempt to get the 5 active reloads on the Lancer the perfect reload box gets smaller and smaller making it tougher. But if you change guns after each perfect reload (say to the snub pistol) the perfect reload box stays the same, making it easier for new gamers!
Posted by Lavoffy on 27 Oct 19 at 03:08