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When surrounded by war...

Win 10 rounds of Sabotage

When surrounded by war...0
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26 Dec 2016 19 Jul 2017
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Unlike Battle Station or Infiltration, Sabotage is balanced enough that it can be chaotic yet orderly with neither side having a clear advantage over the other. In this mode, the Rebels have to arm charges at three points to disable a tractor beam to clear the way for their escape ship, while the Imperials have to guard said points to keep the tractor beam operational.

If the Rebels succeed in arming explosive charges at all three points and then defending them until they detonate, they then fall back to guard a different area until time runs out and their escape ship arrives to get them out of Cloud City. The Imperials can interfere with this by disarming any explosive charges before they detonate. During the second stage of this match the Imperials have to enter the designated area and hold it for a set duration to capture it and cut the Rebels off from their escape route.

This formula makes for some very tense action throughout the gorgeous interiors of Cloud City. There are Hero tokens that appear at set locations but no vehicles, this is strictly an infantry battle. If you find a Hero token it's in your team's best interest to play as Leia, Krennic or the Emperor since playing as them allows your team mates to spawn in as more powerful units and you can buff your teammates and heal fellow Heroes.

The trickiest part is the final room defense. The Imperials HAVE to keep at least ONE person in there to keep the Rebels from making ANY progress toward getting the final win to win the entire match. The Rebels HAVE to capture that point before time runs out or they lose the entire match. One of the most common tactics used here are the gas grenades which end up forcing the enemy team to either retreat or make suicide runs to keep your team from making progress toward victory.

Beyond that, there's really no set strategy to win these beyond being lucky and getting put on the competent team. It's not as arbitrary as Infiltration or Battle Station and is both chaotic and balanced enough that neither team ever has a clear advantage over the other in any part of the match. Just be patient and keep playing until you get your 10 wins.

If you're going to boost this, have the winning side play as the Rebels, since all they have to do is set off the three bombs then capture the final room, all of which can be done in less than 5 minutes, whereas the Imperials have to run out the clock to win.
Dr MartyThanks for that last paragraph. helped me to determine session length.
Posted by Dr Marty on 27 Jan 20 at 13:26