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Never Say Die

Finish the game in Honour Mode.

Never Say Die+1.4
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24 Jan 2017
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I played this following the guide Rafael D Arroyo posted, which was most helpful (and will get you all the other achievements too) until my save got corrupted just after arriving on the second map - thanks xbox.

Not wanting to risk another single save file run I googled a bit and found this great guide to speed running honor mode on Steam by "Chrest"
all credit for the solution must go to them, I'm just linking it here because it is useful.

Turns out that dropping things like barrels on people will damage them, the heavier the thing is, the more damage you will do, so if you load up one of the unbreakable chests (like the riddle chest you can find near the quartermaster office) with lots of barrels you can out right kill just about anyone without actually entering combat.

Chrest's guide will spell it out in more detail giving the exact location of chests (you need about 70 by the end to one shot Leandra) but the basic idea is to have one character running around with with Walk in Shadows, Winged Feet, Fast Track and Telekinesis. While the other one stays still massively overloaded with a stupidly heavy chest. When you get to an unavoidable combat situation you transfer the box to you mobile character, drop it, go invisible and then telekinesis it on top of the enemy.

It takes only about an hour or so and you only need to go up a handful of levels to max telekinesis, I got it first try using this method as even if you exit invisibility at a bad moment or step on a trap your other guy is stuck at the entrance to the area well out of harms way, a quick teleport back to the end of time will group you remaining guy with the corpse guy to resurrect them.

You will only have to kill Loïc in Silverglen, one demon walking around in the phantom forest, the big guy guarding the source temple door, Trife, Leandra, the death knights near the void dragon (out of combat with the wand) and the Void dragon itself.

This is also an easy way to get the lone wolf achievement.
lab0kupCan someone confirms, it still works?
Posted by lab0kup on 30 Jul 17 at 20:50
MeshabbaStill works, just did it myself. :)
Posted by Meshabba on 27 Aug 17 at 22:40
Swinny CostelloThis method is not only easy, but hilarious at the same time. Cheers.
Posted by Swinny Costello on 06 Sep 17 at 06:23
B0YD0Pleased you liked it. Its too hard stacking spells that work together when you could just stack a bunch of boxes and smash everyone you meet.
Can't see them patching it out given it's more of an exploit than a glitch.
Posted by B0YD0 on 08 Sep 17 at 14:25
Capn BeavI was a bit worried at first, because the Void Dragon is rather difficult to hit with the chest, but can confirm, still working.
Posted by Capn Beav on 03 Feb 19 at 11:57
GoGoActionTeamStill works and is still hilarious. The guide linked was a bit vague at parts but when mixed with the video the guide links (the speed run) everything goes smooth. I was super careful and reloaded a few times but it still only took about an hour. So much fun lol
Posted by GoGoActionTeam on 03 Aug 21 at 19:32
HaIfaxaDoes this also unlock tactician achievement?
Posted by HaIfaxa on 03 Jan at 12:52
B0YD0I'd played tactician first so can't say for sure... The TA walkthrough says they are stackable though, and both are flagged as such, so I'd assume so.
Posted by B0YD0 on 03 Jan at 22:22