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#Forzathon Shake, Rally and Roll

Complete fifteen Races in a Rally Monster to win the Subaru WRX VT15r Rally

06 Jan 2017 until 09 Jan 2017

#Forzathon Shake, Rally and Roll
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06 Jan 2017
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Find a short circuit and blueprint a single lap race for Rally Monsters, like Coober Pedy north of the Outback, or the Snow Park circuit if you have Blizzard Mountain. Both circuits are less than a minute lap, and you only have to finish the race, not just win it.

I did this in Blizzard Mountain, because of the other challenges "Snow Flower" and "Puddle Jumper". However, I did not see a second Subaru VT15 in my garage (only the #199 one that came with Blizzard Mountain), so that reward might be glitched at this time.
TukaitauaIn regards to not receiving the reward for completing this it was mentioned in this weeks 'week in review' over on The exact quote is

"Earlier today we were made aware of an issue with the “Shake, Rally and Roll” #Forzathon event; specifically where players were completing the challenge but were not receiving the Subaru rewards car. The team is aware of this and, while this event will unfortunately not be fixed this weekend, we will provide players with additional chances to earn that Subaru reward car in an upcoming #Forzathon event. We’d like to apologize to everyone who has run into this issue and we look forward to offering additional chances for players to earn this car in the future."
Posted by Tukaitaua on 07 Jan 17 at 01:49