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Soldier of Ares

Win 75 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

Soldier of Ares-0.1
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09 Jan 2017 09 Jan 2017
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Make sure to get the mandatory skirmish matches out of the way first, playing with all leaders, on all maps, etc. That will take at least 18 games, and will help a lot towards this and the other skirmish # achievements. Once you've done all the other Skirmish achievements, here's my recommended method for quickly getting the rest done on the way to this achievement!
Halo Wars: Definitive EditionWeapon of ZeusThe Weapon of Zeus achievement in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition worth 479 pointsWin 100 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

Time to get 75 Skirmish Matches played:
Approximately 2 hours.

General details:
After much testing, I've found that the Warthog Rush is faster than the Covenant Prophet Rush.
I have not done this at all Coop, but I expect Coop would be slightly faster as then you are only waiting for the loading screens and alternating Resigning.

Solo times:
The Warthog Rush VERY consistently takes about 93-95 seconds(including loading screens).
The Prophet Rush takes anywhere from 90-120+ seconds(including loading screens).

Loading screens are approximately 22 seconds total.

SKULL requirement:
The Warthog Rush does require the Pain Train skull(obtained in Mission 13 Beachhead)

Why does it work?
The Warthog Rush is consistently faster because you can always eliminate the enemy Warthog without it getting 'lost' on the map and wasting time.

How to do it:
Skirmish Match Setup:
Players: 1v1
Map: Chasms
Game Type: Deathmatch
Difficulty: Easy
AI: Any Human enemy--DO NOT choose Covenant! (They have much stronger bases)

How to do it:
When the match starts, immediately do these two things:
1. Select your base and queue up at least 4 Warthogs.
2. Press cn_start, select SKULLS, press cn_up 3 times, and activate the Pain Train SKULL.
Do the SKULL activation fast because it pauses the game while in the menu.
After that, select all units--cn_LB, and start viewing to the enemy base while pressing cn_X to get your Warthog moving there.
Tell your Warthog to go about 3 Warthog lengths out from the enemy base's spawn point, and then doubleclick cn_LS to make your global rally point there also!
Your Warthog will approach, shoot at the enemy Warthog--tell it to ram the enemy Warthog after it shoots once, then just sit and wait for the match to finish.

If the enemy Warthog doesn't wait for you...
In the rare case that the enemy Warthog decides to collect resources, follow it with your first Warthog(or any convenient Warthog) and blast it to smithereens. It will most likely go for the resources behind to the left and up from the enemy base. In very rare cases it might go into the middle or another direction, but I just watched and followed it.

That's all there is to it! It's consistent and faster than the Covenant Prophet Rush which I got annoyed with and experimented looking for something better.