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I Want It All

Complete every page in the Skill Shop (excluding temporary perks).

I Want It All0
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01 Jan 2017 17 Feb 2017
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This is a heads up to those stuck at 96% and are looking at solutions that require managing offline saves etc.

Before you do any of that, if you are stuck at 96%, make sure you aren't making a silly mistake.

The achievement is for all perks, excluding temporary perks. That's the top row on each skill right? Wrong.

The top row on the two left trees, Festival Boss and Skills are temporary. You can tell as below there is a 0 (or however many times you have unlocked it). The top row on the right tree, instant skills, do not have this. They aren't temporary. The top row on the instant skills tree is required.

And if you do the math.....all skills except the top rows on all three trees equals. You guessed it, 96%.

So make sure the top row on the instant skills tree is unlocked, as well as all three skills at the very top which you give you the three bonus cars (one from each tree), this will give you 100% without having to delete games. And it's far quicker to earn the skill points with all ugorades than running through the start of the game again.

Hope this helps, as I thought mine was bugged until I worked this out.
beavisYou missed something. There is a permanent perk on each of the the top rows of the 2 left trees, as well. They unlock cars.
Posted by beavis on 17 Feb 17 at 05:13
LavindatharThankyou, amended.
Posted by Lavindathar on 17 Feb 17 at 13:27
Negan BetaStuck at 97% and i have all perks unlocked nothing is empty anywhere so this may help some but not in my case as there is nothing left to unlock at all.
Posted by Negan Beta on 02 Feb 18 at 14:14
Evan Owns Youstuck at 98%, unlocked every permanent perk. What an annoyance! Thanks for your help.
Posted by Evan Owns You on 05 Jul 18 at 13:19