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In the Bag

Increase your item slots.

In the Bag0
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24 Jan 2017
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In The Bag Trophy/Achievement

You will be able to increase your inventory after finding a backpack shortly after getting all 3 dog heads and ending up outside. If you played the 'Mia' tape upstairs in the house you will know where this location is however if you didn't you must walk through the house that Marge is in and make your way to the docks to find the Backpack.

Here is a video guide if you are stuck!

HeartburnCan you go back is the house to get the shotgun after you pickup the backpack?
Posted by Heartburn on 26 Jan 17 at 12:27
xTGEThe house is open the entire game.
Posted by xTGE on 27 Jan 17 at 13:09