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Air Filtration

Finish Chapter 7: Air Filtration

Air Filtration0
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01 Jan 2017
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Story related, cannot be missed.

After the Chapter finishes loading, enter the Office Door to the left and use the Computer (must turn the lights on using the Lamp first). Exit the office and then use the Ladder to turn the valve off. Return back to the computer again and it'll tell you to replace the Filter. Exit the office, and head towards the left area. Open the Filter Hatch and remove the Radiation Filter. Dispose of this filter inside the Radiation Vault. Grab a Replacement Filter from the crate and place it inside empty filter slot. Head back to the office computer and use it again. This time return back to the valve and try to turn it back on. A scene will play out and the achievement will unlock.

**All credit goes to themindisacity for the help!**