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Find toy: Soldier

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Complete Chapter by Chapter Collectible Walkthrough

**All credit goes to CheshireMulisha for the amazing help!**

There are 6 types of collectibles in the game:
Toys - You need to physically pick these up.
Cassette Players - You only need to Start the recording, you don't need to listen to it all.
Computers - You need to read through all text on the computers.
Documents - You need to read through all documents, including any extra pages. Make sure you press to get credit for reading them where applicable.
Books - You'll automatically read these when you select them.
Jig Saw Piece - You need to physically pick this up.

Chapter 2 - The Last Goodbye
Book 1 - Read the Bible to your mother when you get to choose a book to read as part of the story.

Chapter 3 - The Routine
Computer 1 - Part of the routine radiation check, story related and can't be missed.
Jig Saw - Interact with the Jig saw above your mothers bed and view the missing piece.
Document 1 - Drawing of Flowers found on your mother.
Book 2 - Read the Tecnical guide when you get a choice of books to read to your mother.
Book 3 - Story related and can't be missed. You will automatically read Treasure Island at the end of the chapter (Bookworm Unlocked)

Chapter 4 - Failure
Document 2 - At the start of the chapter in the top drawer of the desk (Read every page!)
Document 3 - In the bottom drawer of the desk
Toy 1 - You will automatically pick this up after reading the above document (Mother Unlocked)
Document 4 - After the previous room click the footprint at the bottom of the screen and then enter the Store Room from this hallway and the Clipboard is on the left.
Document 5 - Enter the Sick Bay from the previous hallway and read the bloody clipboard on the right of the room.
Document 6 - In Room 1 (Where your mother is) the drawings are in the top drawer. Make sure to look at all 4 drawings. You have to come in this room as part of the story.

Chapter 5- Replace Fuse
Cassette 1 - On the desk to your left after turning on the lights at the beginning of the chapter.
Computer 2 - Console 6305 in the center of the room. Make sure to read all catagories.
Document 6 - Top Secret document on the left desk in the same room.
Toy 2 - In the next room, the toy will be on the floor near a filing cabinet and 2 doors. (Sam Unlocked)
Toy 3 - After collecting the last collectible go through the 2nd door on the right. The toy is in this room on the floor between the chairs. (Doctor Unlocked)
Cassette 2 - In the same room at the top of the room.
Document 7 - To the left of the previous cassette player
Computer 3 - The Camera Monitors in the Commissioners Room. (The left hand door of the 2 after leaving the previous room) Power the monitors on and off again using the button in the top right monitor.
Toy 4 - In the same room on the floor next to the chair on the right. (Commissioner Unlocked)
Computer 4 - The Commissioners Computer in the middle of the room. When you access it you need to press Next, Next, Log Out to get credit for reading everything.
Document 8 - On the desk to the left of computer 4.
Computer 5 - After returning to level 1 you'll use the Radiation Check Computer as part of the story.

Chapter 6 - Alarm
Toy 5 - After turning the lights on in level 3 the toy will be on the floor to the right of the middle table. (Soldier Unlocked)
Document 9 - NBC Suit Safety Guidelines next to the NBC (Radiation) suit that you have to find as part of the story.

Chapter 7 - Air Filteration
Computer 6 - Access it straight after turning the light on at the start of the chapter.
Toy 6 - Inside the top drawer of the desk (Engineer Unlocked)
Document 10 - Inside the same drawer
Document 11 - Next to the computer on the desk the above document is found in.
Computer 6 - Access the computer again after climbing the Ladder
Computer 6 - Access it for the final time after replacing the filter. (Floppy Disk Finder Unlocked)

Chapter 8 - Broken
Document 12 - Read the Lindane Solution bottle on the top shelf of the medical cabinet

Chapter 9 - Radiation
Toy 7 - At the start of the chapter don’t go through the door in front of you! Instead check the bottom of the screen for a footprint. This will take you to a metal door and the toy will be near the top of the door. (Nurse Unlocked)
Document 13 - In the same area as the above on the crate in the lower left corner (No Page Unturned Unlocked)

Chapter 10 - Descent
Toy 8 - Go through the door at the beginning of the chapter to see a flashback scene, once this ends the toy will be on the floor behind the shelf on the left. (Churchill Unlocked)
Toy 9 - After you climb down the ladder the toy is next to a light switch by the metal gate (make sure to select the toy and not the gate otherwise this will move the story along and you won’t be able to collect the toy!) (General & Friends Unlocked)
Cassette 3 - Next to the metal gate (near the above toy) on a chair to the lower right. Don’t click on the gate before you’ve listened to the tape! (Press Play Unlocked)

Chapter 12 - Cold Storage
Jig Saw Piece - Before sliding down the escape chute, scroll along the left hand side of the tunnel to find the missing piece. (The Missing Piece Unlocked)